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Theorizing 666!

I have a theory with enough Biblical support to decode the number of this man who is 666 from Rev 13:18. I have reason to believe that this man is fallen Adam, who was deceived by Satan to receive his own righteous standard which was passed down to all his progeny through procreation. 1,104 more words

Moral Law

Fr. Lenny's Sermon - Third Sunday in Lent - 2018

Today our readings cover God’s covenant of rescue through Moses, particularly the Ten Commandments. May we all learn to love God and neighbor by obeying the moral commandments of God as an expression of gratitude for Christ’s saving work in our lives. 8 more words

Why subjectivism fails

We’ve been talking about whether the foundation of morals are objective or subjective. We theists appeal to an objective standard, an overarching conscience, if you will, that inherently guides all healthy human beings. 472 more words


Why I Am Not a Psychopath, or Meg Unwisely Attempts to Talk About Ethics

During high school, I loved to talk with my mother about whether C.S. Lewis had successfully proven that morality is valid the way axioms of mathematics are. 1,662 more words


The Moral Argument

We’ve had a lively discussion on morals in my last post, but it seems to have gotten off track, so I would like to focus in on what the point of my post actually was here (so it doesn’t get lost in the comments). 363 more words


Where do you get your standard of morality?

I shared a clip last time from a really smart and well-educated scientist who was an atheist and became a Christian (Francis Collins). And part of the reason for his conversion came from the writings of another really smart and well-educated former atheist who became a Christian (C.S. 848 more words


The sticky thing about right and wrong

One does not need to see the horrific scenes of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to be reminded that the world is not as it should be. 658 more words