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Cesarina and I Meet Each Other (Recipes from our 1st meal)

Roberto and I spent our first months getting to know each other on Yahoo, where we met in 1996. He knew I was going to be moving to San Francisco soon, so we emailed each other. 1,670 more words

Throwback Thursday

Book Review: One for the Money / Janet Evanovich / Adult

Published by Pan / ISBN 9780140252927 / Adult

This is one of the funniest pieces of escapism that I have ever come across. Humour with a very dark streak running through it that makes the laughter all the more glorious. 57 more words


Review: Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich

I enjoy this mystery/caper/comedy series very much. Book 21 is no exception. It’s well written with consistent characters and excellent dialogue. Personal interactions seem real, even when they’re over the top. 132 more words


Double Olive Pasta

There’s nothing quite like fresh pasta in its many forms. The texture is light and fluffy, and yet still durable to hold up to sauces and fillings. 645 more words


Salvatore Vincent Maroni (The Boss)

The new trailer for Gotham showed us a lot of new footage, and we got our first look at many new characters. Only the identity of two of them has been fully confirmed, and we’ll start from them. 973 more words


Co-Founder of Sphere 3D sells 300,000 shares

Following the standard stock promotion script we have observed countless times in the past, we can now add insider sales as an important reason for investors to be concerned about their die-hard commitment to Sphere 3d.  363 more words

Bob had a dog buscuit stuck to his head. "How does he always get food stuck to him " I asked Morelli. "I don't know," Morelli said. "It's

Bob had a dog buscuit stuck to his head. ‘How does he always get food stuck to him ‘ I asked Morelli.
‘I don’t know,’ Morelli said. 30 more words