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God, I'm Sorry

This is an honest letter from one of my readers…

Who would have ever thought that I  would commit such a  terrible disgusting and almost unforgivable act… if not for the mercy of God. 398 more words


Of Immortality

Of all the rulers,

Of all the politicians,

Of all the teachers and leaders,

How many have become immortal?

How many have  carved themselves into the currents of time? 177 more words

Ramia, the Shaman


A young giant drops her doll in the forest. Her parents call for her, she runs to them. The doll is remembered hours later, in tears; too far away to go back and recover it. 1,138 more words


The man who ruled destiny.

​This mere mortal.

Forged out of pain,

scarred and betrayed,

untill the destructive forces,

almost got their way.

Death layed upon him.

His hope barely survived. 38 more words