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  1. 設計畫畫

      • 這個軟體只for mac設計,主要是拿來構思畫畫的。

      • 裡面有一些樣板(web, iOS, Android, icon, 平板都有),已經內建了Material Design 。

      • 樣版畫完可以匯出圖檔
      • 參考的樣式會去這裡觀摩下載 http://www.sketchappsources.com/

      • 有些樣式會因Sketch版本不同無法開啟
      • 可以直接在網頁上設計畫畫 (框線圖製作)
      • 建議使用GOOGLE瀏覽器
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A Mock Up Using Moqups

I am not much of a freehand artist – I can only produce art with words or structured materials, so I have never been one for sketching the layout of a visual project. 387 more words

Design Concepts & Relections

Web Design Process 1: Planning (Week 18)

1.st semester is over and it went really great. This 2.nd semester we start with web design. This will be fun :)

Our first learning activity is to make a wireframe, and also provide our own Hosting Service. 164 more words

Learning Activities