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Fantastic Fungi: Morel Madness is Underway


The hunt for elusive morel mushrooms is underway. With a bit of knowledge, and the willingness to walk slowly while scanning the forest floor, your gourmet reward of fantastic fungi might just be sizzling in a frying pan before the lilacs bloom. 505 more words

Oakland County

Mushrooms and kindness

It is morel season in Southwest Michigan. We have sometimes found these delicacies in our five acres of woods but not for the past several years, even in the spots where they had appeared before. 566 more words


Brainy Sunday

We weren’t being especially smart today, but we were being adventurous and took a trip to Field Springs to look for those brainy mushrooms called morels. 169 more words

Spontaneous May Day Trip

Today, we did something spontaneous. In my world, “spontaneous” means that my husband asked me on Friday if I’d like to do this little trip. I have to plan for spontaneity. 441 more words

Mushroom of the Month - Morchella sp. (Morels)

By Danny Miller

This month’s Mushroom of the Month is one that is probably already on everybody’s mind… the Morel!

Mushroom hunting comes in two seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, spring and fall. 1,322 more words

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Picture of Today 4/27/16, Loose Morels

Just one of the many things one with a filled wallet can buy from the world-famous Pike Place Market in Seattle. And here is an entry from good ol… 343 more words


'Tis The Season

By Brady Raymond

They’re Here! I’m happy to report, as some of you probably already know the 2016 Morel season is on. The wife and I headed out April 17th on Highway 2 with the hopes of finding morels. 590 more words