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Deep in the soul
Where CCTV
Can not penetrate,
A devil does wait
And whispers, “my goal
Is to make you free.
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Truth Attraction...

Read Mark 6

Focus on verse 20

I have written frequently in the past of how truth is not changed by what we choose to believe. 507 more words

Daily Devotional

My Answers to Larken Rose's Five Questions For Statists

Here are five more questions from a Libertarian addressed to “statists”. These questions are more philosophical than the 11 Questions To See If Statists Are Hypocrites… 452 more words


A Dream and Some Reflections on Shakespeare (9/8/14)

Dream: Someone with whom I was acquainted was illicitly accessing and using a company elevator to enter a workplace where (presumably) he was working without authorization. 2,367 more words

The Mortal

Time passes by my life,

Just as you pass by me;

And I can’t stop either.


Secular view reviews - Richard Dawkins 'Sex, death, and the meaning of life' three part documentary 

‘This is the second of many reviews I’m going to write over the next few weeks of some documentaries I’ve watched many times – but have finally gotten around to reviewing.

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Is Humanism Right for You?

Discovering Humanism was an important turning point in my voyage to atheism. If you’d like to understand why humanism is so appealing, both for myself and possibly for you, read on. 1,242 more words

Religion & Atheism