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I am an immigrant

I am an immigrant.

Ich bin ein Einwanderer.

I arrived in the US as a twenty-three year old, and have lived here for the past thirty years.   1,009 more words

The Roundup: Early Mammals, Free Will, and Larry Taunton

In the interest in fulfilling one of the main purposes of the blog – to point my readers to good resources on science, philosophy, history, etc. 448 more words


Darkness with a silver lining

Daily prompt@ Darkness

My boys were on the road. Two lovely people, one in his teens, the other in his twenties, fit to be princes. But now, demoralized, dejected, partially rejected, confused and groping for  ground, struggling to stand. 1,987 more words


Declarations of Dependence

In August 2011, speaking in Andover, MA, Elizabeth Warren made these comments:

I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever.’ No.

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by Arthur Miller
Directed by Martha Henry
At the Tom Patterson Theatre, June 1-October 2, 2016

Though not as acutely devastating as Death of a Salesman or as historically probing as The Crucible, Miller’s drama, written in the aftermath of World War II, crystallizes its playwright’s preoccupation with moral responsibility. 700 more words

Theatre Reviews

Blame and Brock Turner

This is *very* rough and there’s a lot going on, but here you go.

Trigger warning: this post contains information about sexual assault and/or violence that may be triggering to survivors. 6,077 more words

Responsibility, Identity and Artificial Beings: Persons, Supra-Persons, and Para-Persons

Thanks to Justin Caouette for inviting me to the blog. I’ll start with a bit that draws ideas from a paper I’m working on for a book on Robot Ethics: 1,236 more words