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Good News for the Forgetful: Aging Needn't Wipe Memory

NEW YORK — Can you remember your best friend’s address? Your cousin’s birthday? Your own child’s cell phone number? The name of the attorney general of the United States? 1,181 more words

Depression Treatment

Back Pain Problems - You Are Not Alone!

If you suffer from any kind of back pain problems, then to quote Michael Jackson “You are not alone”.

As most people at some time in their lives will have back pain that interferes with their work, routine activities, sex life or recreational pastimes, you are definitely not alone. 520 more words

Back Pain

Back Pain Caused By Disc Herniation

How do you know when your back pain is due to strained muscles or overwork and when it is more serious? One usually learns that back pain is chronic if the pain lasts for more than six weeks and does not get better. 427 more words

Back Pain