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ask and ye shall recieve

“Breach in sky result of ancient elvhen artifact. Mark on hand similar result.

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Top five Mass Effect squadmates

I love Mass Effect. Like any Bioware game the relationship between the main character and your squad-mates is a massive part of your story. Here I will tell you my FemShep’s top five companions. 410 more words


Did They Have To Die?

WARNING – If you have not played Mass Effect 3 or The Walking Dead: Season 2 then please do not continue to read on. There will be some pretty major spoilers. 884 more words


A Very Brief Recent History

Throughout my life I have been a two minute wonder. I will do something intensively for a short period of time and then become bored and then move on to the next thing. 592 more words


Episode 26

The Needs of the Many

Shepard battles to The Shroud to release the cure and gain Krogan and Turian support for the war, but how will she defeat the Reaper guarding it, and what will be the final cost of curing the Genophage? 13 more words


Episode 24

Worth Fighting For

Shepard decides that the Rachni Queen is to big of risk and gets Aralakh Company out of there. Back on the Normandy, Shepard checks on some of her crew and checks in with Mordin about the up coming missing to cure the Genophage. 9 more words