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The Cheat (Fable 55)

~Aesop, 1480~

A poor man, being very ill and getting worse, promised the gods to sacrifice to them one hundred oxen if they saved him from death. 145 more words


That Tiny Little Voice

What happens when…

-You reach out for that extra piece of a cake
– You ditch your studies for TV
– You lie to your parents and go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend… 255 more words



I am a soldier. I am fighting in a war for which I do not the the cause. I only know that in the event of a successful campaign, I shall be rewarded handsomely. 350 more words


A golden fish (part II)

3. Side-effects of unlimited wish-fulfillment may include moral nausea in some

Husband and wife followed the meal with a night’s uncomfortable sleep. When the pink sun spit up day, both awoke in their hard little bed. 528 more words




चौबे जी का लड़का है अशोक, एमएससी पास। नौकरी के लिए चौबे जी निश्चिन्त थे, कहीं न कहीं तो जुगाड़ लग ही जायेगी। बियाह कर देना चाहिए। मिश्रा जी की लड़की है ममता, वह भी एमए पहले दर्जे में पास है, मिश्रा भी उसकी शादी जल्दी कर देना चाहते हैं।

Best Story In Hindi


When the roads to success turns aside down

When the light of smile swirls into dark mourn

When you found yourself alone with nobody around…

46 more words