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Instead of Patriotism

What is the most important thing we have to teach young children at school?To love their nations… Certainly, nation is one of the most important units in the world; it shapes some parts of people’s identities; it provides them with many kind of services that are necessary for them to live; it is what they should contribute to. 178 more words


I'm Not Doing Anything Wrong - Because I'm Not Doing Anything!

No one would say this out load – but many (if not most) people think this in the privacy of their minds – where no one can see what is going on. 146 more words


slowing down dialogues

I am hereby introducing a rational argument for acting morally. I am also deriving some conclusions about death which are no longer knowledge items, but rather  2,042 more words


Lucy Jenkins

Pieces from East London based Lucy Jenkins‘ collections Brutalis and Mortalis.


Letter to the Judiciary of India

The respected Judiciary

Again the horrors of 16 December 2012 has been revisited. The film by Leslee Udwin is a slap on every Indian, the Judiciary and the so called leaders who were quick enough to put a ban on the film. 464 more words


Whoever Created Sex Had One Helluva Sense Of Humor

With all the hype and hoopla about Fifty Shades of Grey, this almost-90-year-old guy wonders why sex continues to be such a big hush-hush deal. 251 more words