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Stress and Parents Evening

I’ve been feeling a little stressed on and off recently, nothing too bad, just enough to remind me that I’m alive and I have to work hard at simplifying life and not sweating the small stuff. 676 more words


For a tough chick, I cry too much.

I consider myself to be a rufty-tufty kind of woman, one who can adapt to changes and roll with whatever is happening.  I consider myself tough, although “rufty-tufty” might belie that a little.  534 more words


Stuck inside my own head

We’ve had a couple of challenging months.  Some of that is due to my own triggers.  There is something about this time of year that triggers thoughts about Sue.   550 more words


Judging by Apparel

I attended a fireside recently in which a female speaker mentioned that she had served in a temple. One of the women came to the temple “with a color of hair not found in nature.”  She noted that the woman had lots more jewelry than most, and that while the dress she wore was white, it was not typical of traditional temple dresses worn by women.   203 more words


October 23, 2016

Surround yourself with good friends. Surround yourself with uplifting media. Because what you surround yourself with, in part, determines who you are. So if you want to be good surround yourself with good things. 44 more words


Frederick Lionel Hancock: Our Pillar of Strength

This outline of the life of Fredrick Lionel Hancock was written by Myrtle and Peggy Hancock (his daughters), with quotes from his sister, Stella Marie. The content of the original document, written sometime after Fredrick’s death in 1974, has not been altered. 1,516 more words

Family History

Just Stop It: You're Not Going to "Die Alone" Because You're Single

Naturally, there’s no way to measure this, but I wonder how many people get married partly because they don’t want to die alone.

Until a few years ago, it was difficult for me to understand why anyone would actually get married based on this reason, because I was projecting my preferences–I’m not someone who will ever get married just to avoid loneliness. 588 more words