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BBQ Chicken & Vegi Buffalo Nuggets March 13, 2017

So we are at it again. We are having another BBQ tonight. We are BBQn chicken for mom and Brian. We marinate the chicken in Italian dressing. 18 more words


Best VEGAN frozen [junk]foods you can find at virtually any grocery store!

Happy 2017!

With veganism becoming more and more popular (YES!), major chain grocery stores are starting to carry some seriously tasty, easy, and cruelty-free eats. 686 more words


Simple Vegetarian / Vegan Lunch

I have been an ovo-lacto (ovo = eggs; lacto = dairy) vegetarian since August 1989. I spent the first half at camp as a vegetarian; came home and ate ribs at Tony Roma’s which, at the time, was on 6th ave between 9th and 10th st, on the 23rd, until they claimed they were “out” of ribs (I had swollen glands from Mono, and knew this would be my last time eating meat, so argued that it was, “All You Can Eat”. 423 more words

Complete and Utter Randomness

While taking a break from writing, I thought I would write. Quite paradoxical, indeed. (Don’t try to think about it, just accept it.) I made the most delicious lunch and felt an overwhelming urge to share it with the world (not the lunch itself, just my review), or, more accurately, with the handful of people who actually read this blog. 322 more words