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Beauty and eternity

Hidden beauty is eternal, but hidden beauty is useless for beauty in truth depends on an eye, preferably human and naked. But when beauty is seeing by a naked human eye, thus beauty truly stops from being eternal because it was seeing by a mortal, that even though added with life to what already was complete, has taken twice through dying.


Photo Haiku: The Tower

Babel, the tower!
sky high they hope it to be;
the folly of men

In The City

1,2,3,4, Let Me Tell You More

Let me make a fool of you
And let me count the ways
I’m counting rather quickly
Before I’m overcome by haze

Belief in a spirit man… 255 more words

Infinite Limitation

Better to live life a blissful human,
Than a lonely vampire left in ruin,

My mortal life is a wrinkle in time,
An anamorphic leviathan easily slain, 170 more words

Thoughtful Words

Finding Strength after Loss

The sound of mum’s voice still echoes inside my ears,
From the night she called with a broken heart,
Strain in her voice, but not an inch of fear, 126 more words



If suicide victims go to hell then I’m breathing inside of a purgatory.


The Ground on Which This Clumsy Mortal Treads — Medium

It’s a good thing that my parents didn’t think to name me Grace because the irony would just have been hilariously heart…