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I was a dull teenager

I was a dull teenager.
A square peg out-of-place.
I didn’t rebel; I obeyed.
I studied; I read.

Party goers avoided me.
They thought me dull. 164 more words


On True and False Friendship


Summary: If you don’t trust an acquaintance as much as you trust yourself, then do not call them a “Friend”. Treat them as if they are loyal and they will become so. 102 more words


Myrtle from Brier: Why love must stem from the Manchester Bombing

As the light streamed in through the curtains on Tuesday morning, I had a wee groan. I checked the time. 3:59am. Not the numbers I wanted to see. 2,184 more words


Teacher Leadership Standard 1 - Model ethical and moral behavior

The main goal in my career as a teacher and future educational administrator is to help my students to grow into happy, successful citizens. When I first started working on this blog posting, I came up with quite a long list of values and morals that I believe in. 2,781 more words

Violet is a Shiteater, 5/23/17 Tuesday, 10:33am

You had a yellow scab on your face yesterday. You could feel the pus gathering underneath. You picked a tiny corner of it off and it weeped. 1,524 more words

On Writing - Mapping & Morality

When I’m working on genre fiction, I begin with a message and feeling that I want to communicate. This is why I started with the… 335 more words

Novel Writing

Girl Power Vs Hollywood

It’s sadly funny, the contradictions that people accept. For instance, girl power encourages women to take risks, to better themselves, to not allow themselves to be mistreated or abused, and I salute it. 254 more words