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Warm Awakening

From budding tree
To fresh trimmed bush,
The little birds
Flit and cheep.
Hopping quick
Across the bricks
To snatch tidbits
Fallen at the feet. 43 more words



Outside my window
The birds singing vibrato
Springtime’s alarm clock

© Keely Myles
Spring 2014



A customer today described his latte as ‘poetic’ when he came into the shop this morning. And his name was Ernest.

Double win for the incredibly talented people I work with.


Morning Slates

Right now, its 9:12am and the morning classes have just begun. This is a quiet time at the university, somehow it feels quieter even than the middle of the night. 189 more words

March 3, Tuesday. Facebook, envy, and Frumaplicious goes to Starbucks

Dear Kelly and Michael,

Wow, the trivia question winner gets to go to Barbados. That would be amazing. Maybe I’ll get there one day. If my husband has anything to do with it we will definitely get there. 1,223 more words

Kansas City provides opportunities for local artists

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ann Holiday and Jessica Borusky of “Art in the Loop” stopped by the FOX 4 morning show to chat about the¬†importance of the inclusion of the local art in the showcase. 40 more words


More than a dozen Ferraris on display to benefit Love Fund

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In honor of the 2015 Bacchus Ball in Kansas City that benefits FOX 4’s Love Fund, Tom Houlehan brought a few Ferraris for FOX 4’s Michelle Bogowith and Loren Halifax to check out. 56 more words