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398 | A Coating of Many Colors

Welcome to Sensel Morph! A tool for designers, musicians, developers, editors, writers, artists, and gamers.  Users can customize their trackpad with a series of sensitive rubber overlays which provide a wide variety of interactivity.


The Team

The Team” was starting to come together. After a number of months, the organizational structure was finally starting to fall into place. Of course, that is what I thought anyway—change is so fluid in a startup that things are constantly falling into place at about one million miles per hour. 723 more words


X-Men: Gold Annual #1 (2018) - Old Joker

Kitty’s and Colossus’ faces ares priceless!! I don’t know if they have that face because of the joke or because they are astonished that Logan is making jokes…

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Generation X #86 (2018) - Veiled Kiss

I’m glad this happened before the end of the current run!! Will we see the couple in future comics? I hope so!

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