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Standards really Matter

Nine and a half months after its 1999 launch, the Mars Climate Orbiter began braking to slow down and establish a 2 hour orbit around the red planet.   320 more words


Thou Shalt Not Lie

Kantian Ethics: Is a Universal Moral Law Practical?

Would you agree that morality involves obeying universal duties and that we cannot make exceptions for ourselves if we are to… 480 more words

Thought Provoking

Beastly Beauties

Have you ever heard the story about a

Princess and a frog, the princess threw

A golden ball that fell into a pond.

The pond was deep, the ball sank down… 292 more words

Parenting Politics


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello :) Again, it’s been long since I last uploaded ( I don’t know, even a  day without uploading seems pretty darn ‘long’ to me :P ) Anyway, I’m writing a post that is dedicated to a dear friend of mine and one which I had published earlier, however, it got deleted somehow. 539 more words


Who decides what is right and wrong? Reflections on Jesus' saying to Peter

A young woman is getting desperate about her need to find a husband. She has tried all the usual methods: Match.com, going to university, she has even gone to church. 2,045 more words


1 July 2015. I Read the National Review Today... "Conservatism" Isn't Merely Wrong, It's EVIL



I looked at the National Review today. Its disconnect with reality was profound to the point of insanity and clinical delusion (meant in the technical sense here). 290 more words


Can you be an ethical atheist?

To know that you are simply an accidental conglomeration of chemicals at the same time that such a thing as morals even exist is oxymoronic statement and yet I hear it all the time from fellow atheists.   48 more words