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Fix For How Long

Two year fixed rates have always been on the cheaper end when compared to either longer (or shorter) term ones. However as This Is Money… 74 more words

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Mortgage Broker Of All The Ordinary

A person is interested in buying a property may not always know where to start it is then a Mortgage Broker will be the best available option. 250 more words

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Why Do Your Need Mortgages First Time Home Buyers Burlington?

More and more borrowers in Canada have been using the services of specialist mortgage brokers and advisers. This is helping them get out of a number of problems. 361 more words

First Time Home Buyers

2 Financial Quick Rules

The first rule to be discussed is related to mortgage loan. After practising and repeatedly making calculation for mortgage loan upon enquiry, I observed that anyone could quickly make a simple calculation base on this rule. 327 more words

Do you want a Mortgage Life Insurance?

What I Learned This Week

Last week, I made a post about Mortgages and it was pretty popular. I’d thought I would follow the trend and share what I learned this week (I hope you’ll get something out of it). 496 more words

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Chicken Little Goes to Closing

The sky is falling! To hear lenders and closing attorneys tell it, the world as we know it comes to an end on October 3rd. That’s the day new regulations come into effect that govern the mortgage lending and closing process. 809 more words

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TOPIC: Drawdown Deadlines

Mortgages have an expiry date that they need to be taken out by.  This expiry date is known as a drawdown deadline.  When a lender offers a rate, they can only offer it at that rate for a set period.  630 more words