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CO-AUTHOR at Latter-day Chiasmus

After helping my dad publish his scholarly writings for several years, I developed an eye for identifying chiasmus, an ancient poetic style that is prevalent throughout the Bible. 261 more words


God loves you

God loves each every single one us. I know it. He gives us challenges and obstacles to allow us to grow and learn from it. He blesses us with love, people, and nature itself. 311 more words


The Old Blog....

Here is a link to my old blog! Just in case you want to take a look at it….

And here is a copy of the last post that was contained in it: 240 more words


Standing, or Something

Rumor has it that BYU-Idaho students are having a hard time with the unwritten order of things—particular the unwritten rules about when to stand and when to stay seated.   636 more words


Be a nerd.

We all know someone who likes to keep ALL the rules…

They always make complete stops at stop signs… They never drive even one mark above the speed limit. 200 more words


We interrupt these travel posts...

…to bring you news of impending travel on a large scale. Our daughter Loquita has her eye on the mailbox today because she has reason to believe that in a matter of hours, that humble black receptacle will present her with her mission call. 136 more words

Relief Society Belated Birthday Party

At church… we had a party to celebrate the organization of the Relief Society (our women’s organization). We accidentally ended up with too much cake… but really, can there ever be too much cake!?!