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The Outsider

The sky came rumbling down.
And the earth slipper from underneath
She found a rock to hold on to
Oblivious of her weakened grip.
She shut her eyes tight, 76 more words



Death is at my door

the grim reaper

standing outside my window

as the night descends death is all around me

it surrounds me

it confounds me… 63 more words

Tourney Journey

One thing that you will learn from following my blog is that I’m an avid gamer. I play many video games in my spare time(if I have spare time). 301 more words


Carpe Diem

About a week ago something happened that shocked me more than I thought it would. Accidents happen frequently here in Belgium. It’s daily news. 245 more words


Time Doesn't Change

It’s been a long time,
And it’s still a long day today,
Days go by, months or years
Time couldn’t heal the pain
Of what wasn’t meant to stay. 79 more words



All our lives we’ve been set to believe that beauty is the one we see in models and superstars, that it has certain standards and criteria, which is completely false, but unfortunately we live our lives looking for and trying to chase an illusion. 76 more words


Quote #6:

“The fear of Mortality is the base of Immortality.”

Go deeper into this quote using this video by Jason Silva.