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«Alone of the Valar he knew fear»

for though his might was greatest

of all things in this world,

alone of the Valar he knew fear.

(Silmarillion, p.178)

Quite often throughout The Silmarillion… 1,024 more words

J. R. R. Tolkien

Some Thoughts on Numenor, the Valar, Dunedain and Morgoth

I can agree that the Valar choosing to completely destroy Numenor (given Tolkien’s assertion in the Letters that the power to do so came from Eru, but the Valar chose the method of wielding it) does seem like overkill, but I’ve generally just shrugged because Tolkien wanted his Atlantis. 1,278 more words

Lord Of The Rings

Random Start: Morgoth - “Black Enemy”

Even though I kind of grew out of Morgoth, and they lost Marc Grewe, I was still impressed they could write a record filled with Odium worthy material some 20+ years later.


Morgoth's Review: What Does Adele's Popularity Say About Modern White Women?

“In 2017 Adele’s brand of power sadness makes Celine Dion’s bittersweet romantic ditties seem incredibly mawkish, sentimental and old fashioned,” says Morgoth’s Review. “Adele’s music depicts an emotional wasteland inhabited by the humped and dumped, the finished via Facebook messenger and text, the cheated on, abused and betrayed wandering the broken heart dystopia of revenge porn and dating sites. 25 more words

Language notes /// On Morgoth. 

As many major characters in Tolkien’s work, the greatest villain of Middle-earth Morgoth had a lot of different names and titles among Elves and Men that reflected his character and personality. 834 more words

J. R. R. Tolkien

030 - Another One Bites the Dust

In Chapter 18 of The Silmarillion, Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband with a sneak attack, beginning the Battle of Sudden Flame. As the fires die down, Fingolfin responds by challenging the Dark Lord to single combat. 167 more words