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Amotivational Wish

Not a typo. I wrote amotivational on purpose. That’s how this works.

College. Where I find unique challenges every day. I was able to say the same for the Army, but in the Army, motivation was either easy to come by, or all-too-readily available from any number of willing…  845 more words

seeing through

I can see
through the trees
when the sun lines up
behind their leaves

the transparent plum
of morning
shines golden green
to greet me… 14 more words

A Poem A Day In April 2017

Morning Matins, NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 12

full moon morning 2 jdbphoto2017

Morning Matins

Cuddled and chirruping, choirs of birds
trill from their tree limbs in boisterous herds.
Like broken crystals, they tinkle in showers, 186 more words

4 A.M. (NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 12)

full moon morning, jdbphoto2017

4 A.M.

It is too early to be stirring, the world is still asleep.
The sound is all still slumbering, the darkness is too deep. 108 more words


His words were a smooth oil,

a salve to the faint.  Though wronged

in the past, he forgave.  Moved on,

removing walls of hurt to reach beyond. 59 more words

In Which We Get What We Ask For

On the draft of air displaced
over the heads of billioned minions
History whispers:

– out –

and is the only thing that leaves
the still dark office of morning. 39 more words


Day 4

First light

catches the mist

rising slowly on the lagoon

Lapping gently

Serene crystal waters

Meandering along backwaters

Sun drenches

The brackish waters… 22 more words