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Moral Reasoning Through the Complexity of Homosexuality

This is a very complex issue. It’s not as simple as people on both sides of the aisle want to make it. There are some basic principles that do help us understand what is right and wrong. 599 more words

Superior's Desk

When you say you're a virgin... dum dum dum

I’d always thought there were two types of men in this scenario. They ask about sex because apparently it’s the only classy thing they know to talk about. 353 more words

Journal Entry


He liked to argue just for the fun of it. In the 70’s & 80’s he was one of Montreal’s highest radio talk show host,more than 75000 people tune in for his show. 58 more words


"Would there be any evidence for God that would make you become a believer in God?" Yes, but not a worshipper of him.

In the philosophy module I took for University, there were a few questions I could not answer, and some of those I tried to answer and failed to in some way, however large or small. 902 more words


What Is Wrong With Being Ordinary?

There are many annoying things about advertising.

How loud and in your face it can be,

The way you are sold a product through an (often highly polished and unrealistic) image of a coveted lifestyle, 1,099 more words