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Unit 27 - Digital Image Capture and Editing

The aim of this unit is to develop learner’s skills and knowledge of digital image capturing and the techniques associated with the capturing, processing, editing and manipulating of digital images. 273 more words


Sneak peek.

Sneak peek at some animal / human morph assemblage art dolls in progress in my studio.

Jaw Morphs for Star

Change Star’s jaw and chin with this set of morphs! These morphs were inspired by the morphs made for Genesis 2 characters and work about the same. 118 more words


Focus on Reggy Van Oers

Photo © Anke Overbeck

Reggy Van Oers is the artist who is releasing records on Affin since the label started in 2008. So natually, our “focus on” series had to start with a few questions for him. 692 more words


Comet: Male Morph for Star

UPDATE! This morph is now available to Poser users!

This morph will allow you to turn Star into Comet, a simple male morph I created. It’s just a body morph and I don’t know if Littlefox has plans to create a male counterpart for Star, but this will keep you busy in the meantime. 55 more words


Nose Morphs for Star

Yes, I know the Nethermorphs have good nose morphs … but damnit, I’m cheap! Why buy it when I could make it? Just so you know, I really only made the morphs I needed myself, so if you need more customization,  buy the Nethermorphs. 52 more words


Ear Morphs for Star

This pack contains ear morphs that are so easy to make, I’m surprised it didn’t come with Star, or in the Nether morphs… With these morphs, you can change the height, depth, angle and size of the ears. 47 more words