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The Morgellons Confusion

Q1- “mogllon is fungus malezzia”
It appears Morgellons is more widely known
due to general public confusion, than Malassezia is.
The Keyword above and the ones below… 529 more words

Malassezia Health Quest

The Itch Nobody Can Scratch — Matter — Medium

via The Itch Nobody Can Scratch — Matter — Medium.

My thoughts:

I have several friends with this supposedly CRAZY malady. The government programs, tests and intensive findings on the matter are little to none. 106 more words

Gems Of The Internet

Metallic Nanoparticles Provide Remote Control of Human Brain

Artist’s impression of a medical nanorobot in the blood stream. Illustration: Christian Darkin/Alamy

“Polina Anikeeva’s team at MIT adopted a slightly different approach, using spherical iron oxide particles that give off heat when exposed to an alternating magnetic field. 826 more words


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Singer, Joni Mitchell Afflicted With Bio-Engineered "Morgellons" Disease


Joni Mitchell remains in the hospital and is “resting comfortably,” according to an update on the website, JoniMitchell.com. “She continues to improve and get stronger each day,” the post said. 257 more words


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Unfortunately the outcome for Morgellons Disease is not a good one. I do hope she can get well again and I am sending her strength and love. Xoxo