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One Dark Voice - Lessons From the Other Side

It can be easy to think that our efforts, good or bad, have little effect on those around us. Stop for a moment and think about the driver who races ahead and cuts in line while everyone else took their turn, waiting patiently in a situation we all hate to be in, traffic jams. 170 more words


Sins of the Past

History is a subject that many fail to comprehend. The horrors of past are the most oft-repeated and what many will cite when questioned about their knowledge of the matter. 745 more words

Oh, Mr. Rogers, How Much You Knew...

As a child, I grew up watching “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”. I loved the music and the “Neighborhood of Make Believe”. It was a show that created a calming and soothing effect and I can remember feeling like it was a safe place. 2,593 more words

Life On Purpose

The Almighty Truth

Now I lay me down to sleep, hoping this promise, you’ll make and keep.

If I should die, before I wake, know that a law or two most break. 44 more words

Humanism: A Philosophy, Not a Religion

Humanism: A Philosophy, Not a Religion
by Ron Steelman

When “W”, #43, was elected President (by the Supreme Court), people started signing onto W’s “Born Again” shtick.  814 more words


A Nose For Life

The mornings finds me holy,
every hair its proper place
but when evening comes a calling
my morals get misplaced.

Why so inconsistent,
indeed so insincere, 227 more words


Treat Yourself with Kindness

Treat Yourself with Kindness

Treat yourself with kindness,

Fulfill your soul with beauty and love.

Treat yourself with grace and dignity,

And treat yourself the world you deserve of. 237 more words

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