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Q: What can you tell me about the common garden huckleberry?

A:  The University has a publication on the garden huckleberry in the genus Solanum.  It is an edible form of the common nightshade weed plant.  Parts of many nightshade plants can be poisonous as they can contain high levels of poisonous alkaloids.  220 more words


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This walled town has many other buildings having historic value. Some of these buildings include a church called Arciprestal Church, San Francisco Convent and the Royal Cloister. 312 more words

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?Tape measures manufactured from fibreglass are used to sew. They don’t tear or stretch and look safe for long. Those meant to measure carpentry or construction work are designed from stiff, curved metallic ribbon which is rigid and straight when left to measure. 270 more words

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The small town of morella has many luxurious apartments and villas which offer accommodation to the tourists at the most economical rates. Popular food of… 243 more words

Roughly a Year Ago

Memories are what we are: our lives, our moments, our truths, our beloved ones, our friends and our times; the air we breathe, the mountain tops we see, the books we read, the people we meet. 270 more words

Once Upon A Time In Spain

Above The Clouds

Montferrer 11/05/2015

So here we are above the clouds in the Pyrenees. This will be our last post from Spain as tomorrow we head over the border, firstly to Andorra and secondly to France. 1,094 more words


Last week I had a visitor from Germany and we did and see a lot. As the Fallas are on, we saw a Mascleta, were searching for the best Falla, ate chocolate in Valor and saw a lot of the city. 129 more words

EN Spain 14/15