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Joel Rabin Fires Back on Bartlesville Propaganda Machine Re: Oak Park Closing and Bonds

An Open Letter to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise:
Joel Rabin’s response to the August 7, 2016 E-E article,
“Unique culture helps Wilson students excel”
(August 9, 2016) 1,204 more words


Renters Can Get A 36% Discount

Are you currently in a lease? Know someone who is? How would you like to know a way to get yourself a 36% discount? C’mon, who wouldn’t? 218 more words


Like it or not, the bullet train keeps moving forward

Relocation of Highway 99 in Fresno, a key part of the bullet train project, is over budget, behind schedule and will cost millions of dollars more to complete, officials said Monday. 139 more words

Sacramento Update

25.4% And Rising

According to the latest Census Bureau Report, sales of newly constructed homes soared to new heights in June to a seasonally adjusted rate of 592,000. 160 more words


Χαριτίνη Ηλιάδου: H πρώην του Θοδωρή Μισόκαλου, μας δείχνει τον καινούργιο της έρωτα!

Τον μεγάλο έρωτα φαίνεται πως έχει χάσει ο Θοδωρής Μισόκαλος. Ο 28χρονος αδελφός της παρουσιάστριας Ελένης Μενεγάκη (που είναι και η μεγάλη της αδυναμία), αφού ολοκλήρωσε τις σπουδές τους στην Νομική Σχολή του European University Cyprus αποφάσισε να πάει φαντάρος. Έτσι, παρουσιάστηκε στην Θήβα και έκανει την θητεία του στο πολεμικό ναυτικό.


The Homeowner-Appraiser Gap And How To Squeeze It

In today’s housing market, where supply is very low and demand is very high, home values are increasing rapidly. One major challenge in such a market is the bank appraisal. 613 more words