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Coming to Grips with Mortality

A few months ago…

…an F3 tornado ripped through my place of work toward the end of my workday. Though we were spared any loss of life or life-threatening injuries, the company made it clear that we all had access to the company chaplains and counselors, and suggested that we managers keep an eye out for signs of traumatic stress in those under our charge. 1,026 more words


Open a window and let the "nowness" in

In September, a British doctor who specializes in palliative care, wrote this op ed for the New York Times. I kept returning to the image of the 51 year old woman with untreatable breast cancer listening to birdsong outside her window, realizing as she tuned in to its cheery tune, that it was okay. 619 more words


EurekAlert: Researchers launch website on firearm deaths & injuries among children

EurekAlert: Researchers launch website on firearm deaths & injuries among children. “Based at the University of Michigan, with more than two dozen researchers from 12 universities and health systems, FACTS aims to fill a knowledge gap about firearms and young people, and make up for a ‘lost generation’ of research on the issue. 24 more words

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Mortality Rate Convergence between High- and Low-Income Countries

A recent Lancet commission led by Watkins and others examined the rate of convergence between high- and low-income countries for a number of conditions.[1] 344 more words

Richard Lilford

Silk Silver in my Black

One morning
On a groggy
November day
Dragging the life
Of a sore body
That slept alone the night before

Mascara goops
Remnants of a long day… 150 more words


Adult Antarctic krill proves resilient in a simulated high CO2 ocean

Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) have a keystone role in the Southern Ocean, as the primary prey of Antarctic predators. Decreases in krill abundance could result in a major ecological regime shift, but there is limited information on how climate change may affect krill. 142 more words


I'm Too Old For This Sh*t (Physically, Anyway)

Every time I see an image of a spaceman (spaceperson?) in an urban setting, I feel a kinship. I often feel alien in urban settings, myself. 647 more words