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Quick "Beef" & Barley Soup

This was pretty good! My only gripe is that the veggies weren’t soft enough. I hate celery, but can eat it cooked. This celery was still a little crunchy. 269 more words


Breakfast At Worldmark Indio July 29, 2017

Enjoyed a delish breakfast and only used 15 points. Found some wheat bread that is only 3 points for 2 slices.

Breakfast July 28, 2017

Enjoying a delish veggie breakfast hash. Used 12 points for today.

Summer "Chicken"-Vegetable Soup

This was okay. I used 1 bag of Morningstar Farms Chik’n Strips in place of the chicken (I browned them in a pan and shredded them a little in a food processor). 246 more words


Breakfast July 15, 2017

Enjoyed a good breakfast and used 19 points.

Dinner July 14, 2017

Used the last 18 points for today.

Breakfast July 9, 2017

Enjoyed a delish breakfast and used only 18 points.