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Children, the Media and Moral Panic.

One cannot understand just how real the struggle is, until invited to a baby shower where the child’s gender is unknown or undisclosed. That struggle, is so incredibly real. 886 more words


Child Stars, is it really worth it?

The debate on children and the media is an extensive topic, as there are so many issues and concerns that fall around this idea of the public exploitation of young adolescents. 538 more words

Nobody Panic, The media is here to help... kinda

Moral Panic is a concept described by Stanley Cohen’s as a threat to societal values and interests presented in a stylised and stereotypical fashion by the mass media. 610 more words


Now I’ve got your attention.

Sex gets attention.  Sex engages.  But most importantly, sex sells.

This is highly important in the advertising industry as companies want to sell products, companies want products to be known and to be noticed.  515 more words


I roamed all over Devonport on my bike when I was a lad. No more, no longer!?

As a soon-to-be parent, I find this fascinating and terrifying. The diminishing range of children visualized: http://t.co/7NiFN9Eaw0
Austen Allred (@AustenAllred) April 18, 2015

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Television doesn’t make you fat, sugar does… 

FED UP is a documentary directed by Stephanie Sontag highlighting the issue of obesity in America. It blames the food industry for filling it’s “low fat” products with sugar, thus causing the obesity epidemic. 463 more words