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A Gospel Law

Archibald Hall, A Treatise on the Faith and Influence of the Gospel, pp. 104-105:

“It is a capital mistake in this opinion, that the gospel is blended with the law; and upon the ruins of both the law and the gospel, a new mode of divine administration is contrived, under the name of gospel laws. 221 more words


A Reverent Regard of the Holy Law of God

Robert Traill (Doctrine of Justification Vindicated), Works 1:286:

Let us keep up, in our hearts and doctrine, a reverend regard of the holy law of God, and suffer not a reflecting, disparaging word or thought of it. 158 more words


The archbishop, crime and sin: the Sexual Offences Act at 50

In July it will be fifty years since the passing of the Sexual Offences Act, which partly decriminalised sex between consenting adult men in private, in England and Wales.

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Archbishops Of Canterbury

The Division of the Old Testament Law

Tom Hicks, Founders Ministries:

Are believers in Christ required to obey any part of Old Testament law? Both Dispensationalists and proponents of New Covenant Theology, or Progressive Covenantalism, as one version of it has come to be called, simply say “no.” In their view, the laws of the Old Testament are fulfilled and abrogated in Christ. 177 more words


Christ Came to Glorify the Moral Law

William Romaine, Twelve Discourses upon the Law and the Gospel (Whole Works, vol. 3, pp. x.-xi.):

“It highly concerns those persons to consider this matter well, who fancy that Christ came as a great lawgiver, to publish milder terms of acceptance than the moral law had required. 436 more words


Walk Suitable To Such Precious Promises

Hugh Binning, Works, pp. 241-242:

Some speak of all truths, even in nature, that they are knit so together, that any truth may be concluded out of every truth, at least by a long circuit of deduction and reasoning. 151 more words


Either Gross Ignorance or Malignant Opposition

John Murray, “Law and Grace:”

It is symptomatic of a pattern of thought current in many evangelical circles that the idea of keeping the commandments of God is not consonant with the liberty and spontaneity of the Christian man, that keeping the law has its affinities with legalism and with the principle of works rather than with the principle of grace. 520 more words