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Classic Fermentation with Napa Cabbage

Sometimes if something is stored in the refrigerator properly, it becomes prime fermentation stock. A chopped head of napa cabbage is an example of something that can become sauerkraut. 731 more words

Red Chilli Paste.

This is just one gigantic wham bam thank you ma’am slam jam session using the mortar and pestle. A bash fest. Think of your worst enemy while doing it. 118 more words


The Venus Flytrap: Packing A Pestle

I was meant to travel so much this year. I was supposed to see many vistas, bring back myriad stories, and have at least a few experiences that would make me suddenly smile at their memory. 524 more words


There are those who feel entitled
to just collect our pay,
who’ll gladly do the minimum
as we cruise through our day.
There’s no stressing and no hurry, 244 more words


I’ve run into useful gadgets for the kitchen over time.  I figure I’ll toss out about five of these items at a time into a post when I’m feeling like it, in no particular order (perhaps alphabetical, maybe or not), and in no particular level of usefulness.  1,225 more words


Roasted Fingerling Potatoes w/ Rosemary + Katsuobushi Salt

This one is as easy as it gets, with one small twist. Fingerling potatoes are a gift from the heavens for a cook. They are small enough to roast whole, skin on in a very short amount of time, and have a distinct savory/sweet balance that makes them a perfect side for a wide range of dishes. 194 more words


The Pesto Manifesto

The Pesto Manifesto

By Kelly Dean

Oh my gosh, people are very serious about their Italian pesto. Some are traditionalist, and some are anarchists. Yet both are passionate about this… 1,124 more words