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Global warming: At least I'm messing up a better class of verbs

Most mornings, I sit with my first cup of coffee and a stack of index cards and look up all of the words that I ran into the day before and didn’t know.   1,200 more words

How socks changed me: lexical category and syntactic ambiguity

I got my start on an education by going to college classes at night after work.  I was in the Navy at the time, and the evening classes in the Norfolk, Virginia-area universities were full of people looking to advance their careers, squids like me ( 2,760 more words

Zipf's Law English: reduction

Walking out of the exam on oral comprehension during the testing for the Diplôme approfondi de langue française a couple months ago, I found a very unhappy-looking young man waiting for the elevator.   440 more words

Why you can't unsee things: compositionality and Haussmann's apartment buildings

You can unscrew a lightbulb, you can unplug your monitor, and you can unbuckle your suspenders, so why can’t you unsee things?   It has to do with the prefix  1,375 more words

Light verbs and suicide

If you go to PubMed/MEDLINE, the US National Library of Medicine’s giant repository of (and search engine for) biomedical publications, and look around for papers on language and suicide, you won’t find that much on what you’re probably expecting: research on the language of suicidal people.   2,571 more words

Derivational morphology, pragmatics, and the Great Parisian Rat Crisis

The French 2017 presidential race is quickly coming down to a match between the far-ish right and the extreme right, it’s not clear how much longer Europe as we know it will continue to exist, and Marine Le Pen was just voted the most admired politician in France,  but the main story about France in the anglophone press right now is… an… 2,060 more words

Down the hill comes a bear rug: the non-autonomy of syntax

I’m walking up the hill to the lab the other day.  It’s a long hill, and I’m old and fat, so I usually stop to catch my breath halfway up.   1,464 more words