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Panic in the Streets of Loudun: Escaping Satan's Web (Circa 1989)

The so-called “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s and early ’90s is generally dismissed today as a bizarre bout of Reagan-era excess, but it’s important to remember that it was a morally reprehensible witch hunt that injured thousands and saved none, orchestrated by grievously irresponsible religious and civic leaders, incompetent mental health providers and law enforcement officials, sensation-chumming media, deadbeat parents, charlatans and con artists, and remorseless criminals to divert attention from the real degenerates—themselves. 1,581 more words


Satanic Moral Panics

Holy cow people sure were stupid in the 80’s.

They also spent 15 million dollars on a witch hunt, and threw an innocent guy in jail for 5 years because of a secret conspiracy / molestation ring, all based on the heresy of a mentally insane mother. 160 more words

Health officials and sociologists voice concerns about the effects of tabloids on the general public

Research has consistently shown that worryingly, reading tabloid newspapers such as the Sun, Express and Daily Mail causes contagious fatalism, addictive irritable incoherence syndrome, an anxiety-inducing pre-occupation with other people stealing tax-payers money – though usually only the tax-paying poor – and a highly suggestible state, presenting with swollen spite, distended misery guts, clinical mucus retention, rash folk devils and suppurating moral panic. 769 more words


....moral panic with doris lessing...

A Review of The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing.

“They know we will go on pushing the boulder up the lower slopes of an immensely high mountain, while they stand on top of the mountain, already free. 2,052 more words

Moral Panic

Must we always tread on eggshells?

Trigger Warning: Those easily offended could be offended by this message. http://t.co/69NRjjeK7y
Mark J. Perry (@Mark_J_Perry) July 28, 2015

Classical Liberalism

The terrification of our intelligence

We learned this week that Mullah Muhammad Omar, the leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan, died. Two years ago. And we didn’t realize it. We’re still in Afghanistan, still waging the longest war in American history (14 years and counting), at a cost of several trillion dollars and thousands of lives, so you’d think this would be something we’d definitely want to know. 570 more words

Public Policy

Human-Animal Hybrids and Chimeras: What’s in a Name?

Things on the website have been rather quiet of late, though not for lack of interesting science and tech news. But rather I have been tied up with work projects for the last while, and am endeavoring to find some time to take a more in depth look at some recent developments. 238 more words