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The Press for Place - A Poem by Jesse D. Harms

The press for place

I was working to understand
that gravity that works both unseen and
seen at funerals,
giving way here to other direction, 374 more words

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One California Bus - A Poem by

One California Bus

He leans into his phone
like he’s confessing.

His lips move but
no one hears him.

Tapping his left foot
against the wheel well… 143 more words

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And You Thought You Would Never Write Again - A Poem by Nalini Priyadarshni

And You Thought You Would Never Write Again

Nights when you can’t sleep do strange things to you…
Nights after the fights where
Angry words are thrown around… 315 more words

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Jazz Kahuna - A Poem by Max Reif

Jazz Kahuna *

I heard
my friend Pa-ool
play jazz
guitar last night.

His hands
are a poet
with voice
as Lincoln’s—
in his own way, 359 more words

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In the stillness of the morning

Soul bird awakes

Soft and gentle cooling glow

Penetrates the Earth

Breathing skin drinks in the magic

Of the gentle touch… 33 more words


Appears in all it’s splendor
With freshness that suits the soul
Gladdens the minds of the diligent
Striking a reminder in their hearts
Saying now is the perfect time… 126 more words