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The Bed we made

On a water of blue sky rests a place of comfort for our wild souls.
On that bed we lay our feeble minds together, nothing is wrong when we are here. 68 more words

Creative Writing

Chorus of Dawn

The cry of the hadedah
slices the morning air
and reverberates in the forest
(bouncing from tree to tree like a pinball)
then slowly fades into the distance. 86 more words


Daily Refresh: Poetry

In the early light,

creaking, squeezing

lifts the sun from neverland.

In the little hours,

crisp, wet

a morning pours

into the mold.

Dampening the world, 19 more words


Silver Mornings

The morning is silvered with dew
wrapped in the softness of infant dreams
it is the embodiment of hope
not soaring or wheeling
but unfolding like the patient weaving… 14 more words


Morning Prometheus NaPoWriMo Day 6

Suppress a cringe at wails that could have made a harpy’s cry seem melodic.

Just unplug the damn alarm clock, I’ll reset it later.

Stumble around to find clothes in the dark; can’t tell if that’s a shirt or shorts. 129 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 6 - Aubade (Morning Poem)

The folks at napowrimo.net have challenged me to write an aubade, or morning poem.  Aubades are poems about dawn or daybreak, and are often a lovers’ morning farewell…typically, “it is a song from a door or window to a sleeping woman.” ( 185 more words