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in the house without you
the breathing      the dreaming

your raincoat slips off the chair
the doorbell echoes throughout the rooms
you return home as though nothing has changed… 17 more words

Free Verse

Winter Morning on Lancey Street

The sun made its silent approach toward morning
Not yet casting its faint amber light into our room
Yet somehow nudging my body to alertness… 160 more words

A Beautiful Morning

One of the mornings I just decided,
To visit the garden in my backyard,
Sun rising behind the mountains guards,
Out from the clouds as they glided. 115 more words




when I die I imagine all my life     all my regrets my dreams my unspent feelings and all of those chances and coincidences and misunderstandings     will radiate out from me in a cliché of ripples across a lake vibrating through the strings of our expanding universe and all the parallel worlds I exist in but I know in reality it won’t be so operatic more like peering through the window of someone’s living room and straight out of a window on the other side… 111 more words

Free Verse

The crack of Dawn

A waiting chill for each passing hour
Steals the fragrance of midnight blue
In idle roaming whistles curl
Beyond the calling of pilgrims’ mood
Clutching shadows, its grip on the pulse, 56 more words


Autumnal lovers

Autumnal morning,

Lovers delight

Low rising sun

Just enough heat

A lover’s walk

In the morning dew

Dazzling jewels

adorning  cobwebs

Delicately strong

Soft lovers kiss… 47 more words


The Bed we made

On a water of blue sky rests a place of comfort for our wild souls.
On that bed we lay our feeble minds together, nothing is wrong when we are here. 68 more words

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