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The Price of Using Anime, and Wading through Boring Cornfields: The Action Game Edition

So lately Draco has been trying to win things. The other day Draco won 3 dollars. For you who may not know how much that is well think of it as about one Lego Minifigure. 545 more words


Let go of Judgments

When people judge others:

CEO: You are not that type who can work for somebody and stick at one place.

Relationship Manager: No Mr. I am actually like that, but unfortunately our corporate sector is filled with insecurity and they are naive about how to promote Pakistan. 150 more words

indian parenting

shouting, beating and even strangling..that’s what it consists of. do i agree with it, the shouting i truly understand even i would have found my younger self truly annoying; the beating i’m not sure but if i had a kid who always ran onto busy roads, i would probably give him a slap on the shoulder to stop him from doing so and straggling- NO! 428 more words