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Doug Anderson: Morning Poem

In the detail from Botticelli’s painting,

the one of the oranges in their deep green trees at twilight,

I’m able to feel it again. As a child, 145 more words




Listen. It’s morning. Soon I’ll see your hand reach
for my watch, the water will agitate in the kettle,
but listen. Traffic. I want your dreams first. 117 more words


Kayaking the Upper Buffalo - A Poem by Al Ortolani

Kayaking the Upper Buffalo

Whitewater rainbows in spray, pool dropping between willows, river birch, driftwood—three buzzards, droop-shouldered, perch in ash. Popping lid on tin of sardines, one bird lifts immediately into flight, begins to turn circles on wingtip. 144 more words

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Feeling of Fall - A Poem by Cindy O'Quinn

Feeling of Fall

The air changes from stale to crisp,
the wind sweeps in coldness,
it crawls into my bones with determination.

I sense the change days before it happens; 153 more words

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Childhood Prayers - A Poem by Max Reif

Childhood Prayers

Yes, as a child I prayed,
because the nights in bed
were long and dark
and the days
had already shattered my mind… 233 more words

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various placements - A Poem by Crystal Snoddon

various placements

They say there’s no real excuse for philandering, but a truism persists that after three years a man must spread his seed, leave his weaned offspring to toddle after their tired mother – it is nature, expected, metronomic monotony. 165 more words

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Slightly Ambivalent Homage to the '60's - A Poem by Max Reif

Slightly Ambivalent Homage to the ’60’s

Crucible in which we burned,
smelted like alchemical alembic,
stinking as we purified.
What strange mutations
we became, hoping this… 212 more words

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