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Rich in funds but short on facts: the high cost of human trafficking awareness campaigns | openDemocracy

“When we reduce global concerns about women’s labour to questions of trafficking – which strips women of agency – we overlook the much bigger and more profound abuse undertaken by the global garment industry.” 43 more words

Moral Panic

#Decrim: A call for evidence-based policy making

One of the biggest reasons that has been given by the South African state for the continued criminalization of sex work has been that decriminalizing sex work would fuel the trafficking industry in the country… 525 more words

Research Communication

Moral panic in Eastern Europe

While preparing myself for a new research project I came across literature about moral panic. The concept was first coined by Stanley Cohen in early 1970s to describe and analyse the reaction of British media and wider public to the disturbances caused by the members of the youth subcultures. 1,020 more words

The Election of Mr D. Trump

Chomsky in 2010:

“The United States is extremely lucky that no honest, charismatic figure has arisen. Every charismatic figure is such an obvious crook that he destroys himself, like McCarthy or Nixon or the evangelist preachers. 182 more words


Pokemon Go discussion review

Report of the Pokémon Go Round Table discussion and how the participants defined the media?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you can’t help notice the gaming sensation sweeping the world that is Pokémon Go. 562 more words

Essay: The Punk Movement in the Realms of Subculture, Fashion, and Style

Style and fashion play important roles in distinguishing one social group from another and from the rest of society, and are vital in giving individuals and groups both a sense of belonging and of being unique. 3,559 more words