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The Patriot.

​From the eternal sky, through the windows of her room, the bright sun spreads the sunlight over her face. She wakes up. She turns her face right, and just like the day before, and before, there was no one. 852 more words


An Arrogant American Man

I really like this story which has a good moral resonance and thought I will share it with you. I have no idea how I found this story as I had it saved on my phone and I cannot credit the person who wrote it. 390 more words



A boy clad in rags and taters lay just behind the fence of
your comfortable home;
Lying on the just finished lavish drink cartons; He considers… 89 more words

Freshly Pressed


Um ariano jamais se acomoda. Ele é persistente na busca por atingir objetivos e pela própria felicidade. A educação que tive dos meus pais foi bastante consistente e insistente quando se fala de “acomodação” e “conformismo”: meus pais me criaram para sair no mundo e fazer o que eu desejo, respeitando sempre a ética e dando um “foda-se” pra moral, o que significa fazer as coisas sem pisar na cabeça dos outros, mas sem medo das críticas, julgamentos e sem medo da “graxa”, do trabalho duro. 952 more words

Opiniões Pessoais

24 September 2016. This is What "Make America Great Again" Means


If you agree with “Make America Great Again”, you have no shred of decency, humanity, or true religion. Such people want to whitewash things as the Anglo Genocide of the Natives (to steal their land and resources) and the A-Bombing of Hiroshima (just to see if their latest toy worked). 70 more words


The Light Between Oceans

Okay, so like a good reader I thought I should read the book before I go and see Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vinkander steam it up in the movie set in 1920’s Australia where WWI is still very much in the hearts and minds of the people. 231 more words