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Thick as a brick - It's Larysa Switlyk

That’s almost a nice little rhyme in the title.

Maybe someone will even take it, and use for a T-shirt slogan (please do).

We noted this blonde bimbo (and the term is clearly deserved from her actions, and subsequent response – she clearly has no brains) at the… 332 more words


I Need To Complain

The internet is becoming a rich man’s hangout. There’s like maybe 3 free blogs for us poor folks. Back in the day there was plenty blogs that were free. 286 more words

Ask a Moron: Do I Have Legionnaire’s Disease?

Great question, and I’ve got some great answers.

Are you now, or have you ever been a part of a legion? Then you probably have it. 195 more words


The 'Brave White Huntress' (blonde bimbo?) shot... a Scottish GOAT! (with updates)


I thought the idea of ‘Hunting Trophies’ and the ‘Brave White Hunter’ had gone out the window along with the British Empire, and maybe the reality that those ‘kills’ were more likely to have been shots staged for the wealthy traveller, who was in more danger of a dead (or sick) animal being dropped on him by the natives, than of being trampled, or mauled by ‘Man Eater’. 869 more words


Two stories that unfortunately coincided yesterday

I thought it was sad to see a story about Orange Moron taking us closer to disaster on the same day we heard of the death of a real hero who saved us from going down that road. 120 more words

World War II

The Orange Moron has actually aged quite well

I had no idea Trump was so old.

This pic of him on a night out with his mates shows he must have sold his soul long, long ago. 38 more words