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Morgellons and Kombucha

I’ve been using kombucha for many years and it has completely cleared up my arthritis.

However, recently, I noticed that when I increased my daily dosage from 2 tablespoons per day to a cupful, it drastically reduced the itching, crawling, burning and biting sensations.  424 more words


The beauty of criss crossed trails right above our skies !

What is chemTrials

Most people discover the reality of chemtrails by initially reading about it on the Internet and then going outside and looking up into the sky. 140 more words


Morgellons Skin cleansing

The trouble with morgellons, and skin parasites in general, is that the organisms burrow under the top layer of skin and sometimes inhabit the cells themselves or reside in the interstitial tissue (the plasmic space between the cells). 789 more words


Home made eye drops to clear clouded corneas

Many morgellons sufferers complain of floaters in the eye, conjunctivitis or sore, red eyeballs, and organisms or infections in the eyes.

Killing organisms in the eye or on the cornea: 595 more words


The itch nobody can scratch

A real indictment of “business as usual” where “business” is the medical industrial complex.

via The itch nobody can scratch — Matter — Medium.