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The Spring mushroom

Delicious, expensive and rare, aptly describe this mushroom. It is traded like a global commodity with spot prices set weekly based on supply. I notice that today’s price for 1kg in London is £100. 365 more words


A tribute: 2016 Morel Mushroom Season

I am sad to say that the Rogue Valley’s 2016 morel mushroom season is wrapping up. I do believe that areas above 5000 ft in elevation may continue to see blooms if the wet weather continues. 44 more words

Mary Jane Feetham

Foraging for Morels

I specifically remember the first time I had a morel mushroom. I was attending art school at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis way back in the late 90s. 956 more words


Morel Mushrooms

I was working in the garden the other day and was startled by what looked like a cluster of some strange type of alien creatures. I didn’t dare touch them for fear they would bite my hand off, or some equally insane incident, so I decided to leave them in peace while I did a little research. 168 more words


Mushroom pickers reap profits a year after Prince George-area fire

It’s a strange quirk of many forest fires: several months after the flames recede, during mid-April to mid-June morel mushrooms appear.

And with them, the mushroom pickers. 251 more words


Morels at 4467 Ft

I am following the morels as they continue to pop in higher elevations. Currently, I am having very good luck off of Highway 140, in Jackson County, Oregon. 78 more words

Mary Jane Feetham

Morels in the Buffer Zones

This time of year, every day is a new opportunity for morel hunters. I wish I could get out more than I do. I watch activity all year round, looking for new spots and expanding on the areas that I know are faithful. 526 more words

Mary Jane Feetham