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Post 12 - Muslims Integration in Scandinavia and Spain

Muslims’ integration into Scandinavian societies has been both comparable and dissimilar in various ways from the integration experiences of fellow Muslims into other European countries. Lief Stenberg, contributor to… 903 more words


Post 11- Muslims in Italy & Why integration isn't working in the US

Islam has been present in Italy for years and years, flourishing in Sicily from the 17th century on.  Still, there was a decline in Islam popularity in Italy because the country did not hold any colonies in the Islamic world. 844 more words


24th – 30th March – Castles, Monastries and Haro

In our final week of our wonderful adventure, we turn in land leaving the coast behind and heading into the hills.  The temperatures have dropped and the sky is grey, we start climbing soon and the views are wonderful across the valleys to the mountains beyond. 1,620 more words


Post 3: Exploring Poor Economics in Africa

Burkina Faso is one of the emerging countries that Radelet writes about in his book Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries are Leading the Way. In the low income country of Burkina Faso there is a group made up of mostly women who are known as the Song-Taaba Yalgre organization. 1,106 more words


Post 2- Africa advances

When I think of Africa the first thing that comes to mind is all of the news reports I have watched on the country over my 20 years of being alive. 768 more words


Post 1 - Poverty in our Future

I always used to think of poverty as not having a lot of money in your pocket but I have learned poverty is so much more than that. 597 more words


Morella – Edgar Allan Poe

With a feeling of deep yet most singular affection I regarded my friend Morella. Thrown by accident into her society many years ago, my soul from our first meeting, burned with fires it had never before known; but the fires were not of Eros, and bitter and tormenting to my spirit was the gradual conviction that I could in no manner define their unusual meaning or regulate their vague intensity. 2,044 more words