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The Fountain of Thankfulness

Morning Thought: Live a life of thanksgiving. Thankfulness enables you to be a carrier of joy. It is like a hedge of protection around your heart. 59 more words

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How to Read the Bible Effectively

Visual Morning Thought: Reading the Bible effectively is one of the keys to spiritual growth. This week I made this infographic to help our students and you get the most out of reading God’s Word.

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Carriers of the King’s Kingdom

Morning Thought: You are a carrier of the King’s Kingdom, a pioneer that prepares the way for others to follow. God will put you in places of death so that you can minister resurrection life. 43 more words

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The Power of the Cross

Morning Thought: “For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 COR 1:18, NASB). 14 more words

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Religious Joy vs. God’s Joy

Morning Thought: Religious joy is boxed up. It has it’s time and place. Afterwards, it must be silenced. The joy from God is different. It breaks out of all boxes and human confinements. 120 more words

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The Fountain

Morning Thought: Find your source of being in the Father and his Son. There are many fountains you can drink from: social media, relationships, family, wealth, status and entertainment are some of them. 82 more words

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With how many people

With how many things

With how many talks

With how many loves

With how many cares

Noone & Nothing, I can replace you with.