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Sibling Rivalry: Morgellons or Meth.

I never hear from or see my youngest brother anymore. It’s been like that for the past year give or take. Until this past Tuesday. I saw him when I came to his house to pick up his two little ones. 1,561 more words


Engineered Release of Artificial Self-Replicating Life Forms Into the Environment

Nano-Technologies and Bio-Engineering gone “rogue” could result in unsustainable Terraforming of Life on Earth.

BIOTRESPASS¬† – A scholarly legal paper that discusses (but is not limited to) legal issues of technological “trespass” (contamination) of patented or experimental bio-engineering and nano-engineering where self-replicating life forms inflict “consequences” or damage to the natural environment, real property, personal property and human/biological DNA. 294 more words


Morgellons Symptoms, Help, Tips, Relief

I posted this to help others that are suffering. Its a snippet that I posted to someone’s site and figured I’d post it here. Feel free to reach out if needed. 823 more words



When you are sitting in bed feeling like your entire body is ready to explode nothing else really matters, does it?In this video we actually get to talk to the owner of a company that specializes in making quality products with no fillers that may help you not get sick.Today we focused on Anti-Aging and Eye Health – and perhaps reversing Macular Degeneration using the same herbs Paul Harvey talked about for year and year and years.

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Dr William Mount

Cara St. Louis & Harald Kautz Vella: Social Engineering & Mind Control

Published on May 1, 2016

… an esoteric crime of the highest order

Cara St. Louis & Harald Kautz-Vella interviewed by Michael Friedrich Vogt. How have we become willing participants in our own extinction and why is it we don’t know how easy it is to stop it? 199 more words

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DOCUMENTARY -- Morgellons Disease - Nano Genocide - Environmental Warfare

via Global0bserveR
Dec 25th, 2013

This documentary includes both news and civilian reports about the terrifying environmental warfare that is currently taking place worldwide which relatively few are aware of.  23 more words


"A Gathering Of Momentum" Harald Kautz Vella, Neil Pascoe, Shayne Benattar - Full Interview

Published on Sep 14, 2016

Hey beautiful people this is the first of many interviews from
Nate Max TV tapping into the truth and info set to empower human beings as we pass through this global awakening.

UN Agenda 21/2030