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Reflections of Previous Semesters, and Thoughts on Moving Forward

Since January to August, my course schedule has been steady every week except for a couple times when there was a week break during or after the semesters, and more is here. 731 more words


The Robots are Coming

When I was in high school, the drama club staged a production of Rossum’s Universal Robots.  It’s a play by Karel Capek, and is where the term “robot” was first coined.  390 more words

Reading Chesterton

Many of the Scriblerus group writers remember some G K Chesterton from pre-PC English Literature courses. A number of us are fond of quoting from one of his most famous poems ‘ 645 more words


Never differentiate
4 all is one & the same ! Differentiate,
not through your mind & will, but with your heart,
through ‘real’ yoga &/or meditation, the only accurate…
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‘When you see me
& I try 2 be a good man,
then you see yourself.’

Separating any Self that you meet, encounter or get 2 know, from the body that carries that Self, is empathy 4 it’s looking beyond appearances, physical looks, clothes, hair, etc. 177 more words


Business - Doing Business in the Bathroom

In recent times people have been talking about bathrooms in public places. People with specific equipment belong in specific bathrooms or people with different thoughts of self belong in specific bathrooms. 322 more words