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"Thanksgiving Day" Poem

I’m just hopping on here to share the poem we are working to memorize in our Circle/Morning time.


Many people think of this as a song called Over the River and Through the Woods (and, yes, we are learning it to the tune), but it’s actually originally a poem by Lydia Maria Child, published in 1844. 49 more words

Home Education

Morning pick me up? 

Anyone else go to sleep just in time for those 7-8 hours and still feel super groggy when they wake up? Here are some tips and what I’ve personally learned to help kill the grog and feel fresh and awake! 324 more words


Homeschool Morning Routine

One thing I learned quickly as a new homeschooler was the importance of a morning routine.  Starting the day together talking about the calendar, the weather, and some of our lighter curriculum fare seems to set a positive mood for the rest of our day.  605 more words


Morning Time--Fall Schedule

Now that I am educating three teens, our Morning Time looks totally different than when I was schooling three elementary age students.  I have always loved doing Morning Time. 562 more words

Classical Education

PC? And I'm not talking about Windows...

We are reading As One Devil to Another, by Richard Platt. It is written in the same style as The Screwtape Letters,” by C.S. Lewis. In our home, it is a right of passage, an entrance into homeschool high school, to interact with the dramatized version. 59 more words


Basic plans Autumn 2016

I thought I would share my basic plans. This is our initial timetable (the times are flexible, just a guideline, and to be honest, the lessons end up being much shorter than the hour I’ve allowed): 292 more words


Beth's Zentangles

I have mentioned briefly before how Zentangle has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool morning basket. Since beginning to add this to our read aloud time, Beth has taken quite a liking to it and continues to do it in her own spare time. 165 more words