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Vampiric Love

The darken sky has risen
The moon is bright and full
Showering the illusion of beauty
With its seductiveness it pulls

Into the unlit room I walk… 917 more words


The Dark Side of Time...!

If “Time heals”, it is also a deadly killer. I have yet to know an earthly creature who didn’t fall prey when Time passes by it. 121 more words


Glaring truth

In morality we steer our lives,

Immortality we assume to attain,

Forgetting the glaring moral,

We are but mortal beings!

In White


In white

Your plutonian gaze


This passing-place

Of mortals.

Transitory feelings and criticism

It is common proverb, “to err is human”, we the human beings are unfortunately neither immortal nor perfect rather converse and sometimes to release depressions we discuss these imperfections of others, despite the fact that these are transitory catharsis; while as a whole we love profoundly and have a deep affiliation for  those  who are being discussed. 73 more words

Forever is a Lie

I wonder how in this mortal world the word ‘forever’ gives us all a strange hope, as if nothing is going to die.

So last night when I was retrospecting I realized how this word has cheated many of us without giving us a hint. 172 more words


New Music: Sonya Blade | Anyee Wright #IndyPolitikz

Anyee Wright has gone full blown Mortal Kombat with the release of her new track, “Sonya Blade.” 29 more words

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