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will there be a forever

when all we are is human

beautiful and disgustingly flawed

and all together quite mortal?


The Hangover

Hangovers! We’ve all been there, whether we’ve got carried away on a school night, stitched up playing ring of fire or just set out to get mortal (in the words of Geordie Shore). 446 more words


There must, whether the gods see it or not, be something great in the mortal soul. For suffering, it seems, is infinite, and our capacity without limit.

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Book Quotes


Many poets do not use periods,
which makes sense, logically,
for they do not form conclusions
To conclude is to abandon,
for a thought is never finished… 34 more words


Live-action Tetris movie takes shape with $80 million in funding

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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Not a joke: A Tetris movie is being made

Live-action “sci-fi epic” coming from the studio that made Mortal Kombat movie. 304 more words


Please don't die.

“Please don’t die.” – I’ve heard this so many times in the past few years. I am under the impression that people might actually be sad if I died… Then I saw this Sunday secret (I read my Sunday secrets every Sunday – it’s like my own personal Bible.) 222 more words

Confession... Praying While In Mortal Sin... Fr.Mike Schmitz

Father Mike Schmitz provides great explanations on how and why to confess and on the nature of sin. He explains how praying and going to confession are not our approaches to God, but God’s approaches to us. 215 more words

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