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You left me

When I needed you the most

Abandoned me

You just went ghost

Now I have to get on my feet

All alone… 141 more words


A restless night

A strange dream

It wasn’t that strange

It was about you and me

I dreamt about

Kissing your lips

Am I going crazy… 116 more words

It's Friday!

It’s Friday! It’s Friday!
The school children shout.
It’s Friday! It’s Friday!
But they won’t let us out!

They dash us through spelling
and draw up the art. 30 more words

Salvation Army

Who out there might I have saved
If I had joined the fighting?
Who might I have kept alive
and who was dead already?

And which among them would have fought… 123 more words

The Bakery in Winter

At the bakery in winter the old men hold the door
(though it sticks open on the uneven floor)
for their trundling wives.
The wind is urgent and less polite and… 267 more words

I just had a man who I really longed to hold

He had dreams as big as mine that would last til we were old… 162 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

5.30 AM

Morning at five thirty
Change colours
Dark blues turned gold, beauty
The warm glow slowly follows
So clean
And pure
The scent of morning… 72 more words