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Morning Time, Loop Scheduling, and Spelling

I spent some time thinking through my morning time loops yesterday and decided to split some things up.  It didn’t make sense the way I did it. 772 more words


5 Things That Will Make Mornings Easier

Waking up at 7am is never easy, especially when you’ve stayed up past 2am watching Parks and Recreation the night before. Luckily I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks that have made this early mornings a lot more bearable. 325 more words


The Road to Morning Time: A Pregnant Pause

There are some aspects of pregnancy that are hard to recollect now. Brain damage from sleep deprivation will do that to a person. While this brand of selective memory loss is certainly essential for the perpetuation of our species, there are some parts of pregnancy that were so joyful (or dark) for me that I will probably never forget them.   964 more words

How to Set the Tone for your Homeschool Day.

How do you start your homeschool day? Is it at 2 o’clock in the afternoon shrieking “We HAVE to do school!” Meanwhile, your kids are pelting each other with Nerf darts and screaming spells they learned from Harry Potter. 650 more words


Classic Cartoons (Looney Toons) Are Still My Favorite

When it’s morning or time for a nap I like to put on TV for my little one. Maybe I am being selfish but I like to put on the classic cartoons, like Looney Toons, instead of the new cartoons and shows for kids these days. 42 more words

Bad Mom

The Swipe 21 - Snooze button effect

I’m not quite sure how much time passed after finishing my Kevin research, but we exchanged a few more messages over the dating site before I asked him to give me his number and what would be a good time to call him (“any time is fine with me”, answered he). 582 more words

The Swipe


This is the conversation I had this morning with Myself.


Lori – my roommate

Moana – the dog




ACT 1: The Awakening… 644 more words