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To the store went Curious George

I just sent this email to a coworker: The data sets are linked to from this article.  If you’re a native speaker of English, that sentence probably doesn’t look particularly unusual, and you probably agree that it could be paraphrased as… 641 more words

Labiodentals: lips and teeth

In hopes of getting me able to pass the DALF, we’ve been looking at verbs whose infinitive ends with IR.  We’ve looked at regular IR verbs, like… 738 more words

Postmodernism, Burkina Faso, and dissolving stuff

It’s sort of a postmodern cliché that the media exerts tremendous influence over what, and how, we think.  I didn’t take this seriously until I was in Paris last summer.  276 more words

A magot is not a maggot

I’ve always been attracted to depth over breadth.  Visiting a new city, I might eat in the same restaurant every night, trying to explore the entire menu.  1,027 more words

Irregular IR-class verbs, or why I'm not losing weight

So embarrassing–I had a great opportunity to use an obscure IR-class verb (mincir, meaning to lose weight or to make you look thin) yesterday, but in the first person singular present tense, not the third person plural present tense that we worked on last time–and I blew it.  499 more words

3rd person plural present tense of regular IR-class verbs: anonymous sex in the Tuileries Garden

There’s good evidence that men have been jumping the walls of the Tuileries Garden (built in 1564) to have sex with each other at night since at least the 17th century.  438 more words

Planning for between-language transfer

I don’t think that transfer (between languages) just happens. I think you have to plan for it. So, what kind of things transfer? How can we use what we know about language transfer to maximize transfer between two languages? 551 more words

Child Bilingualism