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Dear Santa

A snowflake hit me on the nose,

It didn’t hurt, that everyone knows.

Then an icicle fell from the eave

Hit my shoulder; it stuck in my sleeve. 18 more words


Physics and Philosophy; the implications and applications of mathematics

Are there topics you believe we cannot ever know in science? 

Are there limits to what we can find out? Will we ever know what consciousness is or how life began or how to become immortal?  1,653 more words


Enduring the First World War

Enduring the First World War

by Alexander Watson (2008)

This sweeping study that takes in both the British and German experiences of the First World War on the Western Front 1914-1918 and is based on the author’s PhD thesis: 761 more words

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Was The Early Church Trying to Placate the Jews with This Dietary Law?

We have been looking closer at 3 Overlooked Dietary Laws in the New Testament. The last installment discussed why the admonition to abstain from food that is strangled may be moral in nature, not ceremonial. 1,427 more words

New Testament

Questioning the Media 14

Making a moral decision is making a decision that you feel is right for your self and the ones you love. To make an ethical decision is making a decision that follows the laws that have been set by our superiors

Chapter Bubbles

The Evolution of BEF Tactics and Training

The Evolution of BEF Tactics and Training

Notes to a lecture given by Dr. Spencer Jones.

1 Pre-War

Vs bad reputation ( see Paddy Griffith book)  1,044 more words


Military Morale and Combat Motivation in the First World War

Notes from a lecture given by Prof. Gary Sheffield at the University of Wolverhampton.

Armies are more often defeated psychologically. 

Waterloo 1815 – what was de use in a battle. 999 more words