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Legion - Chapter 15

FX’s Legion
Chapter 15
Directed by Charlie McDowell
Written by Noah Hawley & Nathaniel Halpern

* For a recap & review of Chapter 14, click here… 1,115 more words

Season 2

Social media 'addiction' - the evidence.

While most of us think of addiction as the physical and psychological dependence on a substance such as alcohol, cigarettes or any kind of drugs, the word has also been used for psychological dependence on behaviours like shopping, eating, gambling, and now screen time – especially the time that adolescents spend on social media. 387 more words


Moral panic: Vaccines and Autism

The Vulnerability of New Diagnoses to Abuse of Disparity Between Incidence and Prevalence

The myth that vaccines cause or at least increase the chances of autism in children began with the 1998… 655 more words

Case Study

The Tide Pod Challenge and the Moral Panic of Adolescence

Teenagers are notorious for their impulsivity leading them to doing arguably very thoughtless things. In recent years with the proliferous nature of live streaming videos on Facebook and YouTube, we have seen multiple such trends emerge such as the Cinnamon Challenge (people eating a teaspoon of ground cinnamon on camera) and condom snorting. 590 more words

Case Study

"Hello Georgie!": the Clown Hysteria of 2016 in NZ and the USA

One of the more resent mass moral panics comes from August 2016, were there was a creepy clown ‘outbreak’ also been called a “clown epidemic.” It started off in South Carolina. 1,004 more words

Case Study

Moral Panic: Gangs and Drugs in NZ

The issue of gangs and their control of the drug trade in New Zealand has been forefront in media and government reports for the last 30 plus years. 901 more words

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The Scarlet Witch Hunt: The Comic Book Scare of 1954

The Origin Story
Beginning in the 1930’s comic books started appearing on the newspaper stands on city street corners. Initially, they were funny collections of newspaper comic strips published as a single collection, but quickly, publishers saw the money making potential of original stories and content. 776 more words

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