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The Fictionalisation of the Kindertransports: Moral Lessons from Literature

A Candle In the Dark, Faraway Home and A Bear Called Paddington offer fictional representations of the Kindertransports. The events of Kristallnacht in November 1938 encouraged the organisation of transports for Jewish children from the Reich. 1,074 more words

Human Characters, Not Animals, Teach Children Best Moral Lessons

Human Characters, Not Animals, Teach Children Best Moral Lessons

Summary: Reading stories about humans, not anthropomorphic characters, teach moral lessons most effectively to young children a new study reports. 896 more words

Roundyhead Roundybutt Chicken Gets Obsessed

“Five more minutes until you need to turn off your Eggpad, Roundyhead!” Roundyhead Roundybutt Chicken’s mother called.

“Okay, Mommy Chicken!” Roundyhead Roundybutt Chicken did not look up from the video playing on her Eggpad to answer. 732 more words

Childrens Stories

A hero, or a parent?

Every time a hero breaks out of the scene to go on a fake, self-righteous monologue addressed at the audience, some passionate storyteller somewhere dies. In one of last week’s releases, the protagonist often takes such detours, and each time, to loud appreciation. 482 more words


Oh, What the Hell

There’s something bizarre in having someone tell you point-blank that your personal choices means you’re morally corrupt and unable to perform a job. A job which you’ve done countless times before without incident. 836 more words

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