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It's Sunday.

Hi again, you hellish heathens. Everything is beautiful isn’t it? Of course it is. People like you think everything is.

But to the rest of us, I take your hand and hold it firmly. 201 more words

A Day In The Life

The Orphan (23/04/17)

The Orphan

O! the time had been spent,

The journey was long and done,

The heroes were welcomed back to town,

The parties and gifts were distributed, shared. 114 more words

Sunday sentiment - haiku

My heart overflows

every time I see you.

A new born baby!


the fall of wise dragons


rattle and clatter were dragons, two
who knew the ways of the world,
the kiss of clouds, the slant of sky.

one day they decided, just for… 108 more words

Violet is an Anchor 4/14/17

I’m not good. I just haven’t really nailed it, this being alive thing. We went out last night. Everyone around me seemed light and funny and cool. 1,123 more words


In the time-worn canvas,

A child’s doll


With a crack in the face

Spiralling down,

Aching muscles strewn aside,


The mind

Becomes an archive… 49 more words

Finding Your Roots!

As a human being, we all bring something unique to the table. With that being said we are all diverse and come from several different backgrounds and upbringings as well. 504 more words