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A Chunk of Foam Rubber?

Documenting Local Biodiversity: Family Pyronemataceae (maybe)

No, it’s a fungus and a very weird looking one. This weird fungus might be a member of the Pyronemataceae, a family in the Phylum Ascomycota. 249 more words


Scallops, Corn & Morels

Simple and easy. Pan sautéed sea scallops with corn and morels a top of mixed greens. Glass of Rose.


Thai Curry (Red)

For the first installment of Eat Out(side) dishes – Thai Red Curry

This recipe actually came from my aunt, a seasoned backpacker who knows the ins and outs of eating well in the back country. 423 more words


Mastering Risotto

Risotto is one of those fabled dishes that’s impossible to get right unless you stand over the pot stirring consistently for hours on end. True, risotto is a fairly hands on and I wouldn’t suggest washing your hair while your risotto cooks on the stove, however, it is easier to multitask in order to prepare an entire dish in the time that your risotto has to cook. 811 more words


Recipe of the Week - Pasta with Morels and Peas

From the Starch / Pasta Collection at emealsforyou.com

This one is a bit decadent but for that special occasion it certainly fits the bill. You can find the morels in a specialty market such as Whole Foods.  245 more words


The Morel of the Story…

The Morel of the Story…

A.V. Walters–

I am a middle child. What pleases me, may not be what pleases others. Middle children learn to like what they have—and not too visibly—or their older siblings will take that, too. 624 more words


Wild Edibles - Morels

May 29, 2015

We love picking wild mushrooms of all kinds; however, our all time favorite is the morel (or Smoozie as our Ukrainian ancestors called it). 325 more words