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The world needs more love. I’m sending out all I’ve got. Sure wish Everyone else would do the same.

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Is it okay if I steal my friend's snack?

​Many a times have we faced fierce hunger that we ask ourselves this serious question. Our friend has saved the snack for himself for when such a crisis strikes. 1,135 more words


Never Go Against Yourself

Do not ignore the fundamentals of right and wrong for love nor money. At the core of us all are things that are non-negotiable and that we can’t bring ourselves to give up or relinquish because it’s part of what makes us human, good and whole. 51 more words


Patriarch Kirill: "What’s happening in the Western countries"

“What’s happening in the Western countries is that, for the first time in human history, legislation is at odds with the moral nature of human beings. 476 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

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This post was re-blogged from the Dover Beach blog.  The blogger is Theophilos, which he spells in Greek. He posts almost every day, his posts consisting most often of excerpts from the writings of a Christian author, biblical or medieval, but often contemporary as well, and not always specifically religious. One cannot help noticing, however, that since the accession of Pope Francis, Theophilos is somewhat tongue-tied, not wanting to criticize the Pope, I suppose. I started opening his posts because the titles were interesting and appealing to me, and continued opening them every day, because they are almost always short, and very good. Without looking beyond the opening page, “Theophilos” does not identify himself. But if you click his “About Me”, you will see that he describes himself as “an Episcopal Priest, happily married for twenty-five years, whose studies have been not only at Anglican, but also Eastern Orthodox and Southern Baptist seminaries”. Mike Gold

Ethical vs. Moral

What is the difference between making an ethical decision and making a moral decision? How can it be problematic to make a moral decision? Can a decision be ethical without being moral? 123 more words

Chapter Bubbles

Panopticon: Self-regulation

Jeremy Bentham created the Panopticon concept in the 1780s after visiting a factory in Krichev, Russia, where his brother was a manager of an unskilled workforce. 527 more words


It's Not Right

Why isn’t there a a moral out cry over the trash on TV? All of today’s music videos by both young men & women are full of sex, Violence, and disrespect towards women. 175 more words