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various placements - A Poem by Crystal Snoddon

various placements

They say there’s no real excuse for philandering, but a truism persists that after three years a man must spread his seed, leave his weaned offspring to toddle after their tired mother – it is nature, expected, metronomic monotony. 165 more words

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Slightly Ambivalent Homage to the '60's - A Poem by Max Reif

Slightly Ambivalent Homage to the ’60’s

Crucible in which we burned,
smelted like alchemical alembic,
stinking as we purified.
What strange mutations
we became, hoping this… 212 more words

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Too Naïve

Like, a baby bear gets in the bees hive
to get some honey,
A cat is playing with
a moving tail of a python,
And, a dog is trying… 61 more words


Consigning Mother’s Ring - A Poem by Barbara Saxton

Consigning Mother’s Ring

It shouldn’t have been willed to me.
I’m not an emerald and baguette diamond girl.
I’m set in steel, not platinum.

Technically, it’s called a… 212 more words

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Lover’s Apprehension - A Poem by Bill Gardner

Lover’s Apprehension

I want to say
I love you
but I do not
++++++trust myself
knowing that
++++++love is crafted
++++++in the mind
++++++―  and minds… 110 more words

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I Prefer Early Mornings

I prefer early mornings to late nights.
Everyone is awake at night, and
the most quiet time of the day
is no longer the midnight but the dawn. 64 more words

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The Vital Act of Burying - A Poem by Frank Joussen

The Vital Act of Burying

burying your dreams
requires many shovels:
the flat, broad “I´ll-do-
it-no-matter-what” one
as well as the tiny, sharp
the-truth” one… 229 more words

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