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Arthur's Enchantress

‘Tis the season of the witch!

Morgan Le Fay, also referred to as Morgana, Morgain, Morgaine, etc. was the famous witch/sorceress found in the King Arthur legends. 67 more words

Quest of Avalon: Part X

Greetings Milords and Miladies!

Once again, I find myself in want of thy pardon, for the tardy update! Life as a bard is difficult, and this time, I found myself donning the bells of a fool to amuse the ladies in court. 1,247 more words


Morgan le Fay

And here’s another villain, or rather a villainess, from the Marvel Universe and from casualgamer‘s list: Morgan le Fay, the sorceress from the Arthurian legends. 1,078 more words


[Free eBook] I, Morgana by Felicity Pulman [Arthurian Historical Fantasy]

I, Morgana by Australian author Felicity Pulman is her standalone Arthurian historical fantasy novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Pan Macmillan Australia’s Momentum imprint. 243 more words

Free Ebook

Morgan le Fay: The Fairy Witch

Another of Merlin the Magician’s students is King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgan le Fay.  At various times she challenges the Lady of the Lake for the title, The Queen of Avalon, and early writers have trouble deciding whether she was fairy or a sorceress.  425 more words


Guinevere’s Feisty Tale Continues in Nicole Evelina’s Second Novel Camelot’s Queen

Camelot’s Queen is Nicole Evelina’s new novel and the second in the Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy. Evelina’s first novel, Daughter of Destiny, introduced readers to a new version of Guinevere, focusing on a part of the story often ignored—her childhood and youth in the years prior to her meeting and marrying King Arthur. 692 more words

Arthurian Books

Dark-Veiled Foul Hag: Lady Ragnell Speaks. Foliate Man Part Two

Cursed! Crouched in crunching bones and cruelly deformed face! Left, at the whim of a power greater than I, to limp haltingly through the Enchanted Forest, searching for a true and chivalrous knight. 844 more words

Silent Eye