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Midweek Mail - (Wednesday 28th September)

Welcome to OneSelection2Win Midweek Racing Mail for Wednesday 14th September, we have come up with our BEST BETS for today.

RACE 5 No: 3 COTTAGE… 572 more words


Day 180 (Australia - The Gibb Day 21)

As I passed the radio at the entrance to Mornington Road I found treasure: a half-frozen bottle of water and a kiwi fruit, left for me by Di and Laura, staff from Mornington who had passed by earlier in the morning. 171 more words


Day 170 (Australia - The Gibb Day 11)

I woke up early to go exploring before the heat set in, riding out to Sir John Gorge and Bluebell Pool. At each spots I enjoyed lazing about and going swimming, while observing the spectacular scenery on display. 73 more words


Day 169 (Australia - The Gibb Day 10)

Finally, a day off. After getting clothes-washing out of the way I took a daypack for a short walk to a comfortable couch that sits in a cool corner of the Wilderness Camp Centre. 65 more words


Day 168 (Australia - The Gibb Day 9)

Riding corrugated roads is as much a mental game as a physical one. I reached a point of severe exhaustion today. I really need a break. 86 more words


Day 167 (Australia - The Gibb Day 8)

I was farewelled from camp by a nice Australian couple. Then, about 25km into the day I was encouraged by a passing family who had also been camping at Silent Grove. 122 more words