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Veteran Pens Open Letter to Senator Cruz and All Concerned Americans

Dear Senator Cruz, and whomever else is concerned with the current state of affairs,

I am writing this letter to express my opinion, and offer my advice for your consideration, regarding the current speculation regarding the potential of some sort of… 1,061 more words


Ten Books That Will Make You an Anti-Theist

I don’t think there is any doubt that in the aggregate, religion – not just belief without evidence, but organized, capital-R Religion – has historically been and continues to be a bane to humanity.  1,857 more words

The Quranic Questions - 5

Guidance – The Righteous Path

This installment has queries about two contrasting subjects, guidance and ignorance. The Quran clearly elucidates the fundamentals of guidance and as a testimony to the details the Book presents the fate of previous nations, both successful ones and those who have been perished for their crime of rejecting the truth.  1,388 more words


A rare plea from me!

Utah is one of only a few states that still permits animal shelters to euthanize animals using gas chambers.

On a regular basis I share stories that I read on the Care2 website. 219 more words


Ego Development and Instinctual Man (4/10-Salta, Argentina)

There are certain obvious parallels between love, eros, the ‘Dionysian,’ on the one side, and power, logos, the ‘Apollonian,’ on the other. The features of ‘measured distance’ and of the… 1,286 more words

Psychological Observations And Reflections

A Bit of Aldous Huxley's Take on Life and Humanity

Aldous Huxley

Born 1894, died of cancer in 1963 (probably due to smoking)

Best known for his dystopian 1932 novel, “Brave New World,” this outstanding writer and great mind can be better known to those unfamiliar with him by reading here:  84 more words

CS Lewis - On 'Sexual' Morality

Essay also known as “We Have No Unlimited ‘Right to Happiness'”. This title was shortened further, somewhat inaccurately, by the Evening Post. A live animation of a C.S. 39 more words