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The Cup

Days and weeks of months have gone past, where I have just wondered – what do I do with my life?

One such morning, as I trolled through Instagram, mesmerized by the milieu of visual images that were on my feed – I wondered to myself, “Why can’t I do this.” The “Why” asked me to question the “What.” What is ONE thing that I am extremely passionate about that I can not only share with others, but also leave a positive impact. 237 more words


Chicken Butt

Scene: Bangor, Maine

Time: 5:15ish a.m.

creeeeeeeeaaaaak SLAM…..pat pat pat pat……SLAM.

I rearrange the pillows and move over while Jude climbs into bed with us…as he does every.single.morning. 126 more words


HK Cheung Sha 1.0 - Morning stories

16.11.14,9:20am, Cheung Sha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

After a week of gloomy and rainy weather, weekends came, and so did the sun and the blue sky. 168 more words

Morning Stories: Nightstand II

Good Morning my 5-minute warrior.
I’m fine,
Simply sweet –
Blessed as nectarines in sea of tea.

Ecstatic I missed the
Halitosis; 54 more words


Morning Stories: Nightstand I

Good Morning Heart,

Should have known from the start.

oh good Lord!

Marched me to blind situations
where the hours don’t peel apart.

Who’s sheets are these… 81 more words


Morning Stories: Hunger Battles

Good Morning,
(bright morning)

Good morning my Dear.

No eggs,
(especially eggs)

Negative on that bacon
I was suppose to sear.

Works been vigorous
Sharp as rocks… 72 more words


Morning Stories: Brought You In This World Battle"

Good Morning mum & pop!¡
By now you’ve noticed,
It’s six o’clock.
Such a beautiful time of the day.
But good news,
I haven’t been smoking dem rocks. 109 more words