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030 - Another One Bites the Dust

In Chapter 18 of The Silmarillion, Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband with a sneak attack, beginning the Battle of Sudden Flame. As the fires die down, Fingolfin responds by challenging the Dark Lord to single combat. 167 more words


Morgoth + Incantation + Darkrise + Methedras + Omophagia


Een avondje death metal in de Baroeg en verassend genoeg op een maandagavond. Maar met twee stevige namen zoals het Duitse Morgoth en Incantation uit de US op de poster zou het voldoende volk moeten trekken, zelfs op een maandagavond. 283 more words

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Reasons for not being active pt. #a lot.

So dear everyone, first of all I would like to apologize for being completely passive when it came to posting in the last months. 376 more words


Live Review: Morgoth/Incantation/Darkrise/Methedras/Omophagia (21/04/16)

Morgoth. Incantation. Two iconic bands in death metal and, particularly Incantation, two bands I have waited a long time to see live. Morgoth haven’t even played Scotland for 26 years. 519 more words


Sold Baptism

Over a three week period in September and October of 1991 the Queen’s Hall in Burslem, a town less than 4 miles away from where I now live, and more infamous for being the home to Port Vale football club and Robbie Williams, attempted to bring extreme music to the Six Towns. 357 more words

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