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Living with Lies

Mediocrity is popular.
And this is why
They will never understand
The things in your heart,
The heat in your chest,
The spirit that drives you… 84 more words


12 The high paychecks

The bald man, head of HR of a multi-multi-national company, had to do his job: handling the difficult task of firing employees. Tough times, tough jobs, great great paycheck… and he was The Master. 204 more words


On foul and coarse language

Are there certain words that a Christian should not say? Are there certain words that it would be sinful for me to use?

Of course, there are contexts (for example, a sermon) where certain words should be avoided, and considerations (the people you are with, your own conscience) that will at least sometimes dictate the avoidance of saying certain words. 629 more words


I'll Answer Your Questions (A response to CARM)

A group called Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries decided to put out a list of questions to atheists.  I guess the idea is to stump us and make us come to God.  2,378 more words



Freddy Scappaticci is the key to destroying so-called “Irish Republicanism.”

Sadly, “Political Unionism” is unwilling to put the key in the lock and turn it.”  The conclusion is obvious. 47 more words


Where is Your Condemnation Now?

TW: For Racism

During the Ferguson protests, during the Baltimore uprisings, during countless demonstrations that took place because black children, black men, and black women, are being murdered, there were countless and endless condemnations by white people of the protestors as being too violent, too angry. 596 more words


Persevere in Christ

Brothers and Sisters,

Let us not forget how the City of Man treated Christ and his message. Remember Stephen’s fate when he challenged the City of Man–But atlas, Saul would still be redeemed! 306 more words