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How Mainstream Emo Made Us Talk About Mental Health

When emo hit its commercial peak in the early 00s, it ushered in a new subculture. Defined by emoting, sexual fluidity (however performative), and oppressively tight jeans, emo’s millennial incarnation was bolstered by the fact that it arrived in tandem with MySpace – the first and only social network to be inherently twinned with music culture. 3,252 more words

Music Journalism

News: MP Tries To Provoke Mass Hysteria Over 'Sexy' Bra For Teenagers

There’s nothing a politician likes more than to climb on the bandwagon of moral outrage, but even bearing that in mind, Labour’s Sarah Champion seems to be particularly hysterical / opportunist (delete as applicable). 548 more words


Discuss the media’s construction of ‘heroin chic’ as a moral panic - Dissertation- INTRODUCTION


‘The media, then—in a sense—can create social problems, they can present them dramatically and overwhelmingly, and, most important, they can do it suddenly. The media can very quickly and effectively fan public indignation and engineer what one might call ’a moral panic’ about a certain type of deviancy’  (Young, Jock, 1971,pg 37). 554 more words

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The Folk Devil: Establishing Moral Panic

‘Folk Devil’, a term derived from sociologist Stanley Cohen’s 1972 study Folk Devils and Moral Panics, refers to a deviant from the main body of society, in the form of one person or multiple people, who are feared and blamed for crimes by the rest of society, namely for the purpose of acting as a ‘scapegoat’, a way for people to deal with their building inner tension. 494 more words


Disgraceful Express Poll

Sorry for the grainy and practically illegible photo. Still, at least it looks more sinister, right?

This is from the Daily Express, a notorious UK red-top. 49 more words

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When Rape Is Broadcast Live On The Internet

But the most appealing factor of live streaming – raw content at the touch of a button – is also its biggest threat: The inability of companies to monitor live content has spawned an entirely new set of serious safety and privacy issues for users.

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#BCM110: Moral Panics and Group Presentations

Moral Panics – often related to the role of/concern about young people

Concerns about children and the media often linked to Stanley Cohen’s concept of ‘moral panic’. 259 more words