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Can You Be A Christian Doctor and Not Lose Your Morals

Recent advancements in health science and the current health policies being implemented in the country have made some medical professionals, such as Christian doctors, question where they should draw the line. 1,022 more words



Out of FOMO, JOMO, SOMO, I would like to classify myself as FOMO. FOMO, as known as Fear of Missing Out, seems like a disease that I suffer from. 511 more words


Politics in America, 2016.

Good day, everyone. It has been quite awhile since I have properly published a blog. With that being said, lets get right into it. Who is fit to run this country? 235 more words


A Window to Look Through

*Dedicated to mothers and daughters and the unique and special love they have.

She watches through her window, her little girl at play, 312 more words

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Would You Trust These People with Our Planet?

The photo above shares a tragic story about the values of some people. This particular group of tourists thought it would be more important to up their selfie game rather than look out for a baby dolphin’s well-being. 274 more words


I am done asking people for permission. I am done looking  for  validation , waiting for the approval of people who never approve, and who will never approve.

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Morality and Society: Why Secularists Do Not Need A Holy Text

Scripture is proclaimed to be the ultimate source for morality, primarily in all three Abrahamic denominations. And while there are pockets of great advice on how to live one’s life and treat others, there is still a whole slew of immoral teachings given our current dispositions about the treatments of women, queer populations, and even Afro-peoples; the list goes on. 842 more words