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The Heart of Mortal Anxiety

We went to Pearl’s Crabtown to get dinner before going to Video Games Lives (review to come). There was a large family near by having a good time. 724 more words


A rainbow

the leaves withered,
And the clouds gathered.
Every mortal took a bow,
Just to witness,
a rainbow.


Mortal Kombat X Review

Originally Published for MCM Buzz on the 18th of April 2015

In NetherRealm’s latest entry Mortal Kombat returns to your screen to slice, dice and entice players back into its uniquely gruesome brand of brawling. 1,260 more words



As usual, I’ve been busy reading. Lately I have been finding myself indulging in stories with ancient gods and mythological creatures. Oh, the whole array of Odins and Thors and Devils and Valkyries mixed with other ancient Egyptian divine beings. 531 more words


Infinitely Finite

Thankfully, I am not the master of my fate, nor am I the captain of my soul.


“But I can be good enough!”

This was the cry which had echoed out so many times before, the anthem of the timeless and oh-so-futile struggle that every human fights. 336 more words