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What computational linguists actually do all day: The debugging edition

Tell someone you’re a computational linguist, and the next question is almost always this: so, how many languages do you speak?  This annoys the shit out of us, in the same way that it might annoy a public health worker if you asked them how many stages of syphilis they have.  1,285 more words

Loving a woman with a broken nose

Like loving a woman with a broken nose, you may well find lovelier lovelies.  But never a lovely so real.  — Nelson Algren, Chicago: City on the Make (1951)

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Objects, or not? Corrections appreciated...

Native speakers: my problem here is when there should be a direct object in these sentences, and when there shouldn’t. Your corrections to my guesses would be much appreciated!

Naming of parts: the illustrated version

It’s National Poetry Month, and that means Henry Reed’s achingly beautiful and super-funny Naming of parts.  Getting the humor might require having spent some time in the military, which I did; getting the vocabulary certainly does, as it’s full of technical terms for rifle-parts.   968 more words

Guillaume Apollinaire: Exercice

Guillaume Apollinaire is another one of those folks who shows that you can be both a poet–and a very serious ass-kicker.  Apollinaire tried to join the French army in Paris at the beginning of the First World War, but was turned down–because he wasn’t a French citizen.  521 more words

Rest In Peace, Jacques Higelin

One of my friends once said this to me: “When I walked out of the room after finishing my bac , I said to myself: if I’d spent as much of the last four years studying as I did memorizing Higelin, I’d be going to a much better university.” 717 more words