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Insight into me- A Short True Story!

Ashley has been up all morning after a long work week to cook a special meal of shrimp and grits for her mother. Now she gets out all the preparations she has worked so hard to piece together here and there for the past several days and begins her process. 1,289 more words


Greek Referendum: Germany should be thankful for the OXI, it is the only moral basis for negotiation.

The Greek referendum crisis resembles a marriage crisis. The “cheater” was punished years ago with long term austerity, hardship and humiliation. One day she decided she is fed up with the hardships and even though she really does not want a divorce, if he keeps punishing her like he has done for years, she will file for one. 350 more words


Government Scholarships - Its a Moral Responsibility

Just read the news about our HRD Ministry offering to arrange scholarship for completing IIT Engineering of Zahid Ahmad Qureshi from Kashmir who cracked the IIT entrance exam. 579 more words


Ideal Qualities of a Quality Auditor

Regardless of the quality organization they are affiliated with, quality auditors to maintain ideal values that are well-suited to their responsibilities. Their findings and opinions regarding an audit bear much weight and influence to the image of the company being audited. 477 more words

Ownership Of The Christian Message

Yesterday a pretty good discussion came up over whether or not all Christians are responsible for what some will term as misunderstandings of the Christian message. 785 more words


Fate, A Spider, and Backyard Bliss

This post is partially inspired by the spider I saved this week.

I’m not talking the huge, creepy, survival instinct-inducing spiders. This one was actually sort of cute, about half the size of an ant and very vulnerable-looking. 723 more words


Ashley thinks about how morally wrong her bosses instructions were when she gets off the phone with him. Her boss is a Jewish lawyer that unfortunately fits every stereotype there is for a greedy and crooked Jew lawyer. 932 more words