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Der Gruppenführer Robertson's Diary #1 - Moral Superiority

HAVING consulted the Allbuch of Nationalist grievance seeking, Der SNP Gruppenführer, Angus Robertson, opened his Aufbruch der Nation with outstanding sanctimony and finger pointing moral superiority. 406 more words


JAMES TARANTO: ‘Easy’ Pickings

Wall Street Journal — Another poll designed to reinforce liberal prejudice.

It’s oddly impressive to watch a thing done with consummate awfulness, a performance so bad that it bespeaks the antipode rather than an absence of talent. 86 more words


Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, dog-whistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, May 19-24

drama feminists: any feminists who speak out in public.

hiding behind her own skirts: what Hillary is accused of whenever she invokes women’s’ rights. Aka, “playing the gender card.” 381 more words


Moral Values

My all time favorite Post is Imposing Human Rights and Moral Values on Others.  It is also my most read post since its publication in December 2013.  847 more words

Social Issues

Beware the machinations of tyrants.

Apparently the organisers of the first European games in Baku have pretty well paid for the British team to attend.

I know it’s hardly blood diamonds, but people are still asking questions about it. 447 more words

Nasal Turbinate Reduction: Bring it!

My nasal passages are the culmination of a long history of genetic malfunctions. Let’s just say that for years my nasal orifices have interfered with the passage of air to my lungs and on to my brain. 600 more words