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Tuatha de Danaan – A New Novel on the Way

I drew an Ogham Few this morning – and got Hazel.
I took this to be major and fortunate and to mean ‘Inspiration’.
I feel this is a major ‘step out time’ for me now. 308 more words

5 Fabulous One Liners

This week I will mostly be hunting monsters in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. While I prefer games that allow me to create my own character, I have a soft spot for Geralt’s brand of grizzled snark. 249 more words

5 Things

City Animal Totem

One thing that I felt I was missing doing city magic was finding an animal guide.  This was the first quest I wanted to go on for the next phase in my life.  343 more words


Living on a dark prayer

While I believe in balance within Paganism, it is the light side that tends to be promoted. I feel more comfortable in the darker side of things. 149 more words


There is Nothing to Reconcile - on Sexual Abuse and Sexual Entities

“How difficult is it to maintain a healthy religious relationship with an entity sometimes associated with sex and sexuality as a survivor of molestation and sexual assault?” 1,209 more words


Faoladh: Werewolves of Ireland

The other day I was browsing Tumblr and I turned up a post on Irish werewolves. I knew Irish mythology and folklore had lots of shapeshifters, but I had never heard of werewolves. 1,825 more words


Searching for Morrigan followers

Yup you guessed it. Since ive been getting called by Morrigan a lot I wanted to see if there were any Pagans/Witches out there who follow or know lot about the celtic Goddess the Morrigan she has come to me but not as a super dark or death Goddess as she put it she’s the light in the darkness so just hoping to talk to some others who know her this way to get some opinions on things. 27 more words