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International Advocates for Health Freedom: Two Brief Videos You Must Watch To Fully Appreciate The Danger We're In of Having Our Natural Biology Replaced By Synthetic Biology Via Morgellons Weaponized Parasites We're All Breathing In

International Advocates for Health Freedom looks like a tremendous resource for all holistic/alternative health and contemporary science-as-affecting-us-today issues. From their home page:

NO CODEX GENOCIDE! 898 more words


Ep. 6: Morgellons Pt. 2

We continue our discussion of Morgellons disease with an extremely itchy discussion not for the faint of heart.  After learning about itch nerves and the dangers of scratching, J. 182 more words


Dreams of Choking

I’ve met several people over the years who, like myself, have experienced recurring dreams of a particularly disturbing nature. These dreams are on a similar spectrum that involve choking or being choked by substances which have been inserted into the airway through the mouth. 1,008 more words


TUG: AI & Mind Control Symposium

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Mind Control technologies are being used against us worldwide. They are integral to the NWO’s trans-humanist and de-population agendas. This online symposium is a great step forward in advancing our understanding of what we are up against.  324 more words

Climate and Biological Manipulation Using Contrails Seeded With Heavy Metals

I had just parked at the University of Florida campus when I spotted an abrupt column of thick jet contrails in the sky above Alachua County, Florida.  530 more words