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Sense and the City

Like a long-expired animal carcass, an abandoned four-storey mansion called Morella overlooks Chowder Bay, its insides gutted and bones shattered. In its non-sentient state, Morella feels no shame for the open wounds that it displays to the world. 1,040 more words

Callan Park

Belated Recap

I haven’t posted anything in a while (bad me). And I’ve actually done things, so I thought I’d sum up a few of the past weeks before I make a post about my most recent weekend trip to Rome. 775 more words

Study Abroad

The Annotated Poe

The Annotated Poe
Edited by Kevin J. Hayes
Foreword by William Giraldi
Harvard University Press – £29.95

One of America’s most renowned of writers, Edgar Allen Poe’s vast body of works have been adapted many times over for both stage and screen; the trajectorial inspiration of which has unsurprisingly influenced numerous illustrators and graphic artists – the latter of whom, this altogether glorious book acknowledges. 852 more words

Literary Criticism

Home Sweet Home

Mai – November 2015

Muahaha – erwischt! Ihr dachtet wohl, Juhu, endlich neue Abenteuer aus Neuseeland, was?
Tja, Pech gehabt!
Daraus wird nichts!

Zuerst einmal gehen wir… 1,846 more words


Va de Maestrazgos (Castellón y Bajo Aragón)

Cuando uno tiene un vuelo a Dublín, va a pasar el control y le dicen que su vuelo se ha suspendido por “storm & wind” se le queda una cara de tonto de “pa qué”. 694 more words

Morelladon, un nuevo dinosaurio en Castellón.

Se ha descubierto un nuevo dinosaurio en la ciudad de Morella, Castellón. Fué encontrado en la cantera de arcillas rojas llamada “Mas de la Porreta” y se trata de un dinosaurio de la familia del Iguanodont que habitaba en el sur de Europa hace 125 millones de años, que se situa en el Cretácico Inferior. 300 more words