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Sherlock Holmes was prepared to sacrifice his life to “free society from any further effects of Prof.

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Robert Lee Hall: Exit Sherlock Holmes

I’m an incurable Holmes addict. Now that I know the canon thoroughly, I’ve begun to explore the imitators, and there have been plenty of writers who took Conan Doyle’s heroes and wrote stories of their own, extending the characters and the stories with varying degrees of success; I’ve reviewed several in this blog at different times, including Anthony Horowitz’s two novels, and the collection of stories about the rivals of Sherlock Holmes that dates from the 1970s. 437 more words


3D Models

I don’t know what I did with the Sherlock Holmes that it ended looking better, I tried to repeat what I though I did and failed miserably. 8 more words

3ds Max

i’m back

also i came back to 152 new emails so give me some time to get my shit together and then i’ll be active again

Tailoring Your Mind

Villains do not mumble, or second guess themselves. They look people in the eye, and project confidence. So, how do they get to be so cool and calm under pressure? 737 more words


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