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Personhood, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility

In Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person, Harry Frankfurt presents an intriguing take on personhood and sketches some of the implications of his view for free will and moral responsibility. 1,132 more words

Finding common ground in the abortion debate

There is almost certainly no issue that evokes more anger than the topic of abortion. People on both sides of the issue frequently resort to name-calling and valueless retorts that are meant more to put the other person down rather than to reach any common understanding. 1,521 more words

All Matters Catholic

What Americans Wanted

“These presidential orders are what many Christians voted for. This is the fruit of their political labor, but it’s not the Fruit of the Spirit.” 255 more words


Moral Responsibility in an Age of Distraction

What’s the moral status of ‘thoughtlessness’? It can be invoked as a defence, used to claim that an action was less morally problematic because it expressed a… 153 more words