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Ardlaugh !

Now for some light entertainment from Aardman !


I have discovered an essential part of myself that I was not aware of before. My trip to Amsterdam has redefined my human animal. I now know that the ability to adopt to a new environment is the key element for my happiness and development. 1,201 more words

Episode #79 - Pivot and Transform Your Small Business

I hate the buzz term Pivot… and lately that’s all you hear… pivot this, or pivot that… yuck.  However, it’s vital to your small business success.  351 more words


Here's A Cool Metroid Figure

(Source: kotaku.com)

This is not the first Figma representation of Metroid’s Samus. It is merely the latest, this time based on her appearance in Metroid Prime 3. 35 more words



March wasn’t what I’d hoped or expected, either in blogging or in real life.  March, quite frankly, sucked.


The first problem with March was a carryover problem from February, Hershey and her damned dewclaw.   1,606 more words


A New Generation of Power Rangers

By: Glynis Neely

If you were a kid growing up in the nineties, Power Rangers was likely a staple of your pop culture diet. My siblings and I loved watching the movies together, especially the first one with Ivan Ooze. 912 more words