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What a nose

Not sure if the character works with this kind of nose. So I tried to cover the nose and change the character with some pearls in her hair. 82 more words

Dance with me

But I think that I have overworked the drawing. Look at my outlined blob and let me know your opinion, please:


I guess it was a heart attac that fade away the dragonfly caused of a cat attac…

The battle to settle those kids down

He whips out a cigarette paper and carefully crafts a smoke for the tattooed goddess standing beside him. Carefully coiffured, she would’ve made a deliciously saucy 1940’s house wife sans the heavy eye make up and tattoos adornment. 828 more words


You never know. It could be a skunk so be plunged…

Making a Start

I used to be an all-or-nothing sort of person. I used to think there was no point even starting something if I couldn’t get it all done in the one day. 319 more words

New Writer