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Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching

Given my complete lack of knowledge of Chinese philosophy beyond some vague understanding of Confucianism, I approached the Tao Te Ching with an open mind. It was actually recommended to me by someone from China with whom I was discussing Western philosophy. 2,344 more words


Of Flawed Heroes and Tragic, Heroic Villains

This year’s Black Panther was a milestone in many ways. To say the film was quite an achievement, particularly from a cultural standpoint would be to be make quite an understatement, and to say it set new precedents across the board would be to commit the same mistake again. 3,403 more words

Christianity, Theology, And Pop Culture

Artful Queue Dodgers

Recently, I had to go to a doctor’s surgery to collect something. Beside the desk, there was a sign asking people to stand back from the desk, so that people could have privacy while doing their business. 610 more words

For goodness

Everything is greyness

in tones of mutability.

Everyone is neither




Morality can be chewed

up and spit out.

Whatever is popular

sticks. 116 more words


Subjectivity and Violence

This essay is concerned with the justifiability of political violence. It first argues that the term political violence is nebulous. Varying ideological approaches will recognise it in different contexts, therefore making a universal definition impossible. 3,030 more words


Knowledge and value

Bertrand Russell is much less read these days than he was during his lifetime but he is still very highly regarded for his pioneering work in logic and mathematics; less so, it must be said, for his general views on science and the nature of human knowledge. 349 more words

Valued guest

Crystal refractions issued rainbows

at angular dispersions in a warm

magnolia setting dripping

with expensive candle light

and gold leaf framed chinz

in which you simply had to feel… 126 more words