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8 Tips To $ave On Home Costs

In a post at the beginning of the year, I offered up a few ways to save a few dead presidents over the course of 2016. 786 more words


1) I Love Money

I love money, yes I do, with a passion.

I love how money smells and how it feels when it glides between my fingers.   And even though I am severely colorblind I love how pretty money looks .   342 more words


2) My unquenchable love for money!

I can’t tell you when I first fell in love with money. As much as I search my mind, I can’t identify one specific time, place or incident that made me fall in love with money. 463 more words


3 Tips For Right Now Business

In the world of real estate, so many agents run into the obstacle of actually making more money than they are spending. As with any business endeavor, it takes a little cash flow to start and stay up and running. 1,313 more words


Max out Monday's

Monday’s for Network Marketers are a great day to do busy work.  For corporate America jobs Monday’s can be the worst day of the week, because customers have had the weekend to think about what they are mad at.  61 more words

Fun Work


Planning as a Network Marketing mom is a MUST!  Don’t worry I will teach you how.

First, go get your pocket calendar out of your purse. 484 more words

Fun Work