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LARRY KUDLOW: Optimism for 2015 - America is better than it has shown

Natural Review: Politics and the economy are both looking up. President Obama’s big-government spending, planning, and executive-branch overreach were crushed at the polls. Elections matter. The GOP has been rejuvenated. 184 more words


Fostering Dependency: The Candyman's Conundrum

I’ve been taken to task before for asserting that extended unemployment benefits aggravated the increase in the jobless rate during the so-called “Great Recession.” New research finds that those extensions actually were a primary contributor to the increase.  321 more words

News stats..Higher debt, but lower defaults

Saw this article today about higher consumer debt levels BUT lower defaults.   Equifax Canada is quoted as saying that consumer debt rose by 7.2% in  the second quarter 2014 to $1.45 trillion ,compared with $1.35 trillion from a year ago. 443 more words

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America's most indebted generation? Gen X

Millennials may owe more in student loans than any American generation, but their Generation X elders are actually the most in debt.

That’s according to a study released Wednesday by Federal Reserve Bank of St. 424 more words


You Can Own Your Home Without a Lifetime of Debt...

Zig Ziglar once said that If you help as many people get what they want, then by default you will get what you want.

Life is not about how much you can get, but about how much you can help someone else get. 327 more words

Don't Owe, Don't Owe...So Off to Leisure I Go

I know that you’ve seen the t-shirts. “I owe, I owe, so off to work I go…” and “I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention.” Or how about the one that shows Uncle Pennybags, the chubby moustached guy from the Monopoly game, standing with his empty pockets hanging out, a sad look on his face and the giant exclamation, “BROKE,” above his head.   522 more words