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Everybody, Let's Just Take a Deep Breath

There’s a lot going on right now. Let’s take a step back, look at the broader picture, and ask ourselves, “why?”

**WARNING!! This is long and covers a lot. 3,500 more words


The Points Interview: Dan Malleck

Dan Malleck is an Associate Professor of Health Sciences at Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario. He is the author of Try to Control Yourself: The Regulation of Public Drinking in Post-Prohibition Ontario, 1927-1944 ( 771 more words

Points Interviews

A moral panic: Mental illness and mass shootings

As someone who has a bit of experience with mental challenges, I find the immediate link between mental illness and propensity for violence tenuous. So, heres a little bit of info on the historical processes within which this link between mental illness and mass shootings is embedded. 739 more words

Moral panic indeed

Just read Benjamin Law’s essay – Moral Panic 101 Equality, acceptance and the Safe Schools scandal in the Quarterly Essay.

I don’t normally read academic literature but I wanted to support Law and the magazine around this issue. 138 more words

Fiction to be Feared and Loved

Two interesting articles that I came across recently look at the history of book production, moral panics, and PBS tackling the search for the “Great American Book.” 317 more words

Interesting Articles

Some people are disappointed that kids are playing Minecraft. I for one couldn’t be happier

Here’s a question for you. Remember when TV went mainstream? Of course you don’t. If you were anything like me then your earliest memories probably consist of messing with iPhones and using godawful slang like “innit” or “hashtag” or “selfie”. 1,048 more words