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Scapegoating: Politically motivated blaming & punishing

  1. Scapegoating: false and excessive blame and punishment for perceived norm violations

Scapegoating is the practice of blaming and punishing innocent victims for purposes of expediency and/or political gain. 3,005 more words

Notes on Peter Strawson's "Freedom and Resentment"

Here is a copy of the article, however, the page numbers I reference below do not match this article.  http://people.brandeis.edu/~teuber/P._F._Strawson_Freedom_&_Resentment.pdf

Strawson claims to not know the full thesis of Determinism. 1,147 more words


Other constraints on responsibility

This is a work in progress – don’t cite.


In previous posts, I have argued for an equality constraint on responsibility, as this constraint would promote (something approximating to) the ecological conditions of our early evolutionary ancestors and minimize the role of implicit out-group biases in our ‘responsibility system,’ i.e., the system of relationships in which we express and respond to blame and praise. 2,383 more words

Can children be responsible agents? (tl;dr: No).

Philosophers tend to see young children as paradigmatic cases of non-responsible agents. Strawson, for example, says that very young children are non-responsible, but older children as “penumbral” cases, as they are acquiring the capacity for responsibility (1963). 1,191 more words

Workship on Responsibility and Mental Disorder

Guest post from Josh May

Do people deserve less blame (or praise) for actions that arise from their mental disorder? A workshop on such issues will be held on March 23 and 24 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, organized by Matt King and Josh May. 160 more words

Philosophy Of Psychiatry

Blame as social cognition: The Path Model

I’ve been writing this for two days – it’s a draft. Please don’t cite or take too seriously.

The Path Model of Blame

Lately, I have been writing about the neurophysiology of blame, though I have not espoused any particular neurophysiological model. 5,806 more words

First Class Lecture Notes for "Moral Responsibility"

Our lecture began with a brief overview of emotion. Professor Tannenbaum gave us three points to think about for emotions:

  1. there are beliefs or thoughts continually associated with emotions.
  2. 576 more words