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We Grossly Overfeed Our Cats

How many calories in a mouse? from DVM360’s website.

Average calories in a piece of dry food:  2-3

Average calories in a mouse: 30-35

10 pieces of dry food = 1 mouse… 163 more words

Cat Food

Meet The 800 Pound Man Who Was Thrown Out Of A Hospital For Ordering A Pizza

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778-pound Steven Assanti had been admitted into Rhode Island Hospital to get help for his morbid obesity. Assanti claims to have an eating addiction and needed outside help to control his habits and keep him in line. 294 more words


Best Excess Weight Reduction Diet Plan For Obese Women

Are you not ready to begin a weight loss program? Do you not have a clear idea about how to lose weight and get somewhat overwhelmed when you think of starting? 25 more words

The absent Titi is the vanishing Titi...

Sorry for being absent last week! It was crazy at work and I was just too tired to even think. But don’t feel bad, I was also the absent Titi. 439 more words


The Medifast Diet Plan - An Evaluation

There are several things that can contribute to becoming a diabetic. Genetics, poor dietary choices and obesity are leading causes of the medical condition. Once you’ve been diagnosed, learning what to do can make a big difference in your wellbeing for years to come.
Making a weight loss…

#TBT The Re-birth

You know how sometimes you feel like you need a change? Well after years of looking for someone to help me change the path of my life, last year it finally happened…I found Dr. 302 more words


Review: Take a Load off, Mona Jamborski

TAKE A LOAD OFF, MONA JAMBORSKI             By Joanna Franklin Bell


It’s pure serendipity I stumbled across this genuine, heart-felt book. Mona is a depressed, morbidly obese recluse until she becomes friends with her food delivery boy, Moises, who recognizes her fears and helps transform her life.  79 more words

Book Review