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The Elephant in the Room (Hint: It’s Me)

In my first post, I mentioned that there’s another big project I’ve decided to take on. Full disclosure: this will be the millionth time I’ve tried. 619 more words


How did this happen

I come from a family of farmers. Why is that relevant? Well, we ate a lot. As a child, I helped my grandma prepare meals for the whole family while they were out in the field. 420 more words

Woke up fat

Part of the really incredible new hire intake procedure I’m going through is to have a physical with the Occupational Medicine department. I haven’t had to do one of those since 1980 and I started work at ALCOA. 879 more words


In our Weakness, He is Strong

All it takes is one look, and you can see my biggest weakness.    It’s time for me to make some life changes, because the stakes are getting high. 148 more words


Stuck in a Fog

I’ve been a little absent lately. And not just from this blog, but from life. The past few days have felt in slow motion. Like I can barely articulate words because it just takes too much energy. 300 more words

400 Lbs

Morbidly Obese

Ragen Chastain on her blog Dances with Fat recently had a post about coming out as fat.

I don’t feel the need to come out as fat or fat and happy personally. 883 more words

Fat Acceptance

My 400lb Lifestyle and Realizations

I think one of the most common comments I have heard about people who are super morbidly obese are things regarding how they just need to start exercising and moving around and stop they wouldn’t be so fat. 552 more words

400 Lbs