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Violence and Immorality

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Let’s start with two quotations from Trump’s press conference yesterday:

“You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.

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The logical conclusion of abortion based on genetic testing

You can call me crass for the argument but the reality stays the same. Instead of the emotional argument about a right to live I want to ask a very simple question, if you have every available resource to ensure you don’t have a disabled child, then why does society have to pay if you choose to keep it? 35 more words


Abortion is Anti-Liberty

I was scrolling through my Twitter, as I do every day, when I came across an article by Lindy West published in the New York Times… 1,427 more words



It feeds

On our niggling insecurities,

Our insatiable greed,

Our competitive spirit,

Our unjustifiable fear of Difference.

It breeds

Corruptible power,

Divisive media,

Scorn and shame, 35 more words


Life as a Shadow Play

White supremacy is a crap thing to want. For the obvious reason; and for it not actually being an uplifting goal anyway.

As a young goth, being very pale rather than a melange of pink and rugose tones is something I sought. 216 more words

Seeking A Better World

The Land Before Time and the Proper Approach to Prejudice

Over the weekend I posted my first video review, of The Land Before Time. I discovered how time-consuming such things are to make, and so I wasn’t able to address everything I wanted to. 642 more words