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a little drop
of rain

a car
out on the road

a dog
in the house next door

I hear
an aeroplane… 25 more words

2018 Sundry Poems

#2: Unrequited Love Poem

How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

Once bitten, twice shy

Retreat now into myself

Emerge years later… 209 more words


The Night's Opera - A Poem by Ann Kestner

The Night’s Opera

The light leaves even the garden
temporarily. Leaves the earth

as a great shaded stage for
the night’s opera to be performed… 91 more words


Wrong Place to Go - A Poem by Ann Kestner

Wrong Place to Go

Her hands are always open
they cannot hold.
For a boy forever falling
you should know there’s
better places to go. 46 more words


Coffee in the Morning

Writing is a cup of coffee.

My sentences are the taste of freshly ground coffee beans.

My pen is the heat.

The paper is the cup. 13 more words


Wake up greatful for life- you lifes not threatening, your not going anywhere. You here. Be glad of the air you breathe, find something. Anything. The always some praises to sing.

351 more words

Morning Poem

All I inherited from my father
was a Grateful Dead record,
quiet mouth and noisy head.
He taught me plenty about
American Beauty but
I stayed on the train ‘til Toronto. 134 more words