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Morning Poem

Lavenders, gardens, the fair butterfly

Gold, sun rising across the blue sky

Quietness, serene green forest, birds calling

Yawn, a kick and high hopes waking… 78 more words


Musings One Morning

One busy chirpy morning

Birds came up with glorious warning

Rain is on the way to make us happy and gay

Oh! the birds are moving upside down… 75 more words




It’s a drowzy kind of morning.

The cobwebs tug my eyes.

Clouds of misty heavenness in a world that’s not baptised.

The slumber leaves me gently. 45 more words



Instead of dying

I went to the dentist

What a horror

what a terror

That was terrible

I survived

But it feels like

I have been… 8 more words


Amotivational Wish

Not a typo. I wrote amotivational on purpose. That’s how this works.

College. Where I find unique challenges every day. I was able to say the same for the Army, but in the Army, motivation was either easy to come by, or all-too-readily available from any number of willing…  845 more words

seeing through

I can see
through the trees
when the sun lines up
behind their leaves

the transparent plum
of morning
shines golden green
to greet me… 18 more words

A Poem A Day In April 2017