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Mixtape Vol. 1

Over the past two months I’ve been writing posts on various topics discussed in my Communication and Popular Music module. Along with these posts, we were tasked with creating a mixtape featuring songs which relate to each topic. 245 more words


Moral Panic in Hip-Hop

“A moral panic may be defined as an episode, often triggered by alarming media stories and reinforced by reactive laws and public policy, of exaggerated or misdirected public concern, anxiety, fear, or anger over a perceived threat to social order.”

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Should art be censored?

Oh my, am I really opening this can of worms? Evidently I am. Maybe I have a death wish. But I feel like both sides need to be heard, in the same text – and I like the sound of my own voice, so here goes. 994 more words

Philosophical Ramblings

Youth & Media Part 4: ASBO. A Badge Of Honour or The Key To The Criminal Justice System?

It has been argued at great lengths that the ASBO was a waste of time, money and effort. It has been heavily criticized that ASBO’s were not a deterrent to youth. 627 more words


Youth & Media Part 3: How The Media Created The ASBO Culture

Using the three processes of Moral Panic (mentioned in Part 2), how did this generate and grow throughout a nation? Massive interest in crime and criminals is not just a recent phenomenon. 361 more words


Youth & Media Part 2: The Three Processes To Create A Moral Panic

There are three classical process in which the media employ to create what Cohen referred to as a Moral Panic. It is described as “an exaggerated reaction, from the media, the police and the wider public, to the activities of particular social groups.   1,095 more words