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Roughly a Year Ago

Memories are what we are: our lives, our moments, our truths, our beloved ones, our friends and our times; the air we breathe, the mountain tops we see, the books we read, the people we meet. 270 more words

Once Upon A Time In Spain

Above The Clouds

Montferrer 11/05/2015

So here we are above the clouds in the Pyrenees. This will be our last post from Spain as tomorrow we head over the border, firstly to Andorra and secondly to France. 1,094 more words


Last week I had a visitor from Germany and we did and see a lot. As the Fallas are on, we saw a Mascleta, were searching for the best Falla, ate chocolate in Valor and saw a lot of the city. 129 more words

EN Spain 14/15

Letzte Woche hatte ich Besuch aus Deutschland und wir haben viel unternommen und gesehen. Da die Fallas sind, haben wir eine Mascleta gesehen, waren auf der Suche nach Fallas, haben Schokolade in Valor gegessen und ganz viel von der Stadt gesehen. 122 more words

DE Spanien 14/15

Morella, Castellón

as balance fades into the distance
catastrophe winds itself ’round
portions of the mind that ought move
onward, but find themselves
succumbing to strictures once imagined, 50 more words


an agonizing anxiety

“I snatched from the scrutiny of the world a being whom destiny compelled me to adore, and in the rigorous seclusion of my home, watched with an agonizing anxiety over all which concerned the beloved.”

— Edgar Allan Poe, Morella