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The Beginning. As Good a Place as Any to Start

It’s always weird trying to start something like this.

Where do you begin when there’s so much to unpack?

On January 11 2016, I weighed 158 kilograms/348 pounds. 645 more words


À Votre Santé!

Like most overweight women, I dread going to a doctor– especially, most especially, a new doctor.

You never know if a doctor is going go treat you like a second-class citizen if you’re obese.   226 more words


My Weightloss Challenge 2016

Well Hello!

Here I go, doing exactly what I didn’t want to do. I’m sharing a personal photo. Something I don’t really like to do and for a couple of reasons.   318 more words

Weightloss Challenge 2016

Society's latest pariahs?

Being a wordsmith by profession, I perhaps notice this more than I should. But it seems to me that there’s a lot of lazy writing and cliché that surrounds the issue of overweight and obesity in the press. 528 more words


So I Can Have Dark Chocolate....Nothing Else but Dark Chocolate....

The dreaded visit to the doctor’s office finally happened. As the day of the appointment drew closer, my nerves started to increase and by the morning of, my stomach was in knots. 1,081 more words


My week has gotten considerably better. The funeral for my uncle will be next weekend and I have made arrangements to travel up north for the funeral. 157 more words

Binge Eating

The Scale is Still Screaming When it Sees Me Approach....

So I’m a month into this journey and the scale is down eight pounds.  I have such mixed feelings about my weight loss.  On one hand, eight pounds is eight packages of butter, that is a solid chunk of fat gone.   940 more words