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I had been putting off going to the doctor.  When I go, I always get the talk about my weight, and when I’m on my heavier side that talk is always a downer.   294 more words

So, what if I just stopped fighting?

Just had my weekly therapy appointment.  Told her how absolutely alone I feel, and that I am so just effing tired of struggling.  Told her that I think I’d actually be happier if I just gave up. 290 more words

Binge Eating Disorder

This all happened yesterday.

One of the worst things about being over 400 pounds is the lack of freedom. I can’t drive my car because I’m too large to fit behind the steering wheel.  795 more words

Binge Eating Disorder

(Former) Goddess of Excuses

I decided to swim on a daily basis this week because it burns a lot of calories. 400-600 calories burned per hour while doing freestyle fyi! 683 more words

Well, THAT wasn't very helpful.

Felt lonely today, and in spite of trying to not cave in, I used food for comfort.  After I ate, I texted my husband, because I needed to talk to someone.  487 more words

Binge Eating Disorder

Hammer and Chisel--Day Three

Iso strength chisel.  Wow, what a work out. Isometric holds are more powerful than you realize.

I did not have to modify much today which in and of itself is empowering. 190 more words