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Help! I Haven't Made a Mortgage Payment for 5 Years!

If you haven’t paid your mortgage bill in a long time, even years, it may be hard to believe that you’re not alone. Shockingly, stories of homeowners living in homes without making any payments aren’t hard to find at all. 579 more words


6 ways a mortgage is like a relationship

Is your financial health being damaged by a toxic relationship with your mortgage?

Many years ago, every date had a chaperone. Today, though a chaperone is no longer required, some of us still like to have input from friends and family as to how suitable a potential partner is for us. 843 more words


Maple Bank Siezed by OSFI and Cut Off by CMHC

Maple Bank, a niche securitization player in Canada’s mortgage market, looks like it’s going down.

Banking regulator OSFI has taken control of the bank’s Canadian operations according to the Financial Post, which quotes OSFI Superintendent Jeremy Rudin as saying, “We are guided by our mandate, which is to protect the depositors and creditors of the Canadian branch and have taken this step to safeguard their interests.” 765 more words

CBC FORUM House keys sent to the bank? Your thoughts on mortgage defaults

Some Albertans are walking away from their mortgages by putting their keys in the mail and sending them back to the bank.

It’s a phenomenon known as jingle mail — sparked by a combination of high debt and lost jobs — and was a big problem in Alberta back in the 1980s. 530 more words

Why is My Home Being Photographed?

Assuming your last name isn’t Kardashian and you’re not a member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, having your house photographed every day probably isn’t something you’re accustomed to. 541 more words


SP True Stories: $1M debt nearly gone

True stories of supernatural provision

$1,000,000 debt, almost gone!

About 3 years ago, a close friend was close to $1M in debt… and had no job.   94 more words

Supernatural Provision Book

CMHC says Toronto housing market at ‘high risk,’ as economists fear Tories ‘throwing fuel on fire’

Source: Financial Post – Garry Marr | August 13, 2015 7:23 PM ET

Overvalued prices in the real estate markets of Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina are now at “high risk,” according to the latest assessment from Canada’s federal housing agency. 616 more words

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