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The war on imaginary drugs, U.K. style

What catches a politician’s attention even more than drugs? Why, the chance to appear in public pontificating about drugs, that’s what. And that’s how a Member of Parliament got scammed into publicly condemning an imaginary drug. 841 more words


Better Reporting on Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Tips for journalists on overcoming false balance, rejecting hate material, and making sense of moral panics

As someone who’s been familiar with Sri Chinmoy… 9,539 more words

Sri Chinmoy

Ya got trouble.

This is fantastic:  whipping up some moral panic, showtunes-style!  If you’ve never seen it, stick with it a couple of minutes ’cause it just keeps building and building. 28 more words

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Jimmy Savile yet again

The lead story today on the Today Programme was the leak of Dame Janet Smith’s draft report into cases of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile linked to the BBC. 1,231 more words

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Milk the Cow podcast.The Bowie debate.

Here’s the latest episode of Milk The Cow a fantastic podcast I’m occasionally involved in. I could only appear on the first half as I had to do a gig. 38 more words


News & Public Opinion

The Fleet Street used to be an exclusive workplace, filled with intellectual men who knew about the world working in media, but not today. Today the Fourth Estate is everywhere and nowhere. 2,061 more words

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#OregonUnderAttack Or Something I Don't Really Care About

It’s incredibly stupid that a bunch of dumb people with guns decided to take over a federal building in the middle of nowhere in Oregon, where the only people in danger from violence are those very people and the federal officials who might bother to give a shit about that takeover, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 334 more words