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A sex tape went viral on the web

I recently talked to a Motswana friend of mine who told me that there is a sex tape going viral on Facebook and I got curious about it: It is a twenty minutes long movie who shows three people having sex together. 1,046 more words



The statement being of the world has had many meanings in varying Christian circles.

Does it mean being found at parties, wearing trousers as a lady, wearing an earring as a man, going to the cinema with a date or watching television? 321 more words


Trick ‘r Treat (part 1): Tradition and Ritual

The reason why I like horror is that it reverses the order of things. Those who fit society, be they conventional types or ‘alpha men and women’, are ridiculed, tortured, and killed. 530 more words

Good & Evil

The Immoral Moralists

Raw Story quotes Phil Robertson saying something particularly hideous:

“I’ll make a bet with you. Two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters.

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The playing out of dark desires: The Nether, at MCC

The Nether, by Jennifer Haley, is a futuristic techno-thriller that’s firmly situated amid present-day concerns about violent games and online malfeasance and rooted in a form established years ago, that of the police procedural. 730 more words


Badness is Goodness

This is not just a casual observation – it is the fundamental law of how things work. It explains why things do not work – in our time. 492 more words


Garden for world peace

Garden for world peace,
hands get wholesomely dirty -
growing crop of love

Haiku and photo by Stephanie Mohan – March 2015