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In the split second / Before we crashed

I finally discovered / What it feels like / To be alive.

It’s a peculiar existence / For those of us… 51 more words


Oxygen for preterm infants, what dose of this toxic drug is the right dose? #NeoEBM

The NeoProm primary publication is the result of a prolonged gestation; I remember meetings over 15 years ago when Cynthia Cole from Boston was suggesting the idea, and although she was not, I think, finally an author on any of the major trials or the Prospective Meta-Analysis, she was quite persuasive and helped to get the ball rolling. 1,293 more words

Neonatal Research

Sons Are Older At The Speed Of Light by Macdara Woods


My father did not finish things
Such things as rows
Or playing parts ..And breakdowns
Retiring early ..Died too soon
His final words to me — A… 817 more words

Poem: From Mortality To Immortality

This one was written from requests.  The most popular one was mortality, but I couldn’t do JUST mortality.  I had to, being a traditional Catholic and an outside-the-box thinker, had to include religion and immortality as well.  328 more words



On mortality, and baking.

I hear a clock tick,
not a good thing to dwell on.
Think I’ll bake a cake.


Fallen Kingdom

Glinting dragonflies with diaphanous wings
and catfish splashing, spreading lakeside rings;

knobby-kneed fawns wobbling in arboreal shade
and robins above, singing a triumphant aubade;

geese waddling as a troupe— gander, goose and goslings— 222 more words