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The last duel in France: traces in syntax

Wanna watch the last duel in France?  Here you go.  Scroll down past the video for an excerpt from an article on the topic from… 700 more words

Matching game IV: Zipf’s Law in French

Zipf’s Law describes the frequencies of words: there is a very, very small number of words that occur very, very often, and a very, very large number of words that occur very, very rarely–but, they do occur.  582 more words

Ambiguity II: Trump, cognitive issues, and no heart

We’ve recently been talking about ambiguity.  Ambiguity, from a linguist’s perspective, is the situation of having more than a single possible meaning, and as we’ve seen, there are MANY ways to be ambiguous. 698 more words

How linguists think: Tag questions in English IV

Tag questions are those simple little things that you use to get someone to give you a yes-or-no answer:

  • Trump sure needs a lot of little golf mini-vacays, doesn’t he?
  • 1,331 more words

Ah, Josephine, if I dared...

A l’arrière des berlines
on devine
des monarques et leurs figurines
juste une paire de demi-dieux
livrés à eux
ils font des petits
ils font des envieux… 209 more words

Coffee is expensive, isn't it: Tag questions in English III

The purpose of language is to communicate, right?  Seems obvious.  In fact, it is not so obvious.  One way in which language is not clearly about communication per se is when we use language to  832 more words

Check your gender at the door

This is the kind of thing that linguists mean when they say that gender in languages with noun gender is arbitrary: malheur is masculine, peur  299 more words