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[Exploring Guilt] - Organized Religion as an Answer

After an afternoon’s worth of wandering about in the forest, crisscrossing and backtracking many different trails, I finally stumbled out of the confusing entanglement of trees and foliage. 2,402 more words

Normalising immorality

My last blog post was about the perverse incentives currently circulating in universities which lead good academics to do bad things. I cited studies which indicate academics may lie to get research grants, selectively present data confirming a hypothesis or exaggerate their findings to get published. 1,107 more words

Higher Education

Stress, Life and the Heart

The beatless heart: Texas husband lives for five weeks without a pulse after doctors invent new artificial heart

UPDATED: 09:41, 17 June 2011… 792 more words


LESSONS IN SCRIPTURE: Ted Cruz 'Schools' Me In How To Behave More Like Christ

I have been struggling with the election this year.  Not so much because of any difficulty with what I believe or finding a candidate who represents my principles, but with accepting the changes I have seen in my fellow countrymen.  1,265 more words

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God is (not) love

It felt good this past week, running into so many Christians from my old church. It reminded me of the life encompassing myth I’ve escaped. It also brought up the issue of hell. 871 more words


VCAT - Video Catechism for Teens

The Diocese of Wheeling – Charleston is producing VCAT or Video Catechism for Teens.  They believe in order to effectively reach teens with the richness and beauty of our Catholic faith, it must be done in new and relevant ways.Therefore the videos are to be: 173 more words

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Have you thought about (HYTA) how we are not really the nice people we think are?

To immerse myself further into my Japanese studies, I got around to watching Liar Game. Its premise, though not exactly original, is simple – an elaborately designed arena where contestants compete among themselves for a payout at the end. 612 more words