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Switch off.

Mum asked me if I knew about Punish A Muslim Day, supposedly taking place on April 3rd.

I’m not linking to it.

Mum told me that it was in the news and social media and the government were involved. 382 more words

Moral Panic by K M Ecke. Spotlight and #Giveaway.

Thank you to Author K M Ecke for inviting me onto this book tour for his new book Moral Panic 336 more words

On Pain. On Progressive Fragility. On Resilience.

On the night of the 19th of March 1918, on the hell-scape of a WW1 battlefield near the village of Cagnicourt in France, a German officer by the name of Ernst J√ľnger was attempting to direct his company of troops toward the front-line trenches whilst approaching an area of heavy enemy artillery fire. 1,762 more words


On Hate Speech. On Free Speech. On Personal Fragility. On Thought-Crime.

In 2004, I sat down for a conversation with one of the finest legal minds in the United Kingdom to discuss the circumstances under which cold-blooded murder could be justified. 2,004 more words


Season FINALE - Podcast #8: Drugs and Global Media

Welcome back, everyone!

This week we host the finale of our series of podcasts on Global Media! In order to celebrate properly, we decided to record an extra-long discussion! 304 more words

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