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No occult school sees in its teaching and requirements anything like a moral law valid for all mankind

Yesterday we concluded by outlining the three methods of occult development: the Eastern, the Christian and the Rosicrucian. Today we will begin by going more closely into the details which distinguish these three paths. 114 more words


The Art of Conscience

A Catholic man in his 20s had not attended Sunday Mass in many years. He was also not too discriminating is some of his other moral choices. 1,019 more words

12 Musings By Jack Reagan

What is moral law?

It is sometimes called natural law.

It is “a moral order divinely implanted in humankind and accessible to all persons through human reason” (Evangelical Dictionary of Theology… 517 more words

Bible And Theology

Two Kingdom Theology?

Brief Synopsis:

Two kingdom theology is properly defined as the belief that no kingdom of this world may draw the sword to promote the kingdom of Christ because it is not of this world. 105 more words


The Wednesday Word: Jesus and the Great Commandment

One of the primary reasons Christ came was to magnify and honour the Law of God. He loved God’s Law with a passion and upheld it at every turnaround. 730 more words


A Case For Sabbath Observance

by Tom Hicks

This post will examine what the Bible teaches us about the time of public worship. We know that the Bible teaches us Who the assembled church should worship (in the first and second commandments), and it teaches us how to worship Him (in the second and third commands). 101 more words