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Phillauri Review (NO SPOILERS): A Simple Story With a Message to Remember at the End

Well that was a short movie!  Strolled out of the theater a few minutes after 10, with a 7:45 start time and a 10 minute intermission.   1,047 more words

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5 ways how to deal with playboy

When Bryan walked into room, every woman has eyes on him. He was charming, talking with everyone and had nice words for all. Until the end of the year, Bryan slept with many women from his workplace. 814 more words


..and we begin again.

My little kids loved to draw pictures.  Every now and again the pencil would fling the wrong way.   Immediately upon the disapproval of the stray mark the whole paper was judged unfit to be crumpled and tossed.  800 more words


Treat lady like a whore (and opposite)

This old proverb found place in minds of some men who like to control every woman. Cheap opposite psychology is their way to seduce woman who is not obey to them on a way they wished. 598 more words


Useless or Not?

‘Ok ask’ said Karan
‘Don’t misunderstand me. What do you think? Are you a person who deserves respect for any of his traits?’ asked his mother. 2,182 more words

A Way To Be Immortal

Very recently, one of my friends, a Judge of a high court,  had lost his eye sight during his accident. Fortunately,  he himself was driving the car. 248 more words