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“Sin is a tug at the human mind for the destruction of the soul.”
~ Ravi Zacharias


Is Lucid Dreaming Normal?

After I have read this I realized that those nights I experienced some of the things said above, I was not having a nightmare. I was beginning to have a… 34 more words

Rude or Technical Difficulty

Last week, I was secretly angry with my son.
I had done something for him and he didn’t acknowledge me – no thanks, no nothing! 362 more words


Living in the World of Plato's Callicles

Man is unique in that he can affirm or deny his Nature. His denial of His Nature in no way refutes its existence any more than the denial of gravity will keep one from falling. 62 more words

Tiny Thoughts


Reading only Facebook,

Hearing only tweets,

Talking turned to texting;

Colonising into cliques.


Trolls hide under bridges,

Viruses attack:

Not just our technology;

Our lives.

Let’s take them back.


[EF]#16 Moral Lesson in Indonesian Tale

Traditional Roof at West Sumatra

Where do we get our moral lesson? We got it from our parents, social environments, school, and also from stories. Nowadays, children get moral lesson at public school only from religious subject. 404 more words




noun.  /dih-mock-ruh-see/

1. The freedom to choose one’s own dictators.

2.Two wolves and a sheep deciding who’s for dinner.

3. A capitalist puppet show. 7 more words