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Tiny Giant

I had a tiny body once
so often rapt with joy.
It turned the wheels of tiny bikes
and proclaimed “Here comes a boy!”

It left me bleeding once or twice… 65 more words

Anyone's Guess

‘No it is’ met ‘yes it’s not’
and had a fight over what was what.
Yes said ‘no’ and no said ‘yes’
and what was what was anyone’s guess.

Doug Anderson: Morning Poem

In the detail from Botticelli’s painting,

the one of the oranges in their deep green trees at twilight,

I’m able to feel it again. As a child, 145 more words




Listen. It’s morning. Soon I’ll see your hand reach
for my watch, the water will agitate in the kettle,
but listen. Traffic. I want your dreams first. 117 more words


Kayaking the Upper Buffalo - A Poem by Al Ortolani

Kayaking the Upper Buffalo

Whitewater rainbows in spray, pool dropping between willows, river birch, driftwood—three buzzards, droop-shouldered, perch in ash. Popping lid on tin of sardines, one bird lifts immediately into flight, begins to turn circles on wingtip. 144 more words

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Feeling of Fall - A Poem by Cindy O'Quinn

Feeling of Fall

The air changes from stale to crisp,
the wind sweeps in coldness,
it crawls into my bones with determination.

I sense the change days before it happens; 153 more words

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Childhood Prayers - A Poem by Max Reif

Childhood Prayers

Yes, as a child I prayed,
because the nights in bed
were long and dark
and the days
had already shattered my mind… 233 more words

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