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Interview with Arthurian Author Nicole Evelina

Today, I will be interviewing Arthurian novelist Nicole Evelina about her new novel, Daughter of Destiny: Guinevere’s Tale, Book One. (You can read my review of her novel at… 2,741 more words

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Ogier the Dane's First Meeting with Morgan le Fay

Did you know that King Arthur’s sister Morgan le Fay was the lover of Ogier the Dane, one of Charlemagne’s great knights? In fact, they knew each other since Ogier the Dane was first born. 1,497 more words

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Who is Morgawse?

This week, the first book of my latest series Morgawse, Queen of the North comes out, and for the first time I’m not just writing from the perspective of a character from medieval legend, but a little-known one, and one who – in fact – makes it into almost no modern adaptations. 343 more words

Quest of Avalon: Part VIII

Greetings lords and ladies!

I present to you the next part of Quest of Avalon, which I’ve sworn to post!

Enjoy thy perusal of mine story! 1,263 more words


My Newest Novel, "Ogier's Prayer: The Children of Arthur, Book Three"

Morgan le Fay Returns at Time of Charlemagne in New King Arthur Novel

Marquette, MI, December 9, 2015—Three centuries after she carried her brother, King Arthur, to Avalon, Morgan le Fay is still interfering in the lives of mortals. 605 more words

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The Maid of Camelot (Arthur’s Legacy, Book 1): A New Tale of Arthur’s Descendants, Well, Sorta

Twenty years ago, I used to read every Arthurian novel that was published—there seemed to be three or four a year—but then the self-publishing revolution happened, so now there are more than I can ever read in a lifetime; therefore, picking which ones to read is extremely difficult. 1,539 more words

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King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court

King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court by Kim Iverson Headlee

What a strange, yet compelling book. Sort of like Morgan le Fay herself, come to think of it. 604 more words

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