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Limiting Attractor Points

After my last post I wanted to try something that I’ve been wondering about for a while. With attractor points, it is possible to generate a ‘smooth falloff’, so to speak, but that attraction force extends to the extent of the grid or whatever geometry you’re working with, and hence causes disturbance across the entire field. 122 more words


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Underside True Side

Inspired by the underside of icebergs (which have always been fascinating to me), & 2015 being the warmest year since they started recording the global temps, I was inspired to make a short drawing of it. 41 more words


Frames per second

Frames per second (FPS), also known as frame frequency or frame rate, is the rate at which a camera generates the images called frames. The average amount of frames per second is around 24 fps. 135 more words

Jelly Whisper

I used two references for this one; I Googled a few jellyfish pictures to get the overall feel for what a jellyfish looks like, then just went with what was in my head. 72 more words


Final Animation

So I’ve been working on it!

Well for quite some time now, two weeks straight in fact longer on just this piece, and I finally got it done. 390 more words