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Your Skin is Begging for Attention

Your skin seems to be much dryer after a bariatric weight-loss surgery. There are ways you can remedy this situation to stop the dryness, itch, and flaking. 847 more words


Trust Me, I'm Ripped Under all this Fat...

I’m fresh from the gym and standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror.  Despite eight months of regular gym visits, my curves (that word sounds so very sexy, but trust me, my curves are not the kind advertisers rave about) hold on stubbornly in all their lumpy glory.  942 more words

A Second Opinion on Gastric Banding

As a group of concerned bariatric surgeons and leaders in our field, in our communities, in our states and in the national societies, we would like to share our perspective on adjustable gastric banding (AGB), a misunderstood surgical procedure for weight loss that has helped hundreds of thousands of patients since its original introduction in 1993. 754 more words


And so the broken record continues...

I awoke to a quick beating heart.  I wasnt in a sweat or anything but the first thought at 2am was that this was not good.  570 more words


Coca Tea, Inflammatory Disease Control & Depression

Another well-done study is showing that medical researchers have now firmly established the relationship between Brain Inflammation and Depression. Brain inflammation rarely occurs by itself; much more commonly, the brain is inflamed because the whole body is inflamed. 1,170 more words


Dropped 1.4 lbs today! I weigh 308.2. That’s good news. Feeling strong. Looking slimmer. :) I may have deflated, saggy water wings (old lady upper arm flaps), but that just means I’ve lost a ton of weight. 36 more words


I want...

We all have wants, desires, dreams, goals…

  • Walk. I want the ability to walk my ass all over any place anywhere without pain, limping, hobbling, or fear of falling over.

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