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Be Still My Heart | Less Haste

The baby is finally asleep in her swing and as usual, I am fitting in alone time with my other kids… my 3 year old runs away  and races up the stairs, telling me “I be right back”… in about 10 seconds I hear running coming from my room, where the baby is sleeping. 186 more words


Young People’s Role Models: Miley Cyrus or Mother Teresa?

Role-modelling, especially of the kind that moral philosophers, moral psychologists and moral educationists define as learning from moral exemplars or exemplarity, has been achieving renewed prominence. 696 more words


An Analytical Review of Sleeping Beauty

Now that we’ve had a think about the Sleeping Beauty Story and considered a few questions, what do you make of it all?

  1. Symbolism
  2.  Emotions:
  3. 694 more words


The oldest and the most dangerous weapon in human nature is not anger, rage or wrath. That is ability of manipulation. 

We can see results of manipulation on every corner. 441 more words


Opportunity to practice Self Control

Your younger siblings are making you mad, the pressure is just too much. You then get annoyed and smack them. You are ignorant that this is an opportunity to practice self-control. 216 more words


The Great Gina Hunt

Many people are familiar with the Scout Motto of “Be Prepared.” Fewer people, though, are familiar with the Scout Slogan: “Do a good turn daily.” I always try to be prepared, but I’ve also tried to internalizes doing something good when the opportunity arises. 610 more words