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Ashley thinks about how morally wrong her bosses instructions were when she gets off the phone with him. Her boss is a Jewish lawyer that unfortunately fits every stereotype there is for a greedy and crooked Jew lawyer. 932 more words

Moral Responsibility~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa

Moral Responsibility

How to assist children into happy individuals?
How to help children be more secured individuals?

To explore and recognize their most powerful trait… 122 more words


Nobel Lecture by Harold Pinter

Published on Nov 9, 2011

What every American need to see three times a year!

This is a brilliant speech by Harold Pinter!

Harold Pinter’s Nobel Lecture was pre-recorded, and shown on video on 7 December 2005, in Börssalen at the Swedish Academy in Stockholm.

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Current Affairs

Media: Report Positive

I’m issuing a challenge to mainstream media…

Report positive.

In an effort to understand that the men and women in law enforcement are people with lives, families, hopes, and dreams just like everyone else, find the positive stories and report those. 175 more words


This short essay discusses very briefly:

  1. Harry Frankfurt’s ideas (1969: 829-39) [3], on the Principle of Alternate Possibilities (PAP);
  2. the concepts of free will and determinism (for an overview please check [4], [5]), and;
  3. 1,002 more words

Quote • PRUNELLA SCALES • Moral Responsibility

‘We work in the most widely spoken and understood language in the world, with probably the richest literary and dramatic heritage – I believe it’s a moral and artistic duty to explore and promote it in any way possible. 94 more words