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Market Day for the Soul: Call the Sabbath a Delight

Call the Sabbath a Delight by Walter Chantry

“Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is Sabbath of the Lord your God.” … 2,366 more words
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The Dragon and The Rose

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The Dragon and The Rose

Book 1: The Gate of Swords

Book 2: The Gate of Sins

Book 3: The Gate of Souls

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The Unbeliever is Already Condemned in the Gospel-Court

Ebenezer Erskine, Works, 1:383:

The unbeliever is already condemned in the gospel-court. Now, do not mistake this way of speaking, as if, when I speak of the gospel-court, I meant, that the gospel, strictly considered, condemned any man: the gospel, like its glorious Author, “comes not into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through” it, “might be saved.” Neither do I mean, as if there were new precepts and penalties in the gospel, considered in a strict sense, which were never found in the book or court of the law. 84 more words


The Gospel Gives No New Laws

Ebenezer Erskine, Works, 1:300:

For if this be so, then inevitably we must first obey Christ as a king, by repenting and believing, in order to our being justified by him as a priest; besides many other dangerous consequences which are unavoidable upon this new law-scheme. 146 more words


All Prescription of Duty Belongs to the Law

Herman Witsius, The economy of the covenants, volume 1, pp. 370:

The covenant of grace, or the gospel, strictly so called, which is the model of that covenant, since it consists in mere promises, prescribes nothing properly as duty, requires nothing, commands nothing; not even this, Believe, trust, hope in the Lord, and the like. 89 more words


The Gospel Sweetens the Law

Thomas Watson, Body of Divinity (1838 ed.), p. 323:

The moral law requires obedience, but gives no strength, as Pharaoh required brick, but gave no straw; but the gospel bestows faith on the elect; the gospel sweetens the law, it makes us serve God with delight. 9 more words


Fighting for the Moral Law

Some of the thousands-strong crowd who processed through the centre of Reggio Emilia, Italy, this morning, rosary-in-hand, in reparation for the town’s first ever sodomite “Pride” festival due to be held this afternoon…….. 14 more words