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Oh, The Horror- Morrigan

Fade up. Establishing shot of a long winding road with a

nondescript car driving through the countryside. Fade to

the car pulling up to a mansion that’s clearly worse for wear. 742 more words


Book Product: Morrigan Pop Art Print

Morrigan Pop Art Print 8 x 10 – A Court of Mist and Fury Sarah J. Maas

Price: $9

This is an art print featuring my original digital illustration of… 90 more words


Why I Quit Teaching

     I’m the person who does what’s expected of them. I graduated high school, went to university, and got an “adult” job, excuse me, career. I completed my student teaching, took my certificate tests, found a school almost immediately, and worked my ass off. 753 more words

About Me

Seeing manifestation happen! 

I think we tend to think of manifestation as being only big events that happen in our life. We want a new car, or house, maybe even a new job with a huge income increase. 503 more words


Morrigan Skirt Foundation Planning 1

So part of the reason I started writing these posts was to pin down some of the brainstorming I was doing on the various parts so that when I come back to the pieces after a week or so I’m not starting again every time I look at it. 605 more words

Morrigan Necklace Planning 1

So this is a pretty intense creation. Lots of things going on, from huge focal thing to sticky up bits at the top. (Sub-goal, make it so the answer to the question”How did she die?” is not “Well she made a necklace with spikes directed at her throat and then nodded a bit too vigorously”) 687 more words

Halloween 2016 Early Planning

So as you can tell the plan didn’t work out so much, my pretty gold brocade coset is still in planning and the most crafty thing I’ve done since was last minute alterations on an old Belle costume for Halloween. 292 more words