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striving is on....

well everyone go through bad days right?even i had one recently what is so special about is that i got low marks in it.My professors aka friends are the coolest one to tell me that i got low marks all they want me to improve in my writing skills and read more newspapers,which is true.I went outside took a small walk in the corridor and then went inside the bathroom peed,came outside saw my face washed my hands,played with my hair and told myself” it will be alright.”and then started recalling what happened minutes ago and had these weird thoughts. 426 more words

The Danger of Statistics

Recently, my theatre company has been working on a show called And A Child Shall Lead. The show follows the life of eight Jewish children living in a ghetto called Terezín (or Theresienstadt) in the middle of the Holocaust. 385 more words

Pemulung Dilarang Masuk?

Anda mungkin pernah mendapati logika seperti ini di lingkungan Gereja Katolik berkenaan dengan cara berpakaian: menghadap bos di kantor saja orang berpakaian sopan dan rapi, apalagi menghadap Tuhan! 477 more words

Daily Reflection

Come out from behind the veil...

“Psychotherapy has assumed a central symbolic and ritual role in contemporary life. Therapists are privileged to be with people at moments of personal and moral intensity in their lives…. 664 more words



Random patterns

vague designs

confusing displays

In stock markets

in wars 

In international distribution of patents 

in wealth allocation 

The 1% and the 99

yes even in disease patterns… 146 more words




The conscience of society

At times telling things in brevity

Often getting one to wonder the place of naivety.

These poets,

Seemingly impartial

But like erring soldiers they will be courtmartialed… 76 more words


What is in that 2%

Neil Degrasse Tyson, the American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author and consummate educator of all things Sciencey… :) –   Stated that in regards to DNA,  chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas share approximately 98% of our DNA. 588 more words

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