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Morgellons, Echo-Chambers and Aggregate Social Movements

It could almost be said that considering the issue of Morgellons is irrelevant, but it isn’t. It’s illustrative of a fundamental flaw in contemporary information culture. 944 more words

Conspiracy Theory

This is after I washed my face and then dipped this Q-tip in apple cider vinegar to use as toner in order to show the debris that regularly comes from me. The black little hairs, dots, tan and black specs, etc.

Some days I barely see any debris and the next day there is a lot to show.  Now, just like anyone else I refused to believe that this was nothing other than dirt debris from life itself  or cat hairs but as soon as I settled on that excuse for what is causing this, – AND AM SO RELIEVED TO BE FINDING A SIMPLE EXCUSE- it challenges me by not just having black little hairs and specs but now blue and red colored fibers or these hairs and specs itself would grow out some sort of antenna like thing! 69 more words


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Morgellons και το Λουρί της Μάνας

Παραισθησιακή Παρασίτωση, Εδώ και μερικά χρόνια έχει παρουσιαστεί μια αρρώστια που θυμίζει επιστημονική φαντασία. Η ιατρική κοινότητα, εκτός του ότι είναι μυωπική και άλλων ρήμασι πείθεται, την χαρακτηρίζει ‘Παραισθησιακή Παρασίτωση”. 81 more words

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