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Fiction to be Feared and Loved

Two interesting articles that I came across recently look at the history of book production, moral panics, and PBS tackling the search for the “Great American Book.” 317 more words

Interesting Articles

Some people are disappointed that kids are playing Minecraft. I for one couldn’t be happier

Here’s a question for you. Remember when TV went mainstream? Of course you don’t. If you were anything like me then your earliest memories probably consist of messing with iPhones and using godawful slang like “innit” or “hashtag” or “selfie”. 1,048 more words


The Strange Case of Franco A

The following story happened a while ago, but I have a strong feeling that I may want to come back to it at some point. So here it is. 431 more words


Fake News: The 'Meta' Moral Panic?

Following Brexit in the UK and Donald Trump’s election in the US, the term ‘fake news’ has entered into everyday vocabulary. We are now, supposedly, living in a post-truth society where facts can be countered with alternative facts and there is no right answer to anything. 1,377 more words

Don't Panic! How Change to Technology Leads to Change in Behavior

A major concern that has been carried from the past to today is the idea of moral panic. Baym describes moral panic as “anxieties over uncontrollable social forces become the focus of efforts to understand a new cultural trend” (Baym, 2015, Making new media make sense, 49). 467 more words

General Election

Relax—I’m not about to embark on a polemic detailing which is the only candidate you should consider voting for. No I gave up telling people how to vote after 1997, you see you can divide the world into two kinds of people, those who voted for Tony Blair in 1997 and those who didn’t. 173 more words