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Human Characters, Not Animals, Teach Children Best Moral Lessons

Human Characters, Not Animals, Teach Children Best Moral Lessons

Summary: Reading stories about humans, not anthropomorphic characters, teach moral lessons most effectively to young children a new study reports. 896 more words

Things I learned from re-watching the movie, Ballerina

If you could still recall, it was in January 2017 when Ballerina was released in theaters. The movie tells about the story of an orphan girl who strives to fulfill her dream to become a famous ballerina. 563 more words

Wonders Of Wanders

Roundyhead Roundybutt Chicken Gets Obsessed

“Five more minutes until you need to turn off your Eggpad, Roundyhead!” Roundyhead Roundybutt Chicken’s mother called.

“Okay, Mommy Chicken!” Roundyhead Roundybutt Chicken did not look up from the video playing on her Eggpad to answer. 732 more words

Childrens Stories

A hero, or a parent?

Every time a hero breaks out of the scene to go on a fake, self-righteous monologue addressed at the audience, some passionate storyteller somewhere dies. In one of last week’s releases, the protagonist often takes such detours, and each time, to loud appreciation. 482 more words


Oh, What the Hell

There’s something bizarre in having someone tell you point-blank that your personal choices means you’re morally corrupt and unable to perform a job. A job which you’ve done countless times before without incident. 836 more words

R.C. Murphy

Just Saying: Soft Christians, Politicians and the Media...If they aren't just the limit!

I have had the worst writer’s block since my Uncle Mrywin died in December.  Last week my cousin Chris Schneider sent me a few old family photos I had never seen before. 851 more words

Just Saying

History, Why Should We Care?

My dad Jack, was a student of history. He came from a family of Idaho pioneers. He loved the past but didn’t live in it. His reasoning was simple, “You can always learn something from our past.” 198 more words

History Matters