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savile: the media's favourite villain beyond the grave

Well finding some over used, over worked, over sold media hyped news wasn’t too hard.

The first headline story on the BBC News App is ‘Hospital Staff ‘told of Savile abuse’, the second, ‘Sir Cliff Richard inquiry ‘expanded”. 341 more words


Youth and Media Part Four: A Badge of Honour or the Key to the Criminal Justice System?

It has been argued at great lengths that the ASBO was a waste of time, money and effort. It has been heavily criticized that ASBO’s were not a deterrent to youth. 627 more words

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Operation Auca

Five Christian missionaries tried to convert the Huaorani. The Huaorani killed them. Why?

On January 6, after the Americans had spent several days of waiting and shouting basic Huaorani phrases into the jungle, the first Huaorani visitors arrived.

341 more words

Youth and Media Part Three: How the Media created the ASBO Culture

Using the three processes of Moral Panic (mentioned in Part 2), how did this generate and grow throughout a nation? Massive interest in crime and criminals is not just a recent phenomenon. 361 more words

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Atheist Perspective: Rememberance of a Moral Panic

I was originally thinking that I should put this entry into my “Road to Atheism” series but I don’t think it really belongs there.

This is a distant memory, so my details are bit fuzzy. 1,022 more words


Thoughts on Restorative Justice and Labelling - a rambling

Disclaimer: Things I tag as ramblings are mostly intended to be a log of a thought process of mine which I intend to expand on in the future and is not intended to be an academic piece of work in any way. 175 more words