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Why do we
as human beings
expect people
to be

When we
are not.


The Silence in the Darkness

Death. We will all face this scary monster sometimes in our future. Nobody loves dying if you are mortally sane. But it is inevitable.

In the movies, they make it seems normal, natural, and like something, and I hate to say this, cool. 557 more words



There’s no human or any other living thing which can survive beyond his/her given period of time.

The god has sent us all on this earth just to know about the truth of life “DEATH” here for me it means the destination of everyone & everything.no one can escape from it. 14 more words


O Great Eagle

O great glass-eyed eagle

Over vast lands you soar

Over seas and oceans

And deserts and snow-robed peaks.

O great glass-eyed eagle

Empires rise and fall beneath you… 70 more words


I imagine most people might be keen on the idea of immortality – to have eternity to live, gain knowledge, get things right, live the life one always wanted. 286 more words