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Morning Sunshine

There’s nothing like that morning sunshine, slowly unveiling the world and awakening all the beautiful things in the universe that make our souls come alive.


My Mornings

Do you ever have to change your alarm tone on your phone every so often because the default tones Apple products have make you grow an irrational hatred for them when they’re the first thing you hear every single morning? 639 more words




April has finally arrived, and the sun is shining! Usually I play an April Fools joke on my friends via social media…but this year I’ll give them a break. 304 more words

Carrot Juice

Nighttime, Right Time

I am a total night owl, which really sucks since I am also a high school student. I always feel most productive and happy at night, when the world has gone to bed and I can be in my own little bubble of quiet. 102 more words

Daily Thoughts

How to: Wake up for work and be a success.

Step 1: Set several alarms and place them throughout your bedroom. This will ensure you will have to get out of bed and once you are up, you can start your day. 188 more words


Bourke Street Sunrise

The camera on my Samsung phone is pretty good but couldn’t capture the sunrise in all its beauty this morning. I love the city but you can get lost in it with all the people running around trying to run faster than the person in front of them. 88 more words