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Poem #1

By Ana Rose

(My pen name)

What a day what a day

What a day what a day

We never learned to stray away

We are stuck in our same games… 59 more words


Hipsters are white. Hippies are white. Rich people are white.

If vegans are rich hipster hippies they must, therefore, be white by default. We have all seen them, sipping their overpriced kale smoothies and boast about how moral they are for only eating tofu and chugging soy milk. 943 more words




Dont get me wrong, my childhood wasn’t horrible. In fact it was pretty good.

But a pretty good childhood doesn’t erase the scars of sexual molestation and abuse that were endured during that childhood. 825 more words


Is The Christian Institute Anti-Catholic?

From the website of The Christian Institute…

In 1523 London could number its citizens by the thousands, its crimes by the hundreds and its places of worship by the scores. 775 more words

The Morality of Driverless Cars...


Today, the Westminster Chancellor reveals his budget. He is expected to prioritise investment in driverless cars.  Reportedly, these will be on the road by 2021… 37 more words

Teddy on How Private Secrets Cripple Leaders

“Traps were set for more than one of us, and if we had walked into these traps our public careers would have ended… A man can of course hold public office, and many a man does hold public office, and lead a public career of a sort, even if there are other men who possess secrets about him which he cannot afford to have divulged. 250 more words


WINTERS on the Door!

‘Winter is not coming, it’s already there!’

No No, I am not exposing my GOT fan side, but this is what you feel if you are (or even not) a winter lover. 419 more words