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The Median Mormon Family and the Tax Plan

Plenty of people are wondering how the GOP tax bill will affect them personally. Although pretty much everybody has been wondering, the Washington Post recently… 1,298 more words


LIGHTtheWORLD: strengthen one another

It happens the first Sunday of each month. As my church congregation gathers, new babies that have been born are taken to the front of our chapel and are given a name and a blessing. 404 more words

As A Mother

Peace: The Christmas Message

They were wholly preposterous words.

“On earth peace, good will toward men,”(1) sang angels hovering over a land heaving with political and racial tension, ruled by a degenerate despot, choked by Roman oppression, crowded in on all sides by competing foreign powers — a land, which in just one generation would collapse under revolt, its temple razed to the ground. 1,027 more words

Sacred Sunday: 12/17

When I was a child and teenager, I took it upon myself to begin bearing testimony in church every opportunity I could find. I wasn’t particularly faith-filled nor did I have a very strong testimony, and that was The Why. 619 more words

Worshipping around the Temple

Drawing Closer to the Lord

This is a wonderful time of year where we can reflect on how close we are to the Saviour. Life-changing decisions will be made every day of our lives. 1,910 more words


Book of Mormon and the Bible

The Book of Mormon references several seminal events from the Bible.  These events, standing alone, could be taken as metaphors or myths, but given the Book of Mormon reference, does it force believing LDS to accept these biblical events as literal? 300 more words


The Faith to Leave Mountains Where They Are

Some thoughts inspired by “Move Forward with Faith,” Lesson #25 in the Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley

To my knowledge, nobody has ever moved a mountain with faith. 1,051 more words