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Cash-back Down Payments Dead Next Week

The door is closing on one of the last remaining forms of 100% financing. On June 30, insurers are banning cash-back down payment mortgages.

Only a handful of lenders still market these products, and they’re all provincially regulated credit unions. 200 more words

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Stop Believing These 7 Credit Score Myths

Some baseless rumors are perfectly harmless. Believing Elvis sightings or trying to duplicate the famed (but failed) Pop Rocks candy-and-soda explosion won’t cause irreparable damage. 1,220 more words


The Liberal government has committed to ending the practice that allowed landlords to evict tenants and then pursue them for not giving proper notice.

One day after the Star published… 517 more words

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Rate hike could leave mortgage holders stretched, survey finds

Many mortgage holders in Canada have very little financial cushion and could be in trouble if rates rose or they lost a job, according to a new survey. 405 more words

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Home equity lines of credit: What you need to know

The money can be plentiful, relatively easy to get, and hard to resist.

A home equity line of credit can help improve your living circumstances and possibly lead to financial gain. 1,070 more words


The national lust for home equity lines of credit: should we worry? Low interest rates. High credit limits. Lines of credit can turn your home into an ATM

Murad Ali and Arsheen Haji live large thanks to easy access to their home equity lines of credit, joining the many Canadians succumbing to the same temptation. 899 more words

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