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A Message for the Equinox

This is going to be a different sort of post – I’ll be sharing a piece of personal UPG, a message I received from the Morrigna (that is plural – the three Daughters of Ernmas, of the Tuatha De Dannan).  965 more words


Value vs. Money

By: The Morrigan

     So I’m a massive Youtube fan. I’ve, at this point, essentially replaced TV shows with regular episode-length content on Youtube. While I could go into the multitude of reasons for that, it would be completely tangential to the message of this post (I have plans of doing an entirely separate post about my feelings on Youtube and traditional media later on). 1,222 more words


A Dreamer In A Court of Nightmares

Rated: T (*some chapters M*)
Words: 18,772
Chapters: 9/?
Completed: No

Mor was different.
She was more powerful than the other females. More powerful than even the males.

104 more words

Rewriting Suicide Squad

By: The Morrigan

     So like a good majority of people, I recently saw Suicide Squad. After seeing it, I was more frustrated than angry. I could see it again, and, in fact, did see it twice with different people because I wanted to talk about it. 1,417 more words


Milk and Blood: Brigit and the Morrigan

Back in 1977 Patrick Ford published a paper called “Celtic Women: the Opposing Sex”. It could have been tailor-made for the Morrigan, a fearsome goddess who spends most of… 1,492 more words


Morrigan Art Gallery

Sometimes, to get an idea of my characters, I like to draw them, copying some from pictures online but letting my imagination tweak them until they’re just right. 25 more words

Work In Progress

Oh, The Horror- Morrigan

Fade up. Establishing shot of a long winding road with a

nondescript car driving through the countryside. Fade to

the car pulling up to a mansion that’s clearly worse for wear. 742 more words