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What is a Moral Failure?

A while back I heard an NPR show talking about addiction.  They insisted that addiction was not a moral failure but a biological condition.  This was very curious to me.   1,587 more words


Is it the person or is it the organization?

Any church can have a pastor or pastoral staff member who fails morally. This is simply a sad reality. But when a church or religious organization has person after person in leadership positions with moral failures (some of them repeated moral failures), you eventually have to ask, “What is it about this church or this organization that breeds this type of behavior?” At some point the problem is not personal but systemic and institutional and the church has to address it as such.

Pastoral Ministry

Moving Targets-How "good people" fall. 

Throughout my life I can remember hearing the news of the “fall” of many people who stood in places of spiritual leadership, even some who were highly respected and well thought of. 778 more words

He Had An Affair - Seven Years To Trust

I wish I could say I fully trusted Warren when I agreed to marry him, but the harsh truth is it took many years.

Though, isn’t that the way it is for most of us?  1,230 more words

Shannan Parker

Megachurch Pastors

The Mega-Problem Behind the ‘Falls’ of Megachurch Pastors

Perry Noble, Darrin Patrick, Tullian Tchividjian. Whose responsibility is this?

Being a pastor is lonely.

I once led at a church where the Senior Pastor resigned due to terrible circumstances.

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American Education: A Mixed Blessing

I subscribe to delanceyplace.com, a daily source of brief quotations from a wide variety of books. Today’s selection is from The End of American Childhood… 485 more words

PASTORAL RESTORATION & LifeWay Polls Christians on Pastoral Misconduct & Restoration

“Few Pastors Say Adultery Should Permanently Ban Them from the Pulpit”

by Bob Smietana, Facts and Trends, Christianity Today Magazine, 5/10/16.

Half of Protestant pastors say their colleagues should step down from the pulpit for a time if they are accused of misconduct. 274 more words