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Canada's housing market looks eerily similar to the US before the crash

Borrowers buying homes with bigger and bigger mortgages. Specialist lenders taking business from banks by offering more aggressive loan terms. Analysts claiming there is nothing to worry about. 291 more words

$1-$1=0="American Dream"

Normal American debt broken down:

In today’s America, being a dreamer or rather achieving the “American dream” seems to come with a huge price tag or you can call it debt. 572 more words

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December 14, 2016


Tobacco companies and gun manufacturers get plenty of scorn. Yet for some reason, the multinational corporations that make and sell perhaps the most addictive and damaging legal substance of all get a free pass. 589 more words

Mall Investors Are Set to Lose Billions as America's Retail Gloom Deepens

The dramatic shift to online shopping that has crushed U.S. department stores in recent years now threatens the investors who a decade ago funded the vast expanse of brick and mortar emporiums that many Americans no longer visit. 725 more words


China's Southern Megacities Roll Out Measures to Cool the Property Market

China’s southern megacities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the latest centers to impose new measures to cool their overheated real estate markets, including higher mortgage down payments and home purchase restrictions. 395 more words


Crazy idea to fix the economy, FTW!

Every day, during my lunch, I read several news sites including MSN. I know, MSN isn’t exactly the best source of news, but I’m an avid music fan and find some of their coverage interesting. 861 more words


Can You Get a Mortgage after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge? Yes - But You'll Have to Wait

There was a time when it was possible to acquire a mortgage shortly after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but with the shifts in the financial sector, the timeline on such a mortgage approval has changed in recent years. 354 more words

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