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The Recovery of Soil Fungi Following a Fire

Photograph by Andrea Watts

U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Science Findings
June 2018

If all the fungi within a half gram of forest soil were lined up, they would form a line that’s half a mile long. 120 more words


The glut - morel season

One of the things that blows my mind about this part of the world – north-west Montana – is how much food people forage, hunt and preserve. 694 more words

And for week 2 we're getting....

Salad mix (from Wood Barrel Farm, right here in Helena!)

Baby kale (also from Wood Barrel)


Morels (Yep, you read that right!)

And mayyyybe some garlic scapes. 16 more words


Resiliency and Mysteries of the Morel Mushroom

The previous extent of my mushrooming has pretty much focused around the fall when the fruiting bodies emerge from beneath the moss, on the sides of logs, and through the cottonwood leaves. 1,064 more words


Garden Frittata

Frittatas are my current go-to for an easy, satisfying dinner incorporating a lot of greens and whatever else is in the garden (it also makes great next-day leftovers, cold): 186 more words


Is It Really Over?

by Brady Raymond

I keep reminding myself that things are cyclical, not necessarily circular but more likely some form of a distorted oval.  Yes, the seasons make their rounds but they do it differently from year to year.   501 more words

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Failed Rockhounding Trip, Successful Fungi Find

My family and I went to Ellensburg, WA the other weekend to rockhound. We were on the hunt for Ellensburg Blue, an alluring blue agate found no where else in the world but this small town. 284 more words