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Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Episode 1 : The Six Thatchers Review.

Tease without any action

Finally, three year wait of the fans ended with the season 4 premier episode ‘The six Thatchers’. And what a disaster it was. 114 more words


Sherlock's Final Problem is Not Enough Moriarty

The three-episode season always seems to go so quickly and leaves my (usually) wanting more. I’m not sure about this year and I think that the culprit is the “Final Problem” of this episode. 161 more words


Miss Me? How is Moriarty Coming Back?

So we are two-thirds of the way through Series Four of Sherlock, and although hinted at, James Moriarty has still not made an actual appearance. 494 more words


Nerd History (w/ Tom Elmore): The Case of the Mysterious Moriarty - Did He Really Exist?

By the time you read this the fourth season of BBC‘s Sherlock will be airing and we will have an answer to a two-year-old mystery, is James Moriarty dead or alive? 1,499 more words


Sherlock Series Four: 6 Theories That Could Explain Sherrinford

Written by Lauren Shultz and Christian Bone

After Moftiss casually dropped the bombshell at the end of ‘His Last Vow’ about Sherlock and Mycroft having another brother… 973 more words


Sherlock: The Lying Detective, el mejor capítulo de Sherlock en AÑOS

Probablemente es una pésima idea sentarme a escribir esto, ya que acabo de terminar de ver el capítulo y literalmente siento que estoy pasando por todo el espectro de la emoción humana a mil por minuto. 1,654 more words


Sherlock Holmes i Steven Moffat

Jak bardzo przereklamowany jest “Sherlock”? To pytanie, które zadają sobie chyba wszyscy. Ta grupa ludzi, która serial widziała i jej się spodobał, zastanawia się, czy nie zostali omamieni, bo inni, którzy też go widzieli, twierdzą, że: Cumberbatch zupełnie nie umie grać, fabuła odcinka X w serii Y była zupełnie bez sensu, a w ogóle to cały serial jest kompletnie nierealny. 968 more words

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