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Moral Values

My all time favorite Post is Imposing Human Rights and Moral Values on Others.  It is also my most read post since its publication in December 2013.  847 more words

Social Issues

Beware the machinations of tyrants.

Apparently the organisers of the first European games in Baku have pretty well paid for the British team to attend.

I know it’s hardly blood diamonds, but people are still asking questions about it. 447 more words

Nasal Turbinate Reduction: Bring it!

My nasal passages are the culmination of a long history of genetic malfunctions. Let’s just say that for years my nasal orifices have interfered with the passage of air to my lungs and on to my brain. 600 more words

Organic Plant Foods? What Does That Even Mean?

I have a lot of pretentious, organic  eating, Whole Food shopping, “I’m better, richer, and more attractive than you” type friends on Facebook. Frequently they post articles that incite… 759 more words