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Boiling Down the Presidential Election Campaign

Having received my election ballot in the mail today…

Having listened to or read (i.e., breathed) nothing but “he said” and “she said” during the presidential campaign over the last several months, it’s time I asked you to take your blinders off and lose the tunnel vision that’s keeping you from seeing ALL of the light. 612 more words


Are you really Pro-Life or are you just Pro-Birth? 

If you were to look up the world life in the dictionary you would find several definitions. My favorite is a bold definition. Merriam-Webster defines life as the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. 1,551 more words


"Even Nonbelievers Need To Have Faith"

A few days back, Andrew Brown at the Grauniad posted a little article under the unpromising heading, "Scepticism gets you only so far. Even nonbelievers need to have faith." 2,883 more words


The Importance of a Personal Policy

We are exposed to many different beliefs in our world today.  We may agree with some, but we may feel a little uncomfortable with others because they may violate what we consider to be right and wrong.   625 more words


Too Much

I’ve always been told I have high expectations. I’m too honest. Too loyal. Too strong-willed. My mama always told me to treat other people the way I want to be treated. 462 more words


The World doesn't need Superheroes

In a fake world, lies have stoned our hearts, by fake images, fabricated words… We don’t know what is real. Beggars are richer than the generous. 198 more words