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Moral Entitlement

I’ve been reading, lately, about the idea of moral entitlement: how some people assume privileges others are denied. Or, to put it another way: some individuals and groups feel themselves morally entitled to take advantage of those they consider lesser or inferior. 125 more words


Society’s Double Standard… October 23, 2016

Scenario One:

Melody sits concentrating on typing data into her computer. It wasn’t her first choice for a job, but all the sanitation jobs were filled by men. 986 more words


Liao Fan's Four Lessons: Changing Fate and Realizing Our Dreams

Your fate is not sealed,
For the scale of karma 
That decides woe and weal,
Can be altered by Dharma.

Pious and good deeds,
Cause all woes to yield  863 more words


In the past couple of weeks I’ve been struck by the use of the word “acceptable” in connection with moral issues, and it bothers me, because I always want to ask “acceptable to whom?” It begs, or evades, the question of who has the power to force acceptance. 233 more words


Teaching Wisdom to Our Students

With wisdom things can be done in both effective and easiest ways. No expression is justifiable to ascribe to this invaluable quality but to say it’s a highest form of intellectual exercise. 1,327 more words


A Conversation About Rape In Popular Culture

Note: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The following is a conversation between myself and fellow blogger TheOriginalPhoenix.

The reason for this conversation was this post of mine: 1,008 more words


Equal Outcome or Equal Opportunity?

Does anyone deserve a multi-million-dollar yacht, what about being the Golden State Warriors point guard, or how about landing the leading role in an upcoming James Bond film? 602 more words