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In the Beginning...

I have existed for a long, long time. Kindled with the Flame Imperishable by Eru himself. Stronger and more powerful than any of his lesser creations. 98 more words


Morgoth Premiere "Traitor" Music Video

Morgoth have premiered a new video for their song “Traitor.” This song is from the band’s new album, Ungod, which was released on April 7.


Morgoth - Ungod (2015)

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Century Media Records

German death metal band Morgoth was originally around from 1985 to 1999, releasing three studio albums during that time. 652 more words

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Morgoth - Ungod

 The sheer quality of death metal that comes from Morgoth’s newest album “Ungod” is on unprecedented levels of awesomeness in recent years. This album is raw on an amazing scale to the point where I can confidently saw that it stands toe to toe with Cannibal Corpse’s latest helping, “A Skeletal Domain”, in terms of brutality and how intense the death metal is for the entirety of the record which is ever unwavering. 129 more words

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Ongoing Silmarillion Reviews #3: Why Manwë is a rubbish king

One of the first and greatest feats of the Valar during the “Spring of Arda” was the erection of two great lamps at either end of the continent which lit the world – the sun would not be created for several ages. 632 more words


Morgoth Premiere "Voice Of Slumber" Music Video

Morgoth have premiered a new video, for their new song “Voice Of Slumber.” This song will be on the band’s new album, Ungod, which will be released April 7.