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My Morning Pages

Writing has always given me solace.

Whenever I needed to rant about something, talk about a secret I couldn’t share with anyone, or just talk about my day, I wrote it down. 582 more words


Writer's Check-In

Hey, Fellow Writers!

I’m just checking in because I haven’t posted in a while. I should be getting some posts on here soon, but I really haven’t had much that I can actually publish to this website. 204 more words


Have a journal (or two or three ) // Self-love

Today I’m coming at you with another post in my self-love series. I’ll talk about journaling. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who have this journals filled with their thoughts , worries, happy moments and fears. 760 more words

Self Love


During English class in high school, we had this activity we did with “dreamwriters.”  Mind you, they were not technically advanced in the least (this is pre-Y2K we are talking about after all), but I still remember the experience.   791 more words

The benefits of writing 'morning pages.'

I bought a journal from my favourite little store in Cardiff, Tiger for £2. It fits in my handbag quite easily, and being the type of person that’s equipped with a pen at all times, I can write where ever and whenever I want when I’m out and about. 550 more words


Accessorizing Antics

Today has been a fun, but puzzling series of stop, hunt, and shop.  My morning writing all week has been filled with oodles of nit picky things.   510 more words


The 5 Minute Journal

Some of you might already know about the 5 minute journal morning ritual. It’s been popularised massively by people like Tim Ferris, who religiously do this (see video below of how Tim uses the 5 minute journal to get himself in a great state every morning) you can also see his evening ritual… 805 more words