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fighting words

‘Calm down.’

‘I don’t want to fucking calm down!’

Actually, that’s a lie.

I am calm. In this moment, I am extraordinarily calm. Calm as an assassin before a crucial hit. 536 more words


Happiness Is... (A Poem)

Happiness is purple lipstick, and a black Easter hat with a pink feather along the brim

and reading Judith Viorst in the midst of uncertainty… 254 more words


morningpage.04 (chaos, lesbians, advice to the self, quotidian, feminisms)

I’m too damn cheap
to burn bedsheets or bridges
I take my chances with
cuffed fists say they’re leaving
and majestic seeping train tunnels
looking like I’m ragging on… 379 more words


White square

Here is something new: a morning painting over the period of – well – nearly two weeks. I had a left-over piece of bristol paper with an ink and water-color experiment which I tore into 4 pieces. 72 more words

morningpage.03 (boringnesses, illiteracy, predatory people, necromancy)

today I am thinking about
what it is like
to be a hard-up stand-up
about whether people
from hawaii
really do speak slower
because they are laid-back… 611 more words


morningpage.02 (the origin of love, tate museum, retail therapy, personal conflict)

how not to be seen:

a fucking didactic wannabe pastiche
of ruination and colour. boyish haircuts
and the need to grasp your wallet close to you. 597 more words



‘when you give, when you receive, do it with both hands.’ it’s been both hectic and strained. fuck the diary entries because how does one ‘write down everything’ that happens to one. 931 more words