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We are mortal ...

We are mortal. I keep reminding myself this so that I don’t waste time . Yesterday , on a lazy Sunday afternoon I happened to watch a movie in which a man gives up everything and toils for his family and then dies without living a life. 407 more words



today i kissed a god. he of bitter rage and tears staining gold-tracks right down his face, hands gripping my shoulders, eyes open, open and staring. 57 more words


Pass of Hidden Hands

Alarik stepped out of the realmgate onto the soil of Ulgu, his retinue close in step. Having so recently been among the purifying light of Sigmar’s kingdom, the sudden and complete blackness of Ulgu blinded him. 1,270 more words

Your Mind = Blown

Psalms 90-95

Tuesday, January 10

The universe is big. REALLY big. You know it and I know it, but I don’t usually stop and think about just how big it all is. 607 more words


Interview: Clams Casino

(Source: www.timeout.com)

2016 may have been the worst for some but not for super hip hop producer Michael Volpe, aka Clams Casino, whose year was nothing short of exciting. 641 more words


Foul Leprechauns

We are among you, 

Revealing our skin is part-sin, 

Neurotic moments,

Piercing green eyes, 

Slicing memories that are computerized, 

Pale green hair and vicious teeth, 8 more words

What is Mortal in White

I think Mortal in White is a pretty simple name and really easy to understand. I decided to name my blog that because well, I do not have any secret identity and I do not belong to any different species I am just a basic homo sapien, not that basic but you get the idea. 259 more words