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I recently started to read a book called ‘The Artist’s Way‘. It’s about unblocking our creative potential. Some of us think we are not even creative, but everybody is creative in one way or another, it is our very nature… And we are all blocked, to a certain degree, depending on our life experiences. 418 more words


Taking Super Sweet Care of Myself

It’s a beautiful day here in Austin, Texas. I’m sitting outside in the sunshine, shade and breeze. I’m breathing, chewing a half piece of blue Trident, and settling down. 419 more words

In too big shoes

I don’t know… there is a phrase about big shoes but I can not remember how it exactly says. Any suggestion anyone?

Maple Sugaring, The Artist's Way, & Breaking the Ice

Last weekend, Paul and I went maple sugaring here in Minnesota. Well, we went to an event sponsored by the Parks Department that promised we would learn how to identify sugar maples, tap them to collect sap, and turn the sap into delicious syrup. 852 more words

Eva Langston

boss of me

She’s lost all forward momentum with her writing but it’s not all bad. Because she’s been recording music. No major label stuff—that’s wreckage of the free market not available to her anywhere except in her memories of alternate worlds—but using professional-quality gear and software. 1,033 more words

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