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Raining softly outside – I didn’t expect that as I sat down to write and study early this morning. The sound, gentle and soothing to me made me just stop and savor it. 248 more words

The Playlist

It’s that time for another set of The Playlist so strap in because things are about to take off.

Mornings by Portugal. The Man: this tune has got a softer tone to it but also kicks you a bit in the gut with the overall heartfelt vibes that you just can’t escape with this solid song. 118 more words


Grilled corn on the cob and brats like you've never had before

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Start with the freshest corn you can find
Place whole, unshucked ears of corn in the microwave
Microwave 4 at a time for six minutes… 388 more words


Your "Wake the F**k Up" Morning Playlist

We all know that mornings suck and sometimes coffee doesn’t always do the trick. So what can be done to help get us through our ruthless nine to fives? 148 more words


The gifts of 5:00 AM and coffee-cup meditations.

My husband jokes about “burning daylight” if you wake up too late.  I’m less concerned about that than I am about seeing the start of day.   436 more words

Day 24: What Gets Me Up in the Morning

It’s easy to wake up. It happens automatically when your body is fully rested, the alarm goes off, or you just can’t sleep anymore. Waking up really isn’t the problem. 533 more words