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Christians and "The Wrong Side of History?"


A lot of people are very concerned about being on “the wrong side of history” these days. They’re terribly worried about being “stuck in the past” and spend a lot of time thinking about how they can be assured that they will be remembered by historians as being on the “right side” when it’s all said and done. 3,703 more words




of skin


as a convenient label.

Too convenient—almost in the ‘slogan’ class.

A slogan has been defined as “pre-digested thinking” which spares the users the effort of thinking for themselves. 166 more words


"Your Truth"

Beat your chest
And shout your lie;
Let the truth
Within you, die.

It will not look,
It will not peek.
It will not yell
Nor will it speak. 44 more words

Crowded With Bias

There’s a tendency amongst communities to repeat mistakes that others have made, despite how discredited the actions may be and how many times the consequences have been proven less than desirable. 511 more words


The Meaning of Nothing

This one may be a little “screwy”, but its premise is the value of the concept of Nothing.  It may seem like a nihilistic stance to go around stating, and/or proclaiming that one believes in Nothing.  596 more words

Decayed Laurels

Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Grave

A million to one,
the shot from a gun,
death on the run,
and a life come undone.

We should’ve known better,
than to trust in man’s sanity, 96 more words

How Should Christians Respond to Cultural Chaos? Read Myer Pearlman's 1932 Message About Living in a Transition Period.

This Week in AG History — July 30, 1932

By Darrin J. Rodgers
Originally published on PE-News, 28 July 2016

The year was 1932. The world’s economic and political systems were groaning under the weight of an economic depression. 752 more words

Assemblies Of God