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On Marriage, Wages, and Immanuel Kant

The Gay Marriage Case against the Minimum Wage

I came across the previous article browsing through my Facebook newsfeed today, and while the article is not openly advocating for any sort of return to the pre-minimum wage days, it does raise the possibility, and it does so with a provocative claim which frames the whole article. 2,184 more words


“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”

– C.S. Lewis


Perserverance and dedication

I’ve been slacking off lately. My weekly goal has been to write two blog posts and put up two videos on my youtube channel. Until recently, I had tons of leisure time, the freedom to structure my day whatever way I wanted to, but as I mentioned in my last post, I’m now working at a graveyard and will be doing so the next two weeks. 346 more words

Personal Development

Sailing the Relation-Ship

Here in the harbour, a single man sits;
Carefree and from boat to boat he flits.

Drinking until the morning light;
Meeting new people the very next night. 273 more words


Virtual money and virtual dharma

I have been long thinking about the duality aspects of materiality and spirituality in term of money and something. I guess that that something is termed nearest as “dharma”. 1,372 more words


2258. Compatibility Axioms #821-830

821. He’s never eager to admit fault about his sexual prowess. Nor should he be excused, but she ventures onto rocky terrain when she brings it up. 245 more words

Dear Daughter