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Day 2- July 22nd, 2015

Note- I am publishing these after the fact. I was too sick and medicated to type the first few days so I took notes by hand to type up later. 717 more words

Day 5 Auckland NICU

The munchkin is doing great today. The high flow and morphine have been stopped, and she now weighs 2.07kg. Because she has gained weight her feeds have also gone up to 47ml every 3 hours which seems to be a lot compared to the 5ml she was getting the day after surgery. 90 more words

We Have Big Problems

It was a massive stroke. The patient cannot move one side of her body, nor can she talk. Scans show zero activity in the left brain, and only some activity in the right. 183 more words


Adam's Fun Facts: Eating Vaseline, Jimmy Carter, Lemurs Private Parts & More

How long would you live if you if ate a spoonful of Vaseline everyday?  What record does Jimmy Carter break everyday?  Why was “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” banned by the Malaysian government?  139 more words


Dreaming of Morphine 

(Thanks JL for allowing me to borrow this)
I’d like to remember this night
As the time when my mother
Thought she had swallowed her lower plate… 116 more words

"read in the privacy of one's study." By Sasha on her porch

Monday, July 6, 2015
5 minutes
“What is creative nonfiction?”
By Wayne Grady

Pauline watches me in my study.
I think I’m alone and then I realize that, nope, she’s right damn there. 109 more words

Short Story

"A Few Good Men"

Last night as I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, one of my husband’s most favorite movies of all time, “A Few Good Men,” with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson (and directed by Rob Reiner, a man dear to our family’s hearts) kept playing in my head. 1,222 more words

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