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Christians in the Workplace (Part 1)

While pondering recently (which I seem to do regularly) I was contemplating Christian behavior in the workplace. Here are some incidents on my mind.

In early 2000’s after election as Chief Justice of Alabama, Roy Moore asserted his Christian beliefs – not for the first time – by championing replacement of a wooden plaque, hung in the Alabama Supreme Court building, with a granite block that weighs more than an adult rhinoceros, with the ten commandments chiseled into the face. 398 more words

Business Ethics

baby bump

baby bump

(2000’s | journalese (gossip) | “belly”)

Definitely a Briticism, which is not something I would have guessed. It appeared rarely in the U.S. press before 2005, says LexisNexis, by which time the Brits didn’t even consider it cheeky any more. 483 more words


Atheistic Morals

I recently viewed a video of Christopher Hitchens being grilled by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute on the topic of morality (YouTube “The Morals of an Atheist”). 867 more words


Of Frogs and Lovers by Kathryn White

Of Frogs and Lovers …

By Kathryn White

Copyright © Kathryn White 2015

Front Cover Image: Fotolia

Inside the City South Post Office a man had just turned in to a frog. 2,762 more words

Short Story

What Real World?

In this social reality, many are hurt and destroyed by human relations. To be so positive about it, the politics of being human, is in thereof, complicated. 73 more words

The Concept of Friendship

I want to have a little discussion about the concept of friendship. I’ve never really thought much in detail about why you stay friends with some people and not so much others, until the other day walking back from uni. 306 more words



Being popular is not important to me. Saying the ‘right’ things to make people like me is not important to me. Taking other peoples bullshit and “friendly” advice is of absolute no interest to me. 338 more words