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PC? And I'm not talking about Windows...

We are reading As One Devil to Another, by Richard Platt. It is written in the same style as The Screwtape Letters,” by C.S. Lewis. In our home, it is a right of passage, an entrance into homeschool high school, to interact with the dramatized version. 59 more words


Basic plans Autumn 2016

I thought I would share my basic plans. This is our initial timetable (the times are flexible, just a guideline, and to be honest, the lessons end up being much shorter than the hour I’ve allowed): 292 more words


Beth's Zentangles

I have mentioned briefly before how Zentangle has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool morning basket. Since beginning to add this to our read aloud time, Beth has taken quite a liking to it and continues to do it in her own spare time. 165 more words

What's Up Wednesday's | 8-31-16

Welcome to What’s Up Wednesday’s!

What’s Up Wednesday’s is a new way of sharing what’s going on with us, as well as some of the goodness I find in these internet streets. 439 more words


Why We Quit Doing Morning Time

As I mentioned briefly last week, I have decided to let go of Morning Time, at least for awhile.

I know. Shocking, isn’t it?  I mean, can you even be a homeschooler these days and not do Morning Time in some fashion?   445 more words

Our Summer In A Nutshell

This Summer has been our busiest yet! I guess it’s because Miette is older and able to do and go more places. (She has such the social life it puts me to shame) This girl can make friends anywhere she goes. 673 more words


Teaching From Rest: Summer

There are days I am completely at rest with my plans and style of homeschooling.  AND there are days I am ….well…. a normal mom who panics and worries and stresses that I can’t possibly do it all. 601 more words