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"A Gathering Of Momentum" Harald Kautz Vella, Neil Pascoe, Shayne Benattar - Full Interview

Published on Sep 14, 2016

Hey beautiful people this is the first of many interviews from
Nate Max TV tapping into the truth and info set to empower human beings as we pass through this global awakening.

UN Agenda 21

The 7 Secret Operations That Will Change Humanity

Seven Secret Operations That Will Change Humanity

Elana Freeland – Space Fence and Seven Secret Operations That Will Change Humanity – an  interview with George Butler on “The Secret Truth” radio show, December 15, 2016. 38 more words

Black Ops, SCAD

Morgellons in Dogs



Canine Filamentous Dermatitis Associated with Borrelia Infection

Background: Although canine clinical manifestations of Lyme disease vary widely, cutaneous manifestations are not well documented in dogs.

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Daily Health Regimen

Taking Your Health Back

What follows is a suggested health regimen which I myself, through extensive research and trial and error, have found to be the most effective program for boosting one’s immune system and improving overall health. 1,502 more words


New Book on Morgellons


Morgellons: The legitimization of a disease: A Factual Guide by the World’s Leading Clinical Expert

“We have come a long way against great odds on our journey to legitimize Morgellons disease.

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Interacting With Ekbom's sufferers: Guidelines from the dermatology literature.

Infestations can be very difficult to handle in online science outreach projects. We do our best to give the best possible advice, but ultimately it’s an issue where you need boots on the ground. 1,930 more words