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Contention: coming to a ward near you

I read a disturbing article in the Huffington Post the other day. It listed 13 ways for “active Mormons” to protest the Church’s policy regarding gay marriage. 949 more words

Latter-day Saint

On Tithing

Stewardship is an important thing in the Christian life. When a pastor talks about tithing, people, in my experience, tend to groan. Another sermon on giving more to the church, they say. 413 more words

Sister Sarah

Do Arguments Against Polygamy Hold Up?

Reasons to oppose recognition of polyamorous relationships don’t do well under scrutiny.

Steve Chapman | July 2, 2015

Creative CommonsIf you’re one of those rare people who think one spouse is not enough, your prayers may be answered. 388 more words


An Open Letter to All my Mormon Ex-Students

When I was 18 years old my father ordered me from our family home. He did this because I had become a Democrat. He felt I was turning my back on his way of life and he was right. 855 more words


week sixty two

Heeeyyyyy everyone,

well this week was a good week. :) Well honestly every week is a good week because even if it isnt, well I learned a lot, so it means it was a good week. 371 more words


Were I Ever to Leave the Church...

The recent explosion of commentary on the new Handbook policies at some point put me in a reflective mood, in which I pondered, in a fairly abstract way, what it would be like to actually leave the Church. 1,163 more words


My Adventure Book

My Book Report
by Patricia Haggard

I’ve got a great adventure book.
It makes me cry and cheer.
So come with me and take a look— 74 more words

Alpine-German Speaking Mission