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The Legend of Mabrien

The Bibliotheque Universelle des Romans mentions a MS of Mabrien in verse, but no trace of such a romance has been found. The surviving versions of the legend of Mabrien, grandson of Renaud of Montauban, are as follows: 1,603 more words

Carolingian Legend

The Snake and the Mirror

Witch’s Gambit

The sky wept rain in great sheets as grey clouds rolled across the sky. At a place where the lashing seas met the high cliffs there seemed to be no peaceful spot to take refuge from the storm and waves and danger of falling rocks. 1,896 more words

Web Serial

The Minotaur, Asterion

Believe it or not, but many creatures in mythology are real. After all, they all had to originate from somewhere. Though sometimes it can be very difficult assisting people to understand that fairies are real, they are in fact, of another realm. 860 more words

Dark Energies

Morgan le Fay...short story

“Nice outfit,” said Gwen, looking at the beautiful woman in the gauzy pants and veils.

“Why?  Why did you tell him of my plan?” hissed Morgan.   478 more words

Short Stories

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Recently, I took my daughter to see a movie about superhero royalty. No, I didn’t take her to see Wonder Woman (we’ll see it soon, I assume) – instead I took her to see Guy Ritchie’s… 2,788 more words


My Last King Arthur Novel is Published

Hello, Everyone. I’m happy to announce the publication of Arthur’s Bosom: The Children of Arthur, Book Five. This is the fifth and final novel about King Arthur and his descendants that I have written. 828 more words

Tyler's Novels

Morgan le Fay: The Fairy Witch

Another of Merlin the Magician’s students was King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgan le Fay.  At various times she challenged the Lady of the Lake for the title, The Queen of Avalon, and early writers had trouble deciding whether she was a fairy or a sorceress.  420 more words