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Morning Thought November 15th

The more stressed you are, the less focused you will be.


I’ve had this torn page from an old magazine on my office wall for over a decade now. The color has faded, but the words always have the same effect on me: jolting me to reality that every action I make, every word I utter has an effect on something or someone. 72 more words


Morning Thought November 13th

Always have the courage to attempt something that’ takes you towards better tomorrow.
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Morning Thought November 12th

Your habits drag you towards your goals.


Morning Thought November 11th

Peace of mind: It is a gem. Develop & earn it for a comfortable life.


Morning Thought November 10th

Stretch your strengths and expand your skills. Everyday is a new chance.


Guard Your Gates

Morning Thought: Your soul is like a garden and your five senses are the gates. Guard your eye-gate, ear-gate, mouth-gate, nose-gate and feel-gate. It’s through these gates the world and the enemy come to sow their seeds. 63 more words

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