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Reflections: Prophetic Hadith

 وعن ابن عمر رضي الله عنهما عن النبي (صلى الله عليه و سلم) قال: كلّكم راع و كلّكم مسؤول عن رعيّته و الأمير راع و الرجل راع على أهل بيته و المرأة راعية على بيت زوجها وولده فكلّكم راع وكلّكم مسؤول عن رعيّته متفق عليه


You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Obtain Tax Breaks

Do you own a home and have a mortgage? All the interest you paid on that mortgage this year is an itemizable deduction on next year’s income tax report you will file in 2017. 239 more words

Social Behavior

Revising the Banality of Evil

It is more than twenty years ago that I first read Arendts Eichmann in Jerusalem. A Report on the Banality of Evil. Since that time I have regularly referred to the work in classes, and further pondered the consequences of her research into the role Adolf Eichmann played in the murder of millions of European Jews. 998 more words

It's Tough Being a Vegan, but It's My Moral Responsibility

The choice to go full Vegan was a gradual process for me.  When I started running consistently in 2012, my body did not crave any red meat or poultry for some weird reason.   187 more words

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I am an immigrant

I am an immigrant.

Ich bin ein Einwanderer.

I arrived in the US as a twenty-three year old, and have lived here for the past thirty years.   1,009 more words

Darkness with a silver lining

Daily prompt@ Darkness

My boys were on the road. Two lovely people, one in his teens, the other in his twenties, fit to be princes. But now, demoralized, dejected, partially rejected, confused and groping for  ground, struggling to stand. 1,987 more words