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Pancakes My breakfast this morning :)

Although I like oven roasted vegetables for breakfast, I am eating something different for change :)


Made pancakes on my indoor grill… 66 more words

Classical Conversations Cycle 3: Before Week 1.

We started our Cycle 3 American History year a week early because VIKINGS (+ other awesome explorers). Here is a look at what we did. 1,818 more words

Cat on the lap

In only the way a cat can, I was commandeered – in the best way possible – unable to break free. And, as we were sitting outside, I was afforded the luxury of time to look up and ponder the merits and inspirational value of the two towering elm tree friends posting guard in our backyard. 135 more words


More from our AO Morning Time Binders 2017-2018

We started our school year today. Man, that summer went quickly! I sometimes catch some flack from starting so early in August (the first Monday), but I learned my lesson years ago that we need to be *mostly* done with our school year by early spring because we all get spring fever around here once baseball season begins. 731 more words

Home Education

Morning Time | It's A Liturgy

Most home educating families have their own version of morning time (MT), although it might not be acknowledged by that specific name. I was introduced to the concept through home schooling, and again as a young adult. 1,394 more words

Morning Time

In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Orangi, Ojloo’s father I think :)

Enjoying cool morning in turmeric pot.

We can learn thing or two from our animals. 16 more words

Morning time~by Lopamudra Mishra

Morning time

Every Sun rise is a new day,
A new beginning with the shinning rays,
The birds sing ,buds bloom,
Butterfly jumps from one flower to another, 136 more words