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FDA warns health care professionals not to use compounded or repackaged drugs stored in Becton-Dickinson (BD) 3 milliliter (ml) and 5 ml syringes unless there is no suitable alternative available. 514 more words

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I was in the hospital all yesterday evening

My father had cataract surgery yesterday morning and I went with Maisie and my mother to bring him there.

Out of the blue, I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder blade. 365 more words

Parenting Baby After 40

The Great Lost American Drug Named Bands Part 1 - Morphine

Back in the eighties and nineties, the only way to hear stuff off the beaten track outside of John Peel and clubs was to take a punt on albums speculatively. 926 more words



“Today’s economy depends on large doses of cheap credit….  And like morphine, you have to up the dosage just to stay in the same place.  Take away the drugs, and the pain rises.” -Bill Bonner


Chapter 20--Every Storm That Comes, Also Comes to an End

Throughout this brainstorm, there were many times I felt that we were at a turning point—for the worse. But the next few days were the most critical we had ever faced. 2,071 more words


30 Day Challenge: Day 16

If the world were ending, what would I do with the time left…

Spend it with family and friends, take a shit load of morphine due to no time for negative consequences and I’d like to remember how it feels not to be in pain, kiss everyone I see (who isn’t gross) and probably take up nudism now nobody will survive to judge my saggy tits.