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Youth & Media Part 3: How The Media Created The ASBO Culture

Using the three processes of Moral Panic (mentioned in Part 2), how did this generate and grow throughout a nation? Massive interest in crime and criminals is not just a recent phenomenon. 361 more words


Youth & Media Part 2: The Three Processes To Create A Moral Panic

There are three classical process in which the media employ to create what Cohen referred to as a Moral Panic. It is described as “an exaggerated reaction, from the media, the police and the wider public, to the activities of particular social groups.   1,095 more words


Youth & Media Part 1: The Graffiti On The Mosaic Of A "So-called" Civilised Society

This 4 part report will be investigating whether the Media’s subjective interpretation of Anti-Social Behaviour makes it easier to demonise the Youth of England and Wales.

657 more words

Living in a Sex Negative Culture

Before an American child turns eighteen, they see over two hundred thousand acts of violence and forty-thousand murders on TV but not one female nipple. So what is more obscene?

635 more words
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That time FBi was investigated...

In case it hasn’t been apparent in other posts, I’m a mad keen music fan. It’s lifeblood kinda stuff for me. I’ve just signed up to become an  825 more words


Censoring Our Bodies: Does the Medium Matter?

In #BCM240, we’ve been talking about audiences and regulation. What rules and regulations on media are specific to a particular space that I have encountered? 534 more words

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