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Sustainable Sunday - Shrooms!

Mushrooms find their way into most of my recipes.  I simply adore them.  They add such a great flavor to so many dishes I cannot help but utilize them.   323 more words


What's In These Woods?

I’ve been slowly working on a children’s book about things that can be found in the forests of the Pennsylvania/ New Jersey area.

It’s been a slow crawl, mostly because halfway through it I decided to start over with my illustrations, even after I spent over fifty hours on the preliminary pen sketches and first few watercolors. 213 more words


The Morel Hunt

He knew the forest well and recognized that it would be an excellent time to hunt for the morel mushrooms.  He knew where to look for them, BUT didn’t know he was the one being watched. 1,182 more words

The Food Chain: Reflections on Wild Game & the Modern Food Chain

Article contributed by Field Staff Writer S. West.

There is a lot of dialogue happening these days around the hunting and fishing world, and plenty of that seems to focus on the integrity of wild game as food source, and that is generally a good thing. 840 more words


Head to Telluride's Fabulous Mushroom Festival

Author Eugenia Bone fell under the spell of fungi several years ago, and has hunted, cooked, eaten, and written about them ever since. 804 more words

Sustainable Sunday - My failed attempt at a garden

When we moved to our new place I was so excited to put out a garden.  Finally the time & space to grow our own food!   659 more words

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