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How to find the right mortgage loan

Finding the right home loan to suit your needs and requirements may not be rocket science. It, however requires a little application and investigation from your side. 452 more words

Mortgage Loan

Iā€™m sorry, But MRTA does not necessary protects your mortagage loan!

* This post was written based on discussion from a ex-mortgage sales person from banks.

MRTA Does Not Necessary Protects Your Mortgage Loan!

Most of the Property Owners believe that their mortgage loan was protected by Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA or MRTT for Takaful), but this is not the fact! 567 more words

Practical Buying a Home Overseas?

For those of us that have been lucky enough to travel to Europe, Asia or Australia from North America, we have seen some of the most beautiful land on Earth. 398 more words

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Traditional way to obtain a mortgage loan and not get taken!

If a lender tells you that you can be pre-approved in just a few minutes, you might want to stop and run in the other direction ā€” fast. 932 more words


Credit History can Bite you in the Butt

A recent study has shown that the number of people who pay more than they should for their mortgage is rising. And if you look at the surface, the number one reason this rise is happening is because of race. 373 more words

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Mortgage loan Processing & Procedure

If you need to have new home loan or you need to refinance the current loan you need to have processing loan to do so. This loan processing is done by the loan originators, brokers, processors and other professionals. 411 more words

Home Loan For Nurse

Buying Real Estate in North Carolina 25 ā€“ Due Diligence Period: The Cost of Research

So, you are a first time home buyer and you think you will be getting an FHA loan which will require a 3.5% down payment. You know from your lender that you will qualify for a mortgage loan of up to $200,000. 368 more words

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