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Flawed Characters: Real Life vs. Fiction #books #bookbloggers #Weekendbloghop

After reading and appreciating a string of flawed characters recently: Audra, Nora, Kate, Isabel and Crazy Amy to name just a few, I was thinking about how I would perceive such characters in real life and shamefully concluded that I probably wouldn’t find their individual flaws quite as charming in real life. 235 more words

Daily Musing And Reflections

Moral Superiority’s Blank Check, by Robert Ringer

The great thing about moral superiority is that you don’t have to pay attention to your moral inferiors. In fact, they should be glad you let them live on the same planet as their betters. 308 more words


The Claimed Moral Superiority of Liberalism

I found this interesting article about the phenomena of American liberalism on Facebook from the Wall Street Journal. As always, I know not all liberals are this way, but this article pretty accurately describes how a lot of the ones seen in the media and politics act. 7 more words

A First-Class Woman

Watching first-class people
Get first-class service
In rows
Directly in front of me

To weary discontent
In my heart 298 more words

Spiritual Formation

​Why India desperately needs the Gospel!

Just yesterday, when I was traveling back home from work, I chanced upon this conversation between a few colleagues travelling by train in the same compartment as I was. 795 more words

The Accidental Forest

It has been more than a week since I had my lime mishap (which is the delicate way of describing my incurable tendency for idiocy in the kitchen while wielding knives) and I am ten days into what I would describe as an unanticipated shaving fast. 502 more words

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White Americans and the Danger of Moral Superiority

“Ultimately evil is done not so much by evil people, but by good people who do not know themselves and who do not probe deeply.” 666 more words