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The Crow Goddesses: Badb, Cathubodua, Cassibodua

The Irish Badb was one a number of terrifying goddesses of war. She could work battle magic to terrify the enemy, or just kill them with her terrifying shrieks. 1,699 more words


Studio Shenanigans

It’s probably time I actually talk about my work! I’ve been back in the studio for almost six weeks now and there are some ideas and practice that are starting to shine through. 520 more words

Our Samhain, and a new kind of Spellwork

We ended up spending Samhain with friends, and took part in a small group ritual, which nearly got rained out.  It was still good to reconnect, though, and Baby was very entranced by the bonfire (though I took him inside as it started to rain).  324 more words


The Red Champion

What has been won by our liberation from these outdated delusions? What has been gained? Are we free? Are we at peace? Even by the standards of modernity, twisted and obscene, we are undoubtably the poorer.

4,721 more words

Samhain Eve

[Image is a close up photo of a yellowish candle burning in the dark, with a small pale flame]

It’s been a week since my Samhain, and yet I’ve struggled to write about it. 466 more words


The Dagda

The Dagda is the head of the Irish pantheon, whose name means the “Good God”. He is head of the Tuatha de Danann, and was king of Ireland between Nuada and Lugh, but he can also take on the appearance and manners of a peasant farmer. 1,877 more words


Litany to the Morrigan

A litany is a prayer that essentially acts as a call and response. This litany was written for the Autumn Equinox, and observing Coinnle Bodba’s Feast of the Fulacht Na Morrigna, which focused on hospitality and geasa… It’s a little late for Morrigan Mondays, but, I thought I would share it, to sorta set the tone. 206 more words