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PODCAST -- Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Black Goo | Harald & Cara

by Freeman Fly
Aug 10, 2015

20 years of research into Chemtrails have lead to unusual consequences; Morgellons, Mind Control, and Black Goo rise to the surface. 113 more words


Blue Balls

So for awhile the debris that was stalking me always including a “hint” of blue just like they did with a  “hint” of red one time. 95 more words

The Pheromoans w/ Zahnpasta Bros & Morgellons

It’s official! We’re going into business with the Cutie Guy Industries crew in bringing you our first showbiz event of the year!! The Pheromoans, who are on tour/holiday from the south – play The Mining Institute on Saturday 28th May w/ local laddies Zahnpasta Bros & returning troubadour Morgellons. 18 more words

Slimy Tails

Here is a collection of debris when the theme of having these slimy tails started popping up. See if you can find the slimy tail on a particular piece of gross debris in ea pic. 28 more words

Climate Change Engineering: A Project of the United Nations/IPCC

Climate Change Engineering:  A Project of the United Nations/IPCC

Undeniable Evidence of Large Scale Climate Engineering (CE)

Before we begin to unravel the UN Climate Change Engineering agenda, 872 more words

Global Warming

Look! The Gang's All Here!

LOOK AT THEM STICKING THEIR TONGUES OUT AT ME! lol, OK, this is the NASTIEST. I collected most of this stuff off my floor next to my bed, and sure it could be random house debris, stuff the cat dragged in, what have you….  229 more words

Oh hey guys, long time no see! NOT

As usual , almost every day after I wash my face and apply moisturizer , this tiny bundle of fibers with all of a sudden produce between my fingers, almost as if I am pressuring it out of my pores. 128 more words