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the complete inferiority of Christian ethics. (xPrae: how I defeated you so soundly (part 5))

In this post, I am going to argue that Christianity is morally inferior to both Islam and atheism. Christianity purports to answer moral questions, but instead offers a loophole that bypasses and excuses all those possible answers to morality. 919 more words

Rewritten history is bogus


James Baldwin, who knew it so deeply, personally, wrote in Notes of a Native Son: “People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them”. 584 more words

Ye Olde Crabb Sez

Why You Should Lose My Number


The exact DM I received yesterday by a Twitter follower in response to my automatically generated (yet highly personal and slightly humorous) message to brand new followers, generously offering them a choice between two of my published works, for free. 682 more words


Et Tu America?

I noticed a shooting star last night so bright it took my breath away. Perfect timing really, as my mind was weary from churning over the Paris terror attacks and I welcomed the distraction.   560 more words


The Moral Superiority

Most people in our society do have a ‘superiority complex’, where they think that they are right in any terms, not thinking objectively and always having a bias. 932 more words


Moan McVulpine: SNP abandonment of core principles sends a clear message

MOAN says the Scottish Nationalist Party are so willing to abandon core principles in order to point score that nobody knows what they actually stand for – other than the obvious. 535 more words


the moral superiority of waking up

Elizabeth Gilbert shared David Whyte’s line today: “anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”

i struggle with this idea while being attracted to it.

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