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Spring Outings - Enter The Dragon

It’s possible it’s just me, but I seem to see some iconic images floating around the internet of certain ‘secret’ locations, so secret just about everybody has taken a photo and posted online. 502 more words


Get yourself Some Sweet Sleep Tonight

When we finally lay our bodies to rest at night this is when we get the opportunity to heal, replenish, repair and recover from our day’s activities. 1,461 more words


Landscape | Flowing

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shot as the sun was setting. Controlled the shutter speed to get the water flowing effect I wanted. 6 more words


Spring Outings - Mordialloc to Blairgowrie

Finally we got some good weather, Spring is a mash up of cold and wet with occasional nice day thrown in, we are currently having a spell of several days in a row, so we had to make the most of them. 480 more words


Landscape | Photogs Playground

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At the Rye Number Sixteen Beach. A photogs playground at low tide, during high tide you won’t be able to get to this area. 45 more words