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Abortion and disabilities

I’ve been pretty bothered by a Facebook argument I had last night. I usually reframe from having political discussions on Facebook, because people really are sheep when it comes to politics. 1,240 more words


What a difference a single letter makes :

Start with a simple word describing a simple thing :

… add an S

… add a capital

… add an E

Got that? Now please, when you write, even on Internet, even in a text message, spell properly! 19 more words


Mis-Remembering, Super Cycling and The Contradictions of Modern Man.

In a world of shifting shadows, ‘evolving’ values and Hi-definition be-headings, it is a wonder that people can get up each day and make sense of their lives. 999 more words

Reality shows??? Really??

I am guilty. I’m guilty of falling into the venus flytrap we call “reality tv”. I admit it, I watch it. I like to say I don’t, but ultimately the truth comes out that I do watch it. 714 more words


Fifty Shades of Grey... What's The Fuss?

After the first showing of Fifty Shades of Grey, I watched people on the news being interviewed as they walked out of the theatre. When asked what they thought, women gushed over the movie and stated that they were going out to “look for their own Christian Grey.” 524 more words


[BGR] What, exactly, is wrong with premarital sex?

Recently, The Straits Times forum published a series of letters that expressed concern and offered solutions to the increasingly sex-ed up generation in Singapore. In other words, underage teens are more susceptible to their hormonal impulses now and our parents are frantic at the thought of us scampering about to breed like rabbits. 1,573 more words


{Vegan or Paleo? A journey}

I get often asked this question.

Admittedly, to anyone in my immediate circle who has been following my food journey over the past few years, this is a very valid question. 1,159 more words