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Notes from the Secret Empire Part 6.5: Moral Relativism?

Over at Retcon Punch there’s a thoughtful discussion of Secret Empire #4 where Patrick Ehlers makes interesting connections between Secret Empire with real-world politics.

In his analysis of the ethical disagreement between Black Widow and the Defenders over torturing the Hydra goon, Ehlers uses the term “moral relativism,” but I wonder if that’s quite the right term for what’s happening in SE #4. 654 more words

The Dark Knight

After watching The Dark Knight so many times, I’ve come to understand a few things:

1. They depict human psychology and mob morality incredibly well. People need a reason. 494 more words



How is it that we want/need to feel extra close to our loved ones when adversity is upon them?

Is it genuine? Is it emotional? 20 more words

Inside Thoughts

Yes, We Should Trust Atheists Less

In my earlier essay “Why It Is Rational to Trust Atheists Less”, I argued, via an analogical argument, that it was fully rational for people to… 3,053 more words


Three words that reach the heart

Today is sunday which means my favourite day to post. I want to get over all the anger and frustration with what God should or should not have done in my life. 393 more words


How compassion can kill you

Imagine that a ship is sinking in the middle of the ocean. The ten people aboard that sinking vessel find a life raft, but the Captain grimly informs the rest of the group that the raft can only hold eight people or it will sink as well. 376 more words