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Morning Routine

The importance of routine cannot be overstated. Especially if you’re trying to achieve a goal. In my pursuit of a ‘better self’ I realized my old habits: sleeping whenever, getting up whenever, eating whatever, wherever.. 379 more words

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Madly in Love

I love you madly,

but will I ever be able to tell you?

The truth you can easily read in my eyes

translates with difficulties into words… 133 more words

Word Impressions

Day 60

Autumn is, without doubt, my favourite season. Autumn mornings especially hold a place in my heart. 

I snapped this on my way to work yesterday morning, I almost walked into someone with my bike as I was so distracted by the beauty of the sky. 27 more words


The 12 Stages of Your Early Morning Struggle

  1. Jesus Christ, it can’t be 6:00 already. I can’t muster the energy to open my mouth but everybody SHUT UP.

2. uhhh why won’t the shower get hot I don’t have time for this pick any other day please. 230 more words


A Girl and Her Naked Lipstick.


This morning I woke up, after 10 may I add, and did my usual morning routine.

However, I have not managed to get dressed or put any makeup on. 46 more words


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson hits to the road to promote new book

KANSAS CITY, Mo. –Most know Dr. Ben Carson as a Republican presidential candidate. But the retired neurosurgeon is also a number one New York Times best-selling author who is about to hit the road to talk about his newest book on the constitution. 14 more words