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Sauntering at the foot of the hillside
like the Parthenon’s last defence,
guarded by the equinox, but soon he will relent.
I see you there ambushed by thought… 227 more words


Ephemeral Embrace

Art by: Puuung http://www.instagram.com/puuung1/

Art by: Puuung http://www.instagram.com/puuung1/

It is when he is with her that he can finally close his eyes. With her, he feels safe. 181 more words


Lessons from mother

You were born to a woman who at every chance made you realize that she was barely just a mortal being. “Do you think I am a goddess with sixteen arms? 795 more words


It wont let me type a title so I have copied and pasted this to test it

I shall be documenting my daily mortal experiences on this blog!

  • I have discovered this
  • It looks like it will help me list down all of my experiences in the day…
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I still smell you whenever the breeze

blows in through the window,

the way you smelled of peppermint and chocolate.

And in those stolen moments, … 64 more words

Original Poetry

Comfort in darkness

Have you ever caught yourself wishing and dreaming of feeling down while your life is finally going somewhat smoothly? That really is a sign that you’re doomed, but I can’t possibly the only one feeling that way, right? 477 more words

Dark Corner

CONSCIENCE [Expansive theology] [41a]

PREFACE (as a later edit). I feel I should apologise for this particular post, as it seems I may have gone too far with speculative theology. 835 more words