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Chemtrails - Censored and Unspeakable Alien Technology Infecting All Life on Earth

Comment: My research leads to another theory that so-called “extra-terrestrials” are actually bio-engineered life forms, manufactured, (like Morgellons) through decades of covert transhumanist DNA experiments.  These so-called “aliens” will be presented by the feudalists and lying media as proof of extra-terrestrial assault on mankind to gain support for a one world government. 4,137 more words


Chemtrails Infecting Everyone With Alien Biology


This important video presentation was produced in two parts by Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott in circa 2008.

Carnicom’s central message is to alert the audience that chemtrails are far more than for the purpose of atmospheric modification.  141 more words


Carnicom: High Levels of Aluminum and Biologicals In Same Rainwater Samples

Comments by Harold Saive

Three papers published by Cliff Carnicom in November, 2015 confirm previous rainwater testing performed by certified EPA labs over the past decade revealing high concentrations of aluminum in rainwater that greatly exceed the stated EPA limit for… 617 more words

Carnicom Institute

VIDEO -- Chemtrail Webs Falling from a Blue Sky, Texas, Nov 1 2015

by The HAARP Report
Nov 1, 2015

This is amazing video of Chemtrail “webs”, floating about 200 feet off the ground. I’ve never seen any thing like it. 452 more words


Under their skin: the Morgellons mystery

via Brisbane Times
by Melissa Fyfe
Aug 1, 2015

Freakish fibres looming from the skin, a crawling sensation, itching … officially, Morgellons disease doesn’t exist, but thousands of people say it’s horribly real. 442 more words


MORGELLONS DISEASE: Self-Replicating Alien Fibers Sprayed With Chemtrails

Chemtrails Sprayed With Impunity Means They Can Spray Bugs and Viruses Too

UPDATED 11/18/2014: New article addresses the release of EBOLA, viruses and Bio-weapons from planes that could also be spraying “chemtrails”. 1,773 more words