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What exactly is Moringa?

Colloquially dubbed as the “Tree of Life” or “Tree of Miracles,” moringa is the new “it” plant, and it’s been ruling the health scene as a health supplement. 262 more words

Trending supplement - Moringa Oleifera

In the past few years Moringa leaves have been recognized as a superfood highly beneficial for the human body. Unfortunately most of us can’t simply go out to the garden to pick leaves from our own Moringa tree but we can pick it up from a supplement store in the form of capsules, powder or even full dried leaves. 92 more words

The Superfood Advantages of Moringa

Precisely what is Moringa?

Moringa oleifera is a traditional Ayurvedic (whole-body) medicine that has been utilized to treat and forestall a variety of diseases. It is often used in countries and areas where nutrition and access to healthy food is compromised because it’s a nutritional powerhouse. 726 more words

Four Hair Advantages of Moringa

Moringa is usually referred to as a miracle worker, because for a plant with tiny leaves, it is definitely a powerhouse.

Most of us know… 422 more words

Moringa Anti-oxidants

Why is Moringa so helpful during periods of stress?

Stress and tension have become an element of many people’s lives. The pressure of contemporary life has greatly contributed to the growth of many Western diseases. 303 more words

Everything Moringa

Moringa Oleifera is a tree that is native to Northern India and Nepal. It is known as “The Miracle Tree” or “The Tree of Life” because of its medicinal and nutritive properties. 325 more words


Moringa: A Strong Organic Aphrodisiac

Moringa, a Natural Green Viagra? The rats agree, give me more of those green pills!

Moringa seeds and leaves could be an effective and safe alternative remedy in sexual disorders. 255 more words