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Once you've gone, there's no turning back

Travel will change you forever.  Taking that brave step into the unknown world will blast you apart and the pieces will not go back together as originally assembled. 772 more words


News: No More Body Morphs for a While

Hello, there! Thank you for visiting my site! Since you’re on here, you’re most likely using my morphs and I hope that you’re enjoying them. The reason I’ve made these morphs is because I’m impatient, I’m a cheapskate, and I need these morphs for my own personal projects. 167 more words


Extra Body Scaling for Star

This package contains a set of morphs that will give more girth to your Star characters. Scale their neck, fingers and even their entire body at once! 82 more words


Fat n Thin for Star

Another set of morphs for Star! With these morphs, you can make Star totally fat, or completely thin. Also included, as a bonus, is a morph to make Star preggers! 19 more words


Muscular for Star

Here’s yet another morph for Star, though I doubt many of you will use it. The majority of you most likely bought Star because she is cute, and this morph will make her less cute… Anyway, it’s been done, and it’s here if you need it! 18 more words


Voluptuous and Pear Figure for Star

This package contains TWO body morphs! The first is the Pear Figure morph, which will give Star a rounder figure (this morph also works with my Comet morph). 81 more words



our disengagement, our disapproval
of the proceedings, just not caring more
about the artifact or the scary
presence of the morph, or the untoward
requisition of articles of proof, 61 more words