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The war on Christianity (and others)

It was only a matter of time before the Mormons became the subject of a post. After all, the Scourge lives in Phoenix, perilously close to the Mormon Mecca, Salt Like City. 1,416 more words

The Importance of a Budget

Few things are more exciting than getting your first job.  There is a feeling of independence, maturity, and responsibility that comes with donning a uniform, clocking in, and serving others.   883 more words

Cort Hacker

The Prodigal Daughter

My daughter is going to girls camp soon, and the stake recently invited Al Fox Carraway to speak.  I have seen people post info about her on Facebook, but wasn’t really familiar with her.   2,339 more words


I Can't NOT Blog About Tyler Glenn's New Video, "Trash"

Because I’ve revealed on here before that I was raised Mormon, went in a mission, got married to a Mormon with plans to raise lots of little Mormon babies. 837 more words



Two brothers once walked a timeless road,
the One helped carry the other’s load.
Through sun and storm and good and bad,
the One asked the other to give what he had. 104 more words

What Makes You Happy?

I am somebody who, in the face of serious trials, can become easily overwhelmed. My health problems can be low in pain on one day and cause me a lot of pain the other day, which greatly affects my mental health (depression is a side affect to chronic pain, and while it is not an everyday occurrence, it can be pretty brutal when it does come). 352 more words

Chronic Illness

Love and loss.

Letter written April 20,2016

Well hello my lovely family (and friends and others who decide to read my weekly novels.) This week the sun came out, and so did my allergies. 1,554 more words