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The financial crisis of 2008 was delivered on a tsunami of personal (mostly mortgage) debt, packaged by bankers as instruments by which they could gamble on the future movements of the level of interest rates. 720 more words

Mortgage Debt


Enter the low failure world of cheap debt, in which borrowing at low interest rates gives the illusion of prosperity to the so called ‘aspirant class’. 696 more words

Mortgage Debt

You Better Start Saving, NOW!

Working age people want what some retirees have, enjoying some well-deserved rest and recreation after a lifetime of working.  However, many working age people seem concerned about how they will fund their retirement.  415 more words

Student Debt Bomb - Far From Nuclear

Student debt problems have received considerable attention of late. The general media has focused on individual hardships and broken dreams. The financial media has focused on how much will likely go unpaid, often referring to the potential for loss as a “bomb.” By noting that student debt is second only to mortgage debt as a line item of household liabilities, much of this financial discussion sensationalizes the problem by drawing an implicit parallel to the mortgage debt trouble that seemed to have Wall Street on the brink of collapse in 2008-09. 520 more words

LARRY KUDLOW: Optimism for 2015 - America is better than it has shown

Natural Review: Politics and the economy are both looking up. President Obama’s big-government spending, planning, and executive-branch overreach were crushed at the polls. Elections matter. The GOP has been rejuvenated. 184 more words


Fostering Dependency: The Candyman's Conundrum

I’ve been taken to task before for asserting that extended unemployment benefits aggravated the increase in the jobless rate during the so-called “Great Recession.” New research finds that those extensions actually were a primary contributor to the increase.  321 more words