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Book Burning as a Form of Behavioral Modification

Note: This offensive post is Part II in an ongoing series concerning affection and sexuality in public. Part I is… 1,752 more words


A Secular Theology, Part 1

I would like over the next few weeks to discuss several articles from the Journal of Christian Legal Thought.  These address the profound cultural changes we see taking place around us, and the threats those changes pose – both to Christianity and humanity at large. 805 more words


Use Your Obscurity for The Kingdom

Do you ever feel like you dwell in obscurity? With the billions of people in the world it is easy to think so. We have a few folks who live around the County who worry about being spied on by the government or some other individual. 313 more words


Part 2d: What are the Terms?

Glossary 10

Moral Law. Also called lex naturalis: laws revealed in nature and the conscience. Based on the absolute holiness of God, these apodictic laws have widespread acceptance among most societies, indicating an innate consciousness of a commonly held moral behavior, such as protecting the sanctity of life, the right to own property, fidelity in marriage, respect and equanimity in relationships, and the virtue of truthfulness (Ps 98:2; Rom 1:18-32), with the concomitant responsibility to punish wrong-doers. 2,438 more words

The Sabbath

Incarnation: III. Why Tolstoy is Wrong about Christ

A story of Tolstoy was related by Prof. Irwin Weil [1]: A young Jewish man wrote to Tolstoy a few months before the latter died, and asked how a Jew could believe his teachings which were based on the words of Jesus Christ. 598 more words


Natural Law and Divine Positive Law

Natural law is the reflection of God’s moral character and the moral order of creation, as designed by God, which is written on the human heart and evident through the light of nature (Rom. 2,266 more words



Read Deuteronomy 19
Focus on verse 20-21

One thing that was clearly reinforced by my experience of raising children, is that when people learn that the consequence of certain action is not something they care for – and they understand that they can avoid the undesirable consequence by avoiding the undesirable behavior – they nearly always choose to avoid it. 402 more words

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