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Where is the Sabbath in the Early Church? (Part 2)

by Jon English Lee

*This post is the latest in a series looking at the Sabbath. Previous posts include: Where is the Sabbath in the Early Church? 168 more words


Doing Away with Terror!

Right from Adam’s fall, man finds trouble with everything except himself. It is like a person in a group doing a head count but forgetting to count himself in. 1,613 more words

Moral Law

Catholics Cannot View the Moral Law as Arbitrary

Not my words.

But I agree.

This was one of many parts of Fr. Nelson’s awesome talk last week at Theology on Tap in Minot. I think its easy for us to sometimes believe that, yes, there is good and evil, but that the distinction is arbitrary, in that God could have declared the things that he considers evil to have been good, and vice-versa. 299 more words

Life In Christ

Without Objective Morality

Came across this quote the other day:

they don’t want to have to conform to society’s impossible standards, but on the other hand they don’t want the existential terror of NOT conforming to some kind of standard. 

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The Truth we must learn from the Paris Attack!

We live in a society where believing in God is one of life’s many options, to this extent we have gone liberal. In our mushy moments we like to think and talk of God and His moral requirements but in our critical decision-making we stand on the faux grounds of evolution being a reality and so people live as they deceptively see fit ( 1,554 more words

Moral Law