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The Moral Compass

The week began with a cocaine-snorting, philandering Lord of the Realm, caught with his pants down and somebody else’s brassiere on.

We heard continued stories of a Vicar who skipped from Court as he was found guilty of stealing Church funds. 926 more words


A Rational Look at Abortions and Planned Parenthood

Let’s start with Planned Parenthood.

Except in the case of medical necessity, abortion is a life choice that should be made by a woman and a medical professional; not by a politician, religious official or a government agency. 652 more words


Science is essential to morality

When you are driving, one of the first things you make sure is that you are going the right way. When you have a destination in mind and you are often calculating (in your head) the most efficient route. 319 more words


Is it Sinful for a Catholic to Watch a Horror Movie?

This topic comes from a conversation I had with a parishioner after viewing a movie with him and his family. We were talking about movies in general and I said that I like horror movies. 974 more words


Professor Helen Parish on Witchcraft

To celebrate the launch of our new special feature “Our Videos” and Youtube Channel, we are proud to present Professor Helen Parish’s documentary on Witchcraft!* 892 more words