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Morgellons disease

Morgellons disease affects a small percentage of people with Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. For this reason we are classifying it as a Lyme disease “co-infection”. 792 more words

Lyme - A Closer Look

Morgellons Disease and GMO in Skincare Products

Morgellons Disease and GMO in skin care products

Morgellons is a disease in which unusual thread-like fibers appear under the skin. The person feels like something is crawling, biting or stinging all over. 216 more words


Morgellons' Disease and Synthetic Biology

Morgellons’ Disease and Synthetic Biology

Morgellons Disease is an attack on all humanity. It is, in essence, the creation of synthetic biology where fibers, that have a form of life, grow in your body. 274 more words


Responses to My Article on Geoengineering

By Richard Edmondson

Koyaanisqatsi–It’s a Hopi Indian word meaning “world out of balance.” In the 1980s when the word first began making its entry into the mainstream American lexicon, most people assumed it meant “out of balance” in terms of the global environment. 4,554 more words


The Strange Times We Live In--Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease

By Richard Edmondson

A friend of mine sent me the following graphic a few days ago. It expresses, through a heavy dose of irony, the strangeness of the times we live in… 4,743 more words


Seven Agendas of Chemtrails, HAARP and Electromagnetic Weapons,,,,,,,,,,,,, M,M,

The continuous injection of carbonaceous and metallic aerosols into the troposphere has had the permanent effect of increasing the conductivity of the atmosphere for various covert outcomes. 9 more words