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The Price of a Soul

For most of my academic life, I have had a minor obsession with stories based on the Faust legend—tales of human beings who wanted something so much that they were willing to sell their soul to the devil to get it. 628 more words


Trump, Moral Relativism, and the American Church

Last night I was talking to a grad student here at UGA that I had just met.  He told me he was very concerned about the possibility of a nuclear attack on North Korea by the United States.   1,340 more words


The Costs of Misunderstanding Modesty

This is such a great article.  It not only addresses the problems of much of the messaging about modesty in our culture, but provides some great ideas on how to make things better.   421 more words

What We're Still Missing About Modesty

This is an excellent article that draws attention to the messaging of modesty in the Book of Mormon.

…the references to clothing in the Book of Mormon are nearly always focused on the pride that goes hand in hand with “costly apparel.”

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Does Mormon modesty mantra reduce women to sex objects?

This is an interesting article from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Modesty matters, Jensen says, but “the way we teach it matters even more.”

“The current discourse on modesty undermines women’s relationship to themselves, to their sexuality, and to men,” LDS sex therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife writes in the most recent issue of Exponent II.

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Drowning in Modesty Guidelines at Girls Camp

This is a really interesting blog post, on  By Common Consent, written by a woman sharing an experience from when she was living outside of the United States. 193 more words

Progressive Mormon Mom dives in to the Modesty Debate.

Here is another great post on the topic of mormon modesty messaging.

The boys are treated has full human beings who can be trusted to make their own decisions about modesty.

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