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A dialogue on compatibilism

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see the rest at: A Dialogue on Compatibilism – Existential Comics.

This edition of Existential Comics manages to summarize most of the free will debate.   362 more words


Moral Blindness, Cruelty, and Three Faces of Responsibility

I just read an interesting and thought-provoking argument from Dana Kay Nelkin [1] to the effect that psychopaths – understood here as agents which are morally blind in a particular way – could not be cruel, no matter what they do to people. 1,551 more words

Normative Ethics

reflections on freedom of speech

In recent weeks we have witnessed the brutal murders of 12 journalists by two extremists; four of the victims were cartoonists, and one was Stephane Charbonnier – the editor of Charlie Hebdo. 731 more words

Big Ideas, Debates

AIB Roast - A Proud Moment Or A National Shame?

AIB roast is in controversy now. Some people liked it and some didn’t. Some of them even raised a voice against it. Complaint lodged and the video taken out of the youtube but still available on torrent. 500 more words


Mental Illness and Moral Responsibility

My 6th post is up over at flickers. I have copied and pasted it below for those not interested in clicking again.

Mental illness affects how we perceive the actions of others and with good reason. 780 more words

Moral Responsibility

Trigger Warnings

Apparently “trigger warnings” are all the rage on some college campuses. At least that is what I hear; I never went to a real college. 957 more words

Changing Behavior

Psychopaths and Moral Responsibility: The State of the Debate

My 5th post over at Flickers is up, check it out here. I’ve copied and pasted it below for those not interested in clicking (and following comments). 1,581 more words

Moral Responsibility