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Moral Responsibility in an Age of Distraction

What’s the moral status of ‘thoughtlessness’? It can be invoked as a defence, used to claim that an action was less morally problematic because it expressed a… 153 more words



I’ve previously characterized the current times as being the styrofoam layer – it’s about disposability.

Product disposability and a built in shelf life is only the tip of the iceberg, beneath the surface the larger threat is the disposability of integrity, truthfulness, a moral national rudder, constitutional rights, and ultimately even people. 191 more words

Concept/Conception Distinction: In Defense of Religion

The current political climate spews accusations towards religious observers and even religions themselves. The rise of ISIS and other similar groups, in addition to Anti-Theist sentiment online, only bolsters claims which aim to convince people of one thing – religion (or a specific religion) is just plain bad. 1,411 more words


U.N. finally apologizes for cholera in Haiti ... but omits one point

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s “sorry” last week for the organization’s role in Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak, called a “half-apology” by some for omitting to mention the likely source of that outbreak: Nepalese UN peacekeepers. 223 more words

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