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Fraud, Theft, Defiance: Foundations Of ObamaCare & How Trump Can End It

Obama didn’t go to the Senate to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement. He said he would self-ratify — which was no ratification at all and allowed President Trump to simply exit. 67 more words


Profiting from the Working Class: How the Opioid Epidemic Echoes the Mortgage Crisis

For the second time in a decade, a group of Fortune 500 companies are engaged in a con game that is devastating working-class families and the communities in which they live. 1,413 more words


I Want My 90's Back

In 1987 I was sitting in a sociology survey class at Ohio State and read a book that was designed for people born, as I was, in 1968. 901 more words


While the angry left seems to get angrier by the day, America should make no mistake that working folk, the people who put Trump in office, remain angry, too. 404 more words


So Long Dodd-Frank

Yesterday Trump began the assault on financial regulation (and regulation, generally) because why would you ever want to regulate the financial sector? Can you name a single time that the financial industry duped consumers into fraudulent products and vehicles and then used those products to rev up the economy to such a level that when the fraud was eventually detected it dragged the entire world into a recession? 49 more words


Donald Trump's Wall Street Scam

The Associated Press ran a story recently about Teena Colebrook.  Ms. Colebrook owned a triplex in Los Angeles before the crash in 2008.  When the crash hit she lost two of her renters and she got behind on her mortgage.  328 more words