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​Why India desperately needs the Gospel!

Just yesterday, when I was traveling back home from work, I chanced upon this conversation between a few colleagues travelling by train in the same compartment as I was. 795 more words

The Accidental Forest

It has been more than a week since I had my lime mishap (which is the delicate way of describing my incurable tendency for idiocy in the kitchen while wielding knives) and I am ten days into what I would describe as an unanticipated shaving fast. 502 more words

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White Americans and the Danger of Moral Superiority

“Ultimately evil is done not so much by evil people, but by good people who do not know themselves and who do not probe deeply.” 666 more words

My Family.

My family thinks I lack the emotional and intellectual capacity to take the topic of bankruptcy in a serious, mature manner. These are the same people who recently decided to leave the stove unplugged when they leave because I forgot the oven on once (and mostly because I was a bucket of broken nerve endings after reacquainting myself with my family’s neurotic personality), have left it unplugged to this very day (this happened a few weeks ago), and will act like they unplugged it to save energy if I call them on it rather than admit they overreacted and acted in a passive aggressive manner—and these are also the same people who think I get what I deserve regarding psychopath criminals and feminist activism because I am gay and that is a sinful lifestyle, and sin just attracts more sin and really, all these terrible events probably occur because God is punishing me for sinning. 1,098 more words

the complete inferiority of Christian ethics. (xPrae: how I defeated you so soundly (part 5))

In this post, I am going to argue that Christianity is morally inferior to both Islam and atheism. Christianity purports to answer moral questions, but instead offers a loophole that bypasses and excuses all those possible answers to morality. 919 more words

Rewritten history is bogus


James Baldwin, who knew it so deeply, personally, wrote in Notes of a Native Son: “People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them”. 584 more words

Ye Olde Crabb Sez

Why You Should Lose My Number


The exact DM I received yesterday by a Twitter follower in response to my automatically generated (yet highly personal and slightly humorous) message to brand new followers, generously offering them a choice between two of my published works, for free. 682 more words