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To the skies above you

To the skies above you

‘Tis the morn and I find myself in thoughts

Of you and how you are

Where you are

The sun hides between the clouds… 44 more words


(The False Sartre)

I can point my hands at numbered things
and I can perch upon the wall.
I can wear a face you see right through
and I can speed or I can stall. 32 more words

What Just Happened?

How does one go about celebrating one’s first publication? I say, I do it with lofty, rather British sounding English. I’m quite chuffed, and all that, even if it makes me sound a bit toff. 358 more words

The Very Long Day

And the very short poem:

Lamp-tabled living!
Carpeted sleep!
Never-said railings!
Closeted grief!

Each Part Apart

A part of him welcomed the comforter’s punches,
and he clocked in gut-first to entreaties in bunches.

The thought made his bacon.
The thought taught him wishes. 109 more words

Tiny Giant

I had a tiny body once
so often rapt with joy.
It turned the wheels of tiny bikes
and proclaimed “Here comes a boy!”

It left me bleeding once or twice… 65 more words

Anyone's Guess

‘No it is’ met ‘yes it’s not’
and had a fight over what was what.
Yes said ‘no’ and no said ‘yes’
and what was what was anyone’s guess.