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The Garden of Your Soul

Morning Thought: Your soul is like a garden that needs to be taken care of. Cultivate and guard your soul. You’ve been entrusted with your garden but ultimately it’s not yours—it has been bought with the costly and precious blood of Jesus. 57 more words

Morning Thought

Exposing Sin’s Camouflage

Morning Thought: Sin is deceptive. It will reason with you; it will present its case. It will persuade you saying, “I look good, I feel good and l’ll make your life better.” Then, it will establish its own doctrine as a wall to protect itself, twisting Scripture for its own benefit. 31 more words

Morning Thought

Expectancy of life

When expectations are less, it is become easy to survive…

People go crazy over “love”.

But when “love” come to love you, at that point of time you are filled with emptiness and a realization in heart that hurt is hurtful. 65 more words


The Sword’s Purpose

Morning Thought: God has kindly given us his own sword, the sword of the Spirit, which is his Word. This sword helps us fight our own personal battles but also has a far greater purpose: to empower us to fight for one another. 87 more words

Morning Thought

Purity > Knowledge

Morning Thought: Keeping a pure heart is more important than knowledge when interpreting Scripture. Without a pure heart, you’ll bend and twist the Bible to fit into your perspective. 32 more words

Morning Thought

Time for a National Awakening

Morning Thought: If there ever was a time for Australia to experience a national awakening—it is now. But God’s people need to get serious about about their walk with God, their service in God’s house and our call to be Christ’s ambassadors. 20 more words

Morning Thought

One Before Many

Morning Thought: There’s one before there’s many. You may be the one, the pioneer, the catalyst. As the first, you prepare the way for others to follow. 35 more words

Morning Thought