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Organic Morality

I don’t know anybody who thinks that they are not moral or good. But what does that mean? Is it the piety found in religion? Is it giving to the poor? 153 more words


"Warum lieben wir Hunde und essen Schweine?"


Dies ist eine sehr beeindruckende, gut gemacht Dokumentation über Gefühle, Barmherzigkeit und Einfühlsamkeit, die Tiere zeigen können. Wenn wir verstehen, wie verständnisvoll und intelligent sie sind, und dass wir problemlos leben können ohne dass Tiere für uns sterben, wir also nur Tiere essen um des Geschmacks willen, können wir unser Verhalten dann wirklich rechtfertigen? 54 more words


Early Mormor Musing; If Dangote was your legit Father

Suppose someone shows up to your father’s house and claims you are his legitimate child. How do you think you’ll react? Will you be ecstatic… 817 more words


A Break Is The Hell Your Heart Takes

The mind is a curious thing.

It can pick you up off the floor one minute and remind you of all you have to live for. 425 more words

Dear Diary

Preaching Hypocritical Morality

It amuses me when
A hypocrite finds a moral compass
And tries to use it

Especially someone
Who should have nothing to say
Because they have no right to judge… 16 more words


Smoke DZA x Harry Fraud ft. Snoop Dogg - Morals

Acclaimed rapper and producer team Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud are joining forces once again for their forthcoming album, He Has Risen. Following in the footsteps of their 2012 collaborative album,

83 more words

Election News 2016: 'The Invisible Party'

A New Political Party have entered the race for Government.


Fears are growing in Dáil Éireann today. An exciting new Party have rolled out snippets of their Government Manifesto. 411 more words