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GoodReads giveaway for More Than a Game

Let me tell you one thing I know to be true about human beings: Nothing gets a person, no matter the age or size or demographic, so fired up as the possibility of winning free shit. 100 more words

The beauties, and freedom, of self-publishing

This past November, I received an email from Saguaro Books, the publisher of my first book, The Last 18. They loved the draft for my second, … 856 more words

More Than a Game: Online content

In one of the final instalments of More Than a Game, we look into the added value content that makes this whole-heartedly a multimedia project. The assignment requires one added value element, but as this post will identify the Beautiful Science has taken a three pronged approach. 387 more words


More Than a Game: Newspaper layout

Coming onto one of the more technical elements of the project, the newspaper layout. As part of the assessment, we are tasked with producing our written article in a layout similar to that of our target publication. 464 more words


More Than a Game: Packaging for TV

The project is really starting to pick up pace now as we get into the final month before the hand in. With the radio package complete and the written article underway it is now time to turn attention to the TV package element and this instalment of More Than a Game will look at this in more detail. 732 more words


More Than a Game: Writing the article

After coming up with a news angle, interviewing the experts and getting started on other elements of the project, the time has come for the big one and this editionĀ of More Than a Game will discuss the process involved with writing the main article for the Beautiful Science. 603 more words