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The Eagles of Manwë Praise the Faithfulness of the People of Minas Tirith.

Last week I promised to continue the love story of Faramir and Éowyn but I ask you to permit me to make you wait one week more before we return to it. 673 more words

J.R.R Tolkien


They spent half of the morning crouching in the rain in the undergrowth with their hoods pulled over their heads. They were watching a snare that Caladuin had set in a clearing a few yards away. 1,465 more words



Beren crawled out of the long grass onto a rocky verge. He paused, breathing heavily, then twisted round to sit. He waited, listening, waiting for signs that he’d been followed. 1,118 more words



Caladuin was awake. The stars had shifted and a cool breeze was bothering the surrounding grass. His wrists were still bound and his shoulder ached. He wriggled to a sitting position and saw most of the Guards sleeping around him. 422 more words



Sadorant was making good headway through the long, coarse grass of the Guarded Plain. Caladuin felt the grass heads brushing against his boots. Caladuin studied the horizon: except for a lone, wind-bent tree, the land was utterly flat. 852 more words


Random Start: Morgoth - “The Art of Sinking”

As “Through the Ages” closed The IVth Crusade, my friend popped up and put in Moroth’s Odium making it the second death metal record I have ever heard. 74 more words


Sauron and Frodo and Sam Show Us Two Different Relationships to Darkness

Frodo and Sam begin the last stage of their journey. A fifty mile walk, or stagger, that Sam estimates will take a week because of Frodo’s condition. 688 more words

J.R.R Tolkien