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The question

Everything that exists has a specific nature, each entity exists as something in particular and has characteristics that are part of what it is, A is A… 156 more words


The Moral Panic About Boys 'Underachievement' in Education

Researchers in the Gender and Education Association take a critical feminist approach to the issue of boys’ underachievement.

They argue that boys’ underachievement has long been a feature of the UK education system, but it has recently become a ‘moral panic’ (In 1996, the UK’s Chief Inspector of Schools called it “one of the most disturbing problems facing the education system”) which has arisen because of the following three reasons: 274 more words


Artistically Amateur?

When we consider images that originate from the high fashion sphere, you wouldn’t bat an eye-lid if nudity was a feature among them. The omnipresence of nudity in artistry or rather more specifically, in the fashion industry is accepted as simply functioning as an aesthetic attribute. 557 more words


Without a selfie did it even happen?

First and foremost I am a self-proclaimed selfie taker, but hey when your outfit is on fleet who can resist? When I explained this weeks topic to both my friends and family I received an identical response, “Mim this is right down your alley”. 724 more words

Social Media

The Morals and the Panic of Sexting

Amy Hasinoff’s (2015) book Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent deals with sexting not as an issue of morals but rather as an issue of privacy and consent. 620 more words


Moral Panic : Full-throttle NYC punk

From the still smoldering cinders of NYC gunk-punk fuck-ups Livids, MORAL PANIC stomps brazenly on the scene and bears the torch on their debut self-titled LP. 131 more words

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