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When Rape Is Broadcast Live On The Internet

But the most appealing factor of live streaming – raw content at the touch of a button – is also its biggest threat: The inability of companies to monitor live content has spawned an entirely new set of serious safety and privacy issues for users.

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#BCM110: Moral Panics and Group Presentations

Moral Panics – often related to the role of/concern about young people

Concerns about children and the media often linked to Stanley Cohen’s concept of ‘moral panic’. 259 more words


The telegraph and the Internet - Are they so different?

Throughout history each new media has created a frenzy. This has also translated to a moral panic about how this new media will negatively influenced the society of the time. 474 more words


A belief driving witch-hunts and moral panics

I watched a documentary about the infamous “video nasties” that were the center of a lot of controversy and media scandal in the UK, and the characteristically British problem of how the furor surrounding them always leads to media hysteria and the erosion of freedom of expression. 649 more words

Culture And So-Called Society

Dwelling under the charitable care of The Lord Protector

First foray into commentary on current events on this blog and quite probably, the last too.

So, I saw this news story in the Google feed today, apparently the air flow distributor has clogged at Microsoft because some game developers attended a bash where gogo dancers were present. 176 more words


Space Invaders and Mr. Foulker's glazed eyes.

I don’t think there has ever been a popular entertainment that has not been attacked on moral (but shaky) grounds. Popular being the key word since the content is only secondary and moral guardians usually skim over it until they see something “problematic” enough to create the desired controversy out of thin air. 1,106 more words