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Paulette Dystant Develops Innate Financial Skills Through the Building Venue

Loan processors are the front contact for any construction or mortgage company’s loan program, and are the liaison between borrowers, underwriters, loan originators and lenders. Effective loan processors like Paulette Dystant in her work for Shappell Industries keep customers informed periodically of the status of their loan applications, collecting all required documentation and maintaining detailed records and files on… 199 more words


Mortgage Loan

IDBI Bank introduces Reverse Mortgage Loan for senior citizens. It seeks to monetize the house as an asset and specifically the owner’s equity in the house.

Mortgage Loan

Here's how to prepare when applying for a mortgage

By Steven Raj

Spring weather has arrived in the Northland, and the home-sale market is heating up, too.

As more for sale signs pop up and more buyers look in earnest, it’s a good time to consider financing a new home and the steps you’ll need to take as a buyer to be prepared. 669 more words

Loan Pre-approval

Finding a house before you get your finances sorted can add stress to the buying process, leaving less time to get your home loan organized before the purchase of the home needs to be completed. 650 more words

Paulette Dystant Learns that Residential Construction is Highly Individual

Paulette Dystant took a job working for Comet Builders Inc. in Los Angeles, California, where she accumulated experience in the construction industry for commercial and residential dwellings. 251 more words


5 Good Reasons to Refinance Your Home Mortgage

Based on study conducted by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America indicates that every four years Americans take out a refinance loan for their home mortgage. 568 more words

Visionet Announces Successful Integration of VisiLoanReview (VLR) with AtClose for Auto Title Generation

AtClose, a leading solution provider in the title & mortgage industry; has launched an integration with Visionet’s VLR Platform to automate the manual title generation process. 338 more words