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Not a morning person...today.

I feel like a nutcase sometimes.  Motivated and productive some days, dragging myself through the day’s activities other times, and then other days I’m easily frustrated with no drive whatsoever.  279 more words

Weekly Update: Summer Sun

There’s an irony in my blog title this week. Mainly because we’ve been experiencing such delicious, warm sunlight for the last two weeks, and the week right before finals, it started raining (and dare I say…snowing). 827 more words

Weekly Update

Bookends that Resemble Each Other

Spring in Wisconsin feels like a prolonged repeat of fall, but it smells like wet earth rather than woodsmoke.  The smoke smell is there too, only it’s receding to the background.   226 more words



At night, you lay down and close your eyes, waiting for sleep to come. Somehow, the morning always seems to come first. Mornings…you either love them, or you hate them. 540 more words


Îmi plăcea cum trăgea apăsat din țigară.

Și-a aprins o țigară fără să se uite la mine; a tras câteva secunde din ea, în continuare fără să se uite la mine. Îmi plăcea cum trăgea apăsat din țigară într-un fel atât de relaxat.

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The Stage Is Yours

Never settle for less in your life, fight for what you truly deserve. When we settle we choose to live a mediocre life, instead of an exceptional one. 310 more words