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A Murder with the Morrigan

Alright, so maybe not the best title to post a blog under. Misleading, since you probably thought I was going to talk about a plan to end people of their lives. 859 more words

Wordless Wednesday ~ Nevermore

Photos found on Pinterest.  Original artist/photographer credited there.

Night Owl Poetry

It walked on padded feet…

Two carved stone heads had been discovered near Hadrian’s Wall. The woman – an eminent Celtic scholar – took an immediate, instinctive dislike to them; she left them in the box they had been sent in, which she put in her study. 342 more words

The Rattle Bag

Battle Crow

I banged my drum, real loud, real fast. The images of ravens on the drum pulsated with the beats, almost seamed alive. They seamed to whisper to me “Battle crow, battle crow…” The beat went ever faster until suddenly I stopped. 68 more words