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The trouble with time travel

MARAUDERS BEWARE: I’m continuing my streak of Harry Potter posts with some serious plot spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. You have been warned. 1,050 more words

Books & Art

Deep Dive 1.3: Luck damned Freedom

Having recently become a father, I learned quickly that much of my daughter’s development hinges upon each minute parenting decision. Yesterday, my wife and I found her holding a quarter. 2,278 more words

Free Will

Moral responsibility and society.

In this essay I will be attempting to see if a person can only be morally responsible for what they have done if they could have done otherwise. 3,673 more words


You Kant Make Me Argue Ethics...

Do you have to make it entirely clear when an account is a bot?

Is it misleading, or, more, deceptive to keep that information not secret, per say, but not readily available either? 1,215 more words

Networked Narratives

Hobbes, Locke, and Kant Walk into a Bar; Or, Can't We All Just Get Along

I’m reading American Philosophy: A Love Story, by John Kaag. It’s an example of those creative-nonfiction approaches that intertwine personal story with, well, whatever…in this case a brief overview of the history of philosophy, especially American philosophical thought. 281 more words