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Look What I Made: Morrigan

For this project, I used acrylic paint on a plain canvas. I painted a cemetery scene at night under a full moon. On one of the gravestones, I placed a crow.   34 more words


The Call of The Morrigan

I am a daughter of The Morrigan
Crimson streaked across my cheeks
Painted down my nose

Through blood
From birth
Warrior woman eternal

No explanations… 58 more words


Cosplay Alert: Morrigan Aesland

Hey everyone! Our featured cosplay today is probably one of my favorites and which I’ve have 3 different versions of, Morrigan Aesland 281 more words

Morrigan WIP #3 (Gloves)

Hello world! I’m a little behind on my one blog post a week, so this one is coming a little late! Expect another soon!

I’m trying to match this costume as close as I can to the reference image, but unfortunately the art kind of.. 112 more words


Haiku: Morrigan

A follow-on Morrigan reference for Frank’s challenge.

Black wings, ragged flight,

crow surveys desolation—

bloody battlefield.

Why I Love the Internet

I’ve been able to speak to a few of my favorite writers on Twitter. I gave one my address and asked if she would consider sending me an autograph to keep in my favorite of her books (the next best thing to her signing the book.) Not only did she send me a nice signed note card, she sent me a copy of her just-released book! 128 more words

Is it business that brings you here... or pleasure?


Main Media:
Video Game, Fan Works
Shipping Type:
Dimension: Earth-30847 (Marvel vs Capcom Series)
Ship Name:
None (Though I call dibs on “Blazing Bat”) 1,595 more words

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