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Morning Poem

All I inherited from my father
was a Grateful Dead record,
quiet mouth and noisy head.
He taught me plenty about
American Beauty but
I stayed on the train ‘til Toronto. 134 more words


Morning Poem - A Poem by Jennifer Judge

Morning Poem

In the moments before the day begins, I am alone.
Almost full moon still visible through
the narrow slit of a window in the back of the house. 307 more words

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Bad Morning to You

She saw the sun cresting her curtains
Believing in a new day of wonder & uncertains
Hopeful in all ways, feeling warmth from the sun’s rays… 133 more words


Morning Poem

Lavenders, gardens, the fair butterfly

Gold, sun rising across the blue sky

Quietness, serene green forest, birds calling

Yawn, a kick and high hopes waking… 78 more words


Musings One Morning

One busy chirpy morning

Birds came up with glorious warning

Rain is on the way to make us happy and gay

Oh! the birds are moving upside down… 75 more words




It’s a drowzy kind of morning.

The cobwebs tug my eyes.

Clouds of misty heavenness in a world that’s not baptised.

The slumber leaves me gently. 45 more words