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Post 3: Exploring Poor Economics in Africa

Burkina Faso is one of the emerging countries that Radelet writes about in his book Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries are Leading the Way. In the low income country of Burkina Faso there is a group made up of mostly women who are known as the Song-Taaba Yalgre organization. 1,106 more words


Post 2- Africa advances

When I think of Africa the first thing that comes to mind is all of the news reports I have watched on the country over my 20 years of being alive. 768 more words


Post 1 - Poverty in our Future

I always used to think of poverty as not having a lot of money in your pocket but I have learned poverty is so much more than that. 597 more words


Morella – Edgar Allan Poe

With a feeling of deep yet most singular affection I regarded my friend Morella. Thrown by accident into her society many years ago, my soul from our first meeting, burned with fires it had never before known; but the fires were not of Eros, and bitter and tormenting to my spirit was the gradual conviction that I could in no manner define their unusual meaning or regulate their vague intensity. 2,044 more words


Sense and the City

Like a long-expired animal carcass, an abandoned four-storey mansion called Morella overlooks Chowder Bay, its insides gutted and bones shattered. In its non-sentient state, Morella feels no shame for the open wounds that it displays to the world. 1,040 more words

Callan Park