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The drowning stranger illustration challenges atheistic morality

This is by Matt from Well Spent Journey blog.


Here’s a thought experiment.


Imagine that you’re a healthy, athletic, 20-year-old male. It’s the morning after a thunderstorm, and you’re standing on the banks of a flooded, violently churning river.

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Book review: The Book of Wonder

Damnit, the kid wants a bedtime story again before she goes to sleep.
This would ordinarily be fine, mind you, if the brat had let you read a proper book, like one of Jules Verne’s adventures, or a classic by Dumas, or Feynman’s Lectures on Physics: Volume I. 588 more words


Glaring truth

In morality we steer our lives,

Immortality we assume to attain,

Forgetting the glaring moral,

We are but mortal beings!

Miss You.

That’s peculiar. I could have swore I just left you right here, now you’re nowhere to be found. 865 more words


The Legend of Arjun

Arjun, the king of Hastinapur and Indraprasth, was a very skillful warrior. He was the son of Pandu and Kunti, born from the divine mantra given to Kunti by a Sage. 687 more words


Today I read

I cAn vouch for this Quote myself.

Launching my first blog has cleary put out my out of my comfort zone. little did I know it has opened my horizons.


'All Travel is About Consumption': The Contentious Nature of Dark Tourism

The statement, ‘all travel is about consumption’, only becomes more contentious when it is said in relation to dark tourism. It is a form associated with death, suffering, violence, and disaster, and the marketing of such macabre subjects brings into question what is ethical, as ‘boundaries between the message (educational, political) and their commercialisation as tourist products has become increasingly blurred.’ 2,296 more words