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CA to confirm promotion of military official who led the illegal arrest, detention and torture of Morong 43

The man who headed the arresting team that brought the health workers to their worst nightmares is now up for promotion. Col. Aurelio Baladad, head of the arresting team that President Aquino himself said “denied (the Morong 43) due process” is asking the Committee on Appointments that his promotion be confirmed. 453 more words

Press Release

Arrest and Torture of Activists is Always Illegal

The human rights alliance, Karapatan, responded to the military’s claim that a former Morong 43 health worker, who had been illegally arrested, detained, and tortured in 2010, was killed during a firefight with the New People’s Army (NPA) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on August 9th. 276 more words

Assisgnment of Gen. Aurelio Baladad a Sign of Impunity

The human rights alliance, Karapatan, reacted to the reported promotion of Brig. Gen. Aurelio Baladad who was part of the illegal arrests and torture of the… 413 more words

Philippine Human Rights Defenders Confront Canada

*originally published by Herizons Magazine, summer 2012.  (by alex felipe)

“On march 8, international women’s day 2005, I was abducted by the military, held incommunicado for 12 days, brought from camp to camp, I was not given benefit of a council, and I was tortured…. 782 more words

The Philippines

Promotion of Morong 43 torturer, reminiscent of martial law heydays of military officials

Karapatan pointed out the continuing policy of president Aquino to appoint human rights abusers, torturers, and murders within the Philippines:

Karapatan denounced the promotion of Major General Jorge Segovia by the Commission on Appointments, in the CA’s plenary session yesterday.

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“Please watch your step…” *

“Please watch your step” yan ang sabi ng babae sa escalator, “Please watch your step”…naka-ilang baba at akyat na ako sa mga escalator ng Metro-Rail Transit (MRT) pero di ko maintindihan ano ang sinasabi ng boses babae sa rekording sa escalator… nito lang ilang linggong nakaraan ko naintindihan… “please watch your step” aniya. 831 more words

Community Health Workers

NUPL on the reported promotion of Morong 43 tormentor Gen. Baladad

National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers decry the promotion of AFP general Baladad:

NUPL on the reported promotion to Army division chief of another Morong 43 tormentor Gen.

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