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Coca Tea, Inflammatory Disease Control & Depression

Another well-done study is showing that medical researchers have now firmly established the relationship between Brain Inflammation and Depression. Brain inflammation rarely occurs by itself; much more commonly, the brain is inflamed because the whole body is inflamed. 1,170 more words


Dropped 1.4 lbs today! I weigh 308.2. That’s good news. Feeling strong. Looking slimmer. :) I may have deflated, saggy water wings (old lady upper arm flaps), but that just means I’ve lost a ton of weight. 36 more words


I want...

We all have wants, desires, dreams, goals…

  • Walk. I want the ability to walk my ass all over any place anywhere without pain, limping, hobbling, or fear of falling over.

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One year later...

I’ve gone up to 445 and went down to 396, which is the “lowest” I’ve weighed in at least 7 years. ¬†Yesterday I was 407. ¬†Today I am 405. 239 more words

Binge Eating Disorder


I lost 1 lb. :D Nothing to sneeze at and I’ll totally take it. It’s been about 1 1/2 weeks since I lost anything, but today, I lost 1 lb. 178 more words


10 Benefits Of Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a gastrointestinal surgery to treat obesity. It is not a cosmetic procedure. Bariatric surgery helps very obese people to lose a lot of weight and improve their health. 423 more words


Liberal Lunacy 101: Not much chance she needs to be worried about getting raped.

I’m not one to belittle or make fun of those who are overweight, heck a lot of my family is overweight or obese, but this right here is ludicrous. 84 more words