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Quest of Kaladri-The story of an abandoned princess

Vdharma, the biggest kingdom in Panchamani district, seemed to have been blessed by the Gods for its prosperity, wealth and peace. With such stunning atmosphere, it was no less than heaven on Earth. 883 more words

Bedtime Stories

The Grasshopper and the Ant

One cold, frosty day in the middle of winter a colony
of ants was busy drying out some, grains of corn, which
had grown damp during the wet autumn weather. 156 more words


Old Grave

One day, the Nasreddin said to his friends:
“If I die, bury me in an old grave.”
“Why”, asked his friends.

“Because”, he explained, “if the angels come, 23 more words


The Three Wise Men

One day some wise men, who were going about the country trying to find answers to some of the
great questions of their time, came to Nasreddin’s district and asked to see the wisest man in the… 316 more words


The Merchant and the Donkey

One beautiful spring morning, a merchant loaded his donkey with
bags of salt to go to the market in order to sell them. The merchant… 165 more words


The Clever Boy

A man with his donkey carrying two sacks of wheat was on his way to the market.
After a little while he was tired and they rested under a tree. 225 more words


The Cage Bird's Escape

Once upon a time, there was a bird in a cage who sang for her merchant owner.
He took delight in her song day and night, 610 more words