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Ortho the Youngest


Ortho the Youngest was the last of three clones to be decanted. In his first few days outside the cloning vat he gained the confidence and admiration of the scientists of The Right Path, then stepped aside as Heartless slaughtered them and scattered them to the winds. 1,252 more words


Fantasy or Reality?

What would you give ?
What would you take?
To mold the clay dough
For your destiny to make

For once let us play God…

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Ortho the Heartless


The Heartless was second to be decanted of the Ortho clones. When it came time for the scientists of the Right Path to be murdered, the Heartless was the one who did most of the work. 950 more words



Mortal bodies holding our immortal souls, 

Fragile bodies seen pain through the years, 

Scars stories going down memory lane, 

Dust to dust all things come to the end, 

Immortal soul live eternity. 

Ortho the Eldest


When the Seventh Legion fell, and Yushoto Koletta’s awful works were ended, some of her research staff refused to be part of the new order. 928 more words



Sometimes we need a reminder
of our minuteness in the universe
to be more loving and to be kinder
we can’t blame destiny to be adverse… 415 more words

Divine as Thee

O succulent fruit of the gods!

How can this mortal tongue properly

taste something so divine as thee?

Original Poetry